Self-sabotage : only we can help ourselves

Guest post from George Kalantzis , trainer, author, friend, father, and combat veteran who has been helping people deal with their problems for years.

We all suffer from this hellish voice in our heads that whispers destructive things, preventing us from achieving our fitness goals:

– I just can’t lose 10 kilos, why even try?
– I cannot cope with today’s CrossFit class .
– Will I be able not to break at the next holiday?

Every day we ourselves sabotage or dissuade ourselves from something. George tells you how to stop getting in your way.

What would your life look like if there were no restrictions?

If you have already felt completely free, then there is no need to read further. But usually this is not enough for us, so I am writing an article. Imagine your life is simple and carefree.

You probably already know that there is no easy way: heavy things will not lift themselves (both in the gym and outside), so let’s get down to pumping the most difficult. We’re going to pump brains.

When we are faced with difficulties, just the right questions will help us, we can deal with problems and find solutions. I spent most of my life looking for these answers, until I went through a series of trials, discovering certain patterns of self-sabotage : how we prevent ourselves from achieving our goals . There is a reason for this phenomenon.

The subconscious mind protects us from our fears by not allowing us to leave our comfort zone. But if we can find a way to bypass these voices, we can make the impossible possible and change life for the better.

What is self-sabotage

In short, all these constraining thoughts appear when we decide to change something: do something new that is contrary to our beliefs. As soon as we start doing something – weight training, running, yoga, etc. – past habits try to hinder development in a cunning way.

And this is not your fault, because the subconscious mind creates patterns of behavior throughout your life based on past experiences. Whenever you start to approach the boundaries of the familiar, it tries to stop and return to the already familiar.
(I’ve been through this, but still encounter from time to time).

You may already be aware of this pattern, but you still cannot overpower it. Trying something new – looking for information, but for some reason you cannot change. Self-harm gets in the way.

Maybe you are afraid of failure and give up . Or you think that you will not be accepted in a new life , you give up, unable to defend what is dear to you . You are worried about what others think , you need approval in everything you do . On the one hand, you want to make your life better, but there is not enough support and you are unable to carry out your plans.

How do you recognize this self-destruction and begin to act in spite of limiting thoughts?

Let’s try a simple analogy: Just as the deadlift develops fantastic muscles, recognizing self-sabotage patterns helps you release limiting beliefs.

Let’s take on the gravity!

To get started, we need to identify and acknowledge these issues before any intended change. And stop yourself at the moment when we face them again . Think of it as a special brain exercise, like the barbell exercise that sets you personal records.

Every time you notice and eliminate thoughts that are holding you back, build a new skill set to break out of your comfort zone. Of course, without this it is possible to get amazing results, but anyway, sooner or later, self-sabotage will catch up with you, and you will find yourself where you started.

More often than not, we run into self-harm in the following areas: health, money, relationships, sex, happiness, career, achievement, family .

The most common methods of self – sabotage : Procrastination . Perfectionism . Emotional overeating. We train too little. Exercising too much. We behave impulsively. We get up late. We are late for meetings. We get angry and worried.

It happens to absolutely everyone, but many people have no idea how to overcome such common obstacles. We just suffer from what we say to ourselves:

We are too old,
We are too fat,
We can never look like X (insert your fitness star name),
We will never change,
We will not have enough strength,
We will always be like this,
(add something yourself).

The saddest thing about this is that with such beliefs, we cannot really reach our potential. Our life turns into some kind of race when we just look for superficial answers to our questions (deeply rooted in our past). This is how the subconscious is trying to save us.

The modern world forces you to make decisions very quickly, without giving time for reflection. The paradox is that we are in such a hurry to get everything done that we do not notice the obvious thing: many simply do not get pleasure from what they are doing. We are acting mechanically and our desires simply do not match our values.

Back to the original question

What would your life be like if you did not experience any restrictions?

This is the question I ask my clients because then they can reveal their true desires. Not what others expect of them.

We are what we choose ourselves. And the sad fact is that it is impossible to choose two things at once: what you really want and something else.

Ask yourself the right questions to help you self-awareness . The more there are, the better. By exploring ourselves, we take responsibility for our lives (and break through that shitty comfort zone).

This is important for this reason. The hardest part about any change is understanding what you really want and value, because without it, the brain will hunt for negative moments . Psychologists call this “negativistic bias”: we simply look for dangers in the world around us to protect ourselves from them. But in the case of changes for the better, this does not help us at all.

We all want to look good, feel good, have a great relationship, and be happy. But we find it difficult to take full responsibility for our choices, which is why we suffer when we try to change.

And the truth is, the good things in life need to be earned. You probably already understand this, but for now you are concentrating on what you do not want and you cannot leave your comfort zone . Even if your current comfort zone leads you to emotional exhaustion or depression. When your choices of action do not match what you really want, self-sabotage destroys life.

How to stop hurting yourself

Take a pen and write down everything that bothers you, what you constantly scare yourself with. Analyze all these things, how they affect and how they hinder change. Be as honest as possible so you can change them faster.

Let me give myself an example:

“I am a rogue …”

I used to earn too little and I was just afraid to check the account. It was extremely stressful, and I felt like a failure all the time.

Write down your past beliefs, how they make you feel and hinder your progress. And then write down the opposite things that explain that everything is wrong.

Self-sabotage : I will always be a rogue .

New approach : I was afraid of financial problems, but I have enough data to make a normal income.

When you can acknowledge the old problem and shape the solution to take action, you can convince yourself that you deserve a new, better life.

Whenever you run into an obstacle, analyze the belief that is holding you back and write down what refutes it. It will not be easy at first, there will be discomfort – let it not stop you, changing does not always work out right away. But what you end up with is worth the effort.

Remember: the goal is not perfectionism , but regular practice. You may not like the results of these exercises at first, but accept that this is your life, and only you yourself can change it.

How it feels to live with a stoma

In the case of diseases associated with intestinal damage, it often becomes necessary for a person to install a stoma – this is an operation to remove part of the intestine outward. After such operations, people live with a colostomy bag on their stomach – temporarily or permanently. We asked Ekaterina Vlasova, the author of a blog about life with a stoma , to tell you how to live happily with a bag on your side – and not be shy about it.

Where did my stoma come from ?

My story began when I was 10 years old, I was in the fourth grade. My stomach started to hurt often. I hid this from my parents for a long time, because I was afraid to go to doctors, to go to the hospital. I began to lose weight, my health worsened. Toilet urges, like abdominal pains, have become very frequent.

Of course, my condition was noticeable to my parents, but I said that everything was fine with me. When everything got really bad, dad took me to the Tushino children’s hospital. There I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

My parents took me out of the hospital before the end of the treatment, for some time I took pills, and then it came to naught. And, apparently, in the aggregate, the incomplete treatment in the hospital and the incomplete course of taking pills led to bad consequences.

At the age of 15, I got into the SCCH RAMS. My weight is only 28 kilograms, abdominal pain, which can be relieved only by going to the toilet: I go to the toilet 30 times a day. It was impossible to pull further. The surgeon tried to explain to me what a stoma is , that they live with it, that in time everything will be taken back. There was no other way out except for the operation. First, the small intestine was taken out and they tried to heal the large one. But the treatment failed. Then the large intestine had to be abandoned, it was removed. There was hope for the rectum and further creation of the reservoir.

Living with a bag on your side

This is how I, an ordinary teenager, began to live with a bag on my side. At that time I didn’t care much about what would happen next, I just wanted to survive and get rid of the pain. I didn’t understand what it was like: to live with the gut out. With a bag. It was scary to look at the intestines. In the hospital, the nursing staff was engaged in changing the colostomy bags, and at home I asked my dad. I had to get up at night, and with a guilty look, wake him up, ask him to change the leaked bag. I then hoped that the bag would be removed soon, and my stomach would be clean, nothing would interfere. But there were always some circumstances due to which it was impossible to return everything back. And over time, I just got used to it.

Ask me about three years ago, I would say that stoma is a rare phenomenon. But when I started blogging, I ran into people experiencing the same problems. Then I began to understand that there are a lot of people who walk with a stoma . It’s just that it’s not customary to talk about it openly. They are embarrassed, many find it hard to accept themselves, there is little information about such a life. People who face difficulties in terms of self-acceptance, ostomy care , life restrictions and permissions have absolutely no idea where to look for answers to their questions. Not every hospital tells and shows the right things. In this regard, our society annoys me.

I hope not to offend anyone, but I want to emphasize how you should not behave. There are people who do not have a stoma and, perhaps, never will, but they begin to ask: how to avoid surgery, what to do so that I do not have a stoma taken out , and other questions that directly relate to the ostomy person, but have nothing to do with healthy people.

In our chat, there are girls and guys with cancer, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. There have been cases that stomas were taken out after an accident, with unsuccessful operations on other organs. I tell my guys in the blog and in the chat: life does not end at the ostomy . Yes, it may be difficult to accept yourself. Yes, you may be afraid of your ostomy and care. Most likely you will be driven about by sounds. Enrages that the bag can come off at the most inopportune moment, and the contents can be on clothes, linen, on the bed. But for many, stoma is salvation and the only way out of a deplorable situation. Some are very much looking forward to this operation and live with a stoma all their lives, allowing themselves more than they had before. There are those who find it hard to put up with a bag on their side, they want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

You need to understand that after the operation, you must adhere to a certain diet, based on your disease. Further, if you are in remission, then you can afford more. For example, I allow myself everything that I love. Harmful and not harmful. Here everyone decides for himself, you need to build on your condition.

The big question is: is your stoma permanent or temporary?

If constant, then, in general, you can relax and enjoy life. Maintain good skin condition around your stoma and take care of your health. If the stoma is temporary, then you need to remember about the rectum. You need to do supportive exercises to tone the muscles so they don’t weaken. But first of all, you need to understand that your life has changed at least a little. Accept yourself. Accept your own body, understand that there are now some limitations, but life is not over. You can also go in for sports, swim, communicate, have fun.

You can go in for sports and sex. The first has limitations. You can not lift heavy weights and strain your stomach too much. But I know that there are overseas bloggers, bodybuilders with a stoma . As for sex, there are no restrictions. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.

Disease is not a product of evolution

Finding evolutionary explanations for susceptibility to disease is difficult, and mistakes are inevitable. The most common and worst mistake in evolutionary medicine is the tendency to view disease as an adaptation.

Therefore, it never hurts to remind once again: the diseases themselves have no evolutionary explanation, these are not adaptations formed by natural selection. Genes or traits associated with a number of diseases provide advantages and disadvantages that influence selection. However, all assumptions about the benefits of diseases themselves, such as schizophrenia, addiction, autism, bipolar disorder, are fundamentally wrong. The question should sound like this: “Why, in the course of natural selection, have formed the traits due to which we have diseases?”

Disease susceptibility requires an evolutionary explanation that takes into account one or another combination of the above factors. Someone strives to look for one single reason, for example, to blame everything only on the modern environment, only on costs or only on restrictions. But, as a rule, this is an ensemble of several reasons at once. So, for example, explaining atherosclerosis from an evolutionary point of view, we take into account both the modern diet, and infections that cause inflammation, and the harm and benefits of immune activation in the arteries. Finally, we must not forget that evolutionary explanations are not an alternative to explanations describing how systems function. We need both.

Without an evolutionary explanation, we will not be able to understand why mental illness exists in principle, where to look for their causes, and in what direction to work on improving the methods of treatment.

Our body is not ready for the realities of the modern environment.

Our body is not ready for the realities of the modern environment.

Most of the chronic diseases that pester us are the result of living in a modern environment. This does not mean that we would be better off in the environment in which our ancestors existed. Life then was not just hard, cruel and short – everything was much worse.

Imagine the infection of an unerupted wisdom tooth at a time when dentists were gone. Infection in the tiniest wound leads to the slow death of a limb or death. The standard treatment – pouring boiling oil over the wound – only works occasionally. Amputations, made possible by the advent of steel instruments, are performed in an instant because anesthesia is still a long way off. A large fetus is a death sentence for a woman in labor. Do not forget the banal death of starvation. We are now much healthier than our ancestors.

And yet, many of today’s health problems stem from the environment we have created to satisfy our desires. Now the bulk of the population of developed communities is living better materially and physically than kings and queens just a hundred years ago. We have no shortage of delicious food, protection from the weather, pain relievers, free time to do what we love. However, these undoubtedly impressive achievements of civilization also have a downside – they are the cause of most of our chronic diseases.

If you have a chance to accompany a doctor during a round, ask him which of the current patients would not be here if we lived in the past. And it turns out that there would be no cancer patients, patients with heart and lung diseases caused by smoking; there would not be those whose diseases are provoked by alcohol and drugs. There would not be a significant mass of diabetics, as well as those suffering from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diseases associated with obesity. Most breast cancer patients would not develop it at all. Almost (or not at all) patients with multiple sclerosis, asthma, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and other autoimmune diseases, which have recently become epidemic, would not be found.

The greatest good of modern life – an abundance of food – turns into the greatest evil. More precisely, surrogates turn out to be evil, which manufacturers manufacture with the doses of sugar, salt and fats coveted by humans. In the African savannah, where sugar, salt and fats were rare, cravings for them were beneficial for the body, but now this same craving brings us excess weight and illness. Addiction to tobacco did not threaten anything special until we began to develop milder varieties and invented tissue paper – now smoking causes a third of all cancers and a considerable share of cardiovascular diseases.

Fermented beverages existed in former times, but now beer, wine and spirits are sold at every turn, contributing to the spread of alcoholism throughout the world. The development of chemistry and transportation has led to the massive availability of hard drugs like heroin and amphetamine, which, combined with new means of administration (such as syringes), provoke large-scale modern epidemics.

Thanks to improved nutrition, babies mature faster – many girls now begin their periods at the age of eleven or twelve, that is, long before the body and mind are fully prepared for pregnancy, not to mention caring for their own child.

The predisposition to disease is growing, among other things, due to the more subtle and elusive components of the environment. Night lighting disrupts the normal production of melatonin and thereby increases the statistics of cancer. Taking the contraceptive pill multiplies the number of menstrual cycles in a modern woman by four and, in an appropriate proportion, increases the exposure to hormones and the incidence of cancer compared to the representatives of earlier times.

The prevalence of certain mental illnesses is also explained by life in the modern environment. Drug addiction and substance abuse, eating disorders, attention deficit are mainly problems of a modern, developed society. Depression and anxiety disorders are often viewed exclusively as today’s disaster, but we know little about their prevalence in the old days. Schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder do not seem to have become more frequent.

Inconsistency is the first of six reasons for our predisposition to disease and a significant cause of some mental disorders.

How to avoid stomach problems

Posted on February 6, 2021  in Medical news

The gastrointestinal system often causes problems for a person. We asked the most popular questions about the stomach to Irina Yakovleva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Nutritionist, Project V.

Is there a dysbiosis? And how to treat it?

Most often, the term “dysbiosis” is understood as changes in the microbiome of the gastrointestinal tract, although there are frequent changes in the microbiome of the respiratory tract, urinary tract, and skin. In order to suspect such violations, first of all, it is necessary to ask the patient about his complaints. With dysbiosis of the gastrointestinal tract, it can be excessive gas formation and bloating, diarrhea or constipation, impaired digestion of food.

In order to determine which opportunistic microorganisms (UPF) are “to blame” for this and which representatives of the normal intestinal microflora are “lacking”, a study is performed for dysbiosis, and also the sensitivity of the UPF to antibiotics and bacteriophages is determined. And they are treated with appropriate drugs. Then the stage of “colonization” of the gastrointestinal tract begins by representatives of the normal microflora (the patient is prescribed probiotics).

They also recommend certain foods during this period, which contribute to the reproduction of representatives of the normal intestinal microflora (usually these foods contain prebiotics). They are used to normalize nutrition in case of dysbiosis and dietary supplements containing prebiotics, or suppressing the reproduction of UPF.

Does everyone need to drink kefir? Are all yogurts equally healthy?

One of the most common myths about the benefits of certain food products is the myth of the universal, total benefits of kefir and yoghurts (that is, the benefits of fermented milk products for digesting food due to the acidic pH of the product itself and the probiotics they contain).

Firstly, yoghurts are not medicinal preparations that can be used to cure dysbiosis. Second, not all yoghurts are healthy. Long-term stored yoghurts usually contain preservatives. Yoghurts with fruit and berry additions also contain yoghurt stabilizing premixes. The benefits of such yoghurts are few. Thirdly, it is important to understand whether you have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (for example, duodenal ulcer, hyperacid gastritis), in which uncontrolled eating of fermented milk products can even be harmful.

Can stress lead to ulcers or gastritis? Why is the diagnosis of gastritis so often heard now? How to avoid stomach problems?

The main rule of gastroenterology is that it is important for the health of the gastrointestinal tract what we eat, the regularity of food intake and the environment in which the food takes place.

Of course, in the 21st century, it is difficult to arrange daily family dinners that last at least an hour, with a leisurely change of dishes and small talk. But, firstly, it is easy to organize your meals at the same time (the “biological clock” of the body will remember this and enzymes for digesting food will be formed and secreted at a certain time of day). Remember the experiments of I.P. Pavlov with stimulating the formation of gastric juice in dogs). Secondly, avoiding fast food in your diet is today generally a sign of a person taking care of themselves. Thirdly, it is worth recognizing that stress should not be “seized”, but should be resolved.

The impact of stress on the autonomic nervous system can change not only the vascular tone and lead to hypertension, but also change the secretion of enzymes and hydrochloric acid and lead to gastritis and duodenal ulcer. People who have constant stressful situations at work (managers, employees of public transport, the Ministry of Emergencies, etc.) should develop methods of relaxation for themselves and regularly use dietary supplements that compensate for the excessive consumption of B vitamins and zinc by the nervous system.

What is food intolerance?

There is a true intolerance to any substance found in food (for example, lactose in dairy products or gluten in cereals). It is associated with the genetic characteristics of the organism; lack of formation of enzymes involved in the digestion of this substance. It is necessary to distinguish true food intolerance from intolerance caused by dysbiosis or any disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

For example, people after cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder) cannot eat not only fried and fatty ones, but also sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers and many other foods.

How to calmly react to everything

Posted on February 2, 2021  in Medical news

In society, it is difficult to cope with emotions due to relationships with other people. If you succumb to their provocation, then you lose your composure. And anything can provoke stress: from the signals of car horns in a traffic jam to total misunderstanding on the part of loved ones.

To learn how to control your emotions by remembering an unpleasant person, think about why he was so picky about you. Then mentally give him what you think he wants most. Finding fault with the senior? “Hand” him an envelope with money. Have a fight with your girlfriend? “Send” her a beautiful evening dress. Insulted at the bakery? “Present” a beautiful brunette in a limousine to the sales woman. Are they honking on the road? “Present” the driver with the opportunity to sleep, etc.

Think about the dangers of negative emotions, because they become a prerequisite for the development of many diseases, because of them mimic wrinkles appear, which give the appearance a frowning or even angry expression. If you managed to restrain yourself so as not to be rude, imagine that your nerve cells remained safe and sound. You can even mentally stroke your nervous system like a peacefully sleeping cat. And be sure to praise yourself for self-confidence, endurance and calmness.

Watch passers-by while sitting on a park bench. What does a mom look like when she scolds her child? Or a couple of lovers who are having a breakup? Irritated faces look ugly and repulsive. Even if you accidentally hear what they are talking about, you will quickly realize that the problem of anger is not worth a damn and is most likely completely solvable. Also, pay attention to smiling faces. They attract attention, shine with happiness and serenity. Take an example from the latter.

Go in for sports. To deal with aggression or misunderstandings, you don’t have to choose different types of wrestling or strength training. If this is not your thing, choose jogging, target shooting or sports dancing. Visit them regularly, and then you can release your own irritation with energy. Over time, this will harden your character and help you react more calmly to provocations from other people.

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Mustard for wrinkles

Posted on January 29, 2021  in Medical news

If women knew that mustard can restore youthfulness to the skin, then it would quickly become the most scarce commodity! For many years, masks with mustard powder have been used as a rejuvenating cosmetic product. Instead of dry mustard, you can take a mustard plaster.

A mask is applied, mainly on the areas of aging skin, lubricated with a nourishing cream. The effect is wonderful! Want to try?

Take 1 tsp. mustard by – Rosca, dilute with warm water or whey to a consistency of thick cream and apply on a cotton substrate by cutting holes in it for the eyes and mouth. I, for example, EC – pol’zuyu non-woven mask, the remaining – shiesya purchased from (washed with water and dried). Apply the mask to your face, cover with a terry towel and lie down.

Mustard mask can be kept on the face for no more than 4-6 minutes. Feels like. If you have sensitive skin, do not endure the burning sensation and remove the mask along the massage lines without shifting the skin, using vegetable oil for this.

Then be sure to apply a nourishing cream.

You can make such a mask no more than 1 time in 7-10 days. It causes an intense blood flow to the surface of the skin, due to which all metabolic processes are enhanced. Bodyagi masks have a similar property .

Few people buy dry mustard these days. Even mustard plasters have gone out of use, and seasonings are now used ready-made, in cans and tubes.

Bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes, like unnecessary “luggage” burden the image of any girl and woman, no matter what your age, this disadvantage adds a couple more years, or even more.

Bags under the eyes give out fatigue, accumulated stress and make the face painful, despite the fact that a person can sleep well and feel quite energetic.

Makeup is only an emergency measure, in order to really get rid of or prevent the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, first of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of this phenomenon.

It is known that the skin around the eyes is quite thin compared to the rest of the skin of the face. It is for this reason that the first signs of aging appear in the eye area, thus stagnant fluid and excess fat become more visible.

The main reasons for the appearance of bags under the eyes are lack of sleep and fatigue, hormonal imbalances, problems with the thyroid gland and kidneys, food allergies or allergies to pollen, slagging of the body, congestion of the eyes in case of constant work at the computer, lack of iron and bad habits such as smoking and excessive consumption of coffee.

If the medical side is excluded, then first of all you should change your diet.

Under eye bags nutrition

  1. Eat as many whole foods as possible, as well as vegetables and fruits that are high in water, such as cucumbers, apples, watermelon, cranberries, and grapes. That being said, try not to overuse these fruits.
  1. Drink green tea, which is a great natural diuretic.
  1. It is also useful to use carrots, dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, bell peppers, nuts, seeds, and cold-pressed vegetable oils. Vitamins C and B6 contained in these foods help the body get rid of excess fluid.
  1. Avoid foods and drinks that promote fluid retention, such as coffee, alcohol, white sugar, sodas, fried foods, flour, salt, soy sauce, and other foods that contain monosodium glutamate . And also stay away from food containing artificial preservatives and additives.
  1. Replenish your iron deficiency with spinach, dried fruit, seaweed, and raisins.
  1. Massage lightly for ten seconds, pressing lightly with your index fingers on the sides of the wings of the nose, this will improve blood circulation. These biologically active points will contribute to the release of toxins accumulated in this zone.
  1. Apply masks, chilled cucumber slices, black tea bags and raw potato puree to effectively treat dark circles under the eyes.

Encoding methods

Posted on January 25, 2021  in Medical news

The most popular and fastest method and method of treating alcoholism today is coding. Its action is based on the fact that a person develops a complete rejection of alcohol, but once an alcoholic drinks a small dose of alcohol after coding, his health may deteriorate, which threatens with loss of health.

By “coding” is meant a psychological prohibition against a person drinking alcohol. In case of alcoholism, such coding methods are used in practice as: acupuncture; psychotherapeutic effect; with the help of medicines; hypnosis; other, not so popular, ways.

Drug coding

Its principle of action is based on the use of drugs based on disulfiram . The names of drugs on sale: Esperal , Torpedo, Algominal , which do not allow alcohol to break down in the human body. As a result, ingestion of even small amounts of ethyl alcohol causes a very painful reaction. The alcoholic goes into remission and shows a complete rejection of alcohol.

These drugs are administered in different ways. This is the introduction of gel under the skin, and the insertion of capsules; intravenous and intramuscular injections. One of the prerequisites for drug coding is the patient’s complete abstinence from alcohol and withdrawal symptoms for about a week: tachycardia and hand tremors.

Coded in this way for up to two years. It is assumed that the alcoholic during this time will bring his body back to normal and will be able to get rid of his addiction to alcohol . It should be noted that without the consent of the sick person himself, this coding method cannot be used, as it can lead to sad consequences.

A person must understand that subsequent alcoholic libations are very dangerous for him, up to and including death.

Psychotherapeutic coding according to Dovzhenko

The Dovzhenko coding method, the second most popular among patients, is also successfully used. Condition: the coded person must abstain from alcohol for more than a week. During the session, the fear of drinking alcohol in any form is instilled, and the thought is created in the human subconscious that if you take even a little alcohol, the alcoholic will die.

Sometimes, after this method of coding, discomfort may be present: alcohol cravings have not passed, and you cannot drink alcohol. It should be warned that if a breakdown occurs, then serious mental problems cannot be avoided.


With the help of hypnosis, alcoholism can be treated , both individually and in groups, and the effectiveness depends on how the alcoholic is internally tuned in to future sobriety and, of course, on the professionalism of the doctor. However, any interference with the human subconscious has the risk of side effects.

Alcoholism is a disease and the only way out is not to drink until the end of your days. Any treatment should be reduced to translating this disease into remission, that is, abstinence from alcohol.

Coding is a kind of crutches that are an auxiliary tool for quitting alcohol . After coding, they do not recover and all the problems do not end! The quality of life of an alcoholic after coding will depend only on himself and what his motivation is for a sober and healthy lifestyle.

As such, treatment for alcoholism is a long and difficult process that will last for the rest of the sober life of the “stuck” when the alcoholic lives it again.

How to get an alcoholic to heal

Posted on January 21, 2021  in Medical news

Well, let’s try, as far as we can, to answer this burning question. It has been proven that alcoholism is a disease, therefore it must be treated.

There is a category of drinkers who, realizing that problems have appeared in their lives that are directly related to alcohol, they themselves are looking for a way out, go to an appointment with a narcologist so that he can relieve his craving for alcohol.

They already see themselves from the outside, they understand that their way of life, to put it mildly, is not correct. A drunken pastime threatens them not only with loss of health, but also interferes with loved ones. Everyone suffers: relatives, family, friends, acquaintances, the first problems with work appear. They realized this and made a conclusion on their own that they would not be on their way with alcohol, but the narcologist will only have to support the decision to live soberly and give the necessary course of prevention or treatment.

What will it be: some of the coding methods or a lesson in good suggestion, in any case, such a person, who independently asked for help, will not touch the bottle in life. Unfortunately, very few addicts fall into the category of these “lucky ones”. Why? Yes, most likely because not everyone can recognize the fact that they have alcohol addiction.

Many who continue to drink alcohol with varying regularity do not understand that they are addicted to it, but more simply – alcoholics. This is the root of the problem. How do you get an alcoholic to be treated? If, pouring swill into himself, does not consider himself an alcoholic. Alas, in this case, neither shed tears, nor constant persuasion, nothing will help! All efforts are a waste of money and time.

The task is not to force the treatment, but to convince the alcoholic to do it. Do you see the difference? This is a difficult but doable task.

Dear relatives and friends of alcoholics, there is no need to force them to be treated for alcoholism. Remember. Treatment is the business of doctors and the alcoholic himself, but it is one thing: do not drink! Here, exactly, it is necessary to convey to the alcoholic. In fact, nothing else has been invented or invented in the world, narcologists will only be able to put a person “on temporary crutches” with the help of coding for alcoholism , but the former alcoholic will learn to walk further himself! This will be his new sober life.

Every day, many close alcoholics are looking on the Internet for the answer to one single question: how to get an alcoholic to be treated, they do not know that the solution, this simple to the point of genius, the decision “not to drink and live soberly”, must be born in the head of the alcoholic.

Health to you!

How to remove a big belly?

Posted on January 17, 2021  in Medical news

Today in “healthy advice” we will touch upon such a sensitive issue as a man’s big “beer” belly and how to get rid of it. Let’s hurry to reassure you that there are no “beer” bellies in nature.

Why is the belly called beer

This is all fiction, because a man can have a stomach even if he does not drink beer , and a belly can appear as a result of overeating.

Abuse of beer drink leads to the deposition of fat, which accumulates most quickly in the flanks, which is why such a belly is called a beer belly. Therefore, in order to remove a beer belly, a man needs to answer to himself the following question: “Why do I have a big belly and what are the reasons for its appearance?” Correctly posed question – half the answer and, having learned: why there was a “beer” belly, it will be much easier to eliminate it.

Because of what a man has a big belly:

  • In a man’s body, metabolic processes slow down with age, which leads to the deposition of fat in the sides.
  • Constant overeating and eating foods that lead to obesity.
  • Low physical activity, which, together with overeating, quickly leads to the accumulation of fat.

How a big belly affects men’s health

It turns out that a big beer belly is very harmful for a man. The fact is that this fat accumulated in the abdominal cavity of a man turns his testosterone into the female sex hormone estrogen, and its high level contributes to the same fat deposition on the male body as in women and lowers the overall level of testosterone.

What to do to remove a big belly

It is necessary, first of all, to find out the cause of the appearance of a large abdomen, then set a clear goal and go gradually towards success , albeit in small steps, no matter what. For example; reduce your waist by so much cm, lose weight by so much kg, and so on, and then everything will work out! The main thing is to move forward step by step, systematically, without deviating from the goal a single step.

Well, now we will move on to the fact that, in fact, will allow you to get rid of a large beer belly and, therefore, we get acquainted and proceed to the main thing:

How to quickly get rid of a large belly

Proper nutrition

An important and one of the most important conditions is a drinking regimen. It is necessary, first of all, to remove excess calories where they should not be at all. What liquid do you drink?

If it’s coffee with sugar, tea, soda, juices from the store, then you definitely get them, and caffeinated drinks also lead to dehydration. Plain drinking water in the amount of two liters (at least) per day is what you ideally need!


From your daily diet, you need to exclude all sweet, flour, fatty and flour, and this:

  • dumplings, sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, chips, croutons and so on;
  • white bread, rolls, sugar, chocolate and candy;
  • any fatty foods;

Add to food foods that contain fiber, which is necessary to normalize digestion, and this:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables , herbs;
  • seafood;
  • cereal porridge;
  • berries.


This is also a very important point, as fast snacks and hectic eating do not contribute to the normal digestion of food.

Basic rules for weight loss diet:

  • Fractional nutrition, that is, eat a daily amount of food, for example, in 5 meals, and not in 3, as you are used to;
  • It is important to observe the time interval between meals, for example, every three hours, and the body will get used to it over time and will absorb food faster.
  • Stop eating at night. In the evening you can eat yogurt, some fruit, salad with vegetables, drink kefir.

Weight begins to decline when more calories are expended than entering the body. This is achieved by reducing those calories that come with food, or by spending calories, for example, for physical activity.

Exercise stress

Physical education for weight loss is the basis of the basics. Don’t start with hard training. Start small. It is enough to first compose a set of simple physical exercises for yourself, which you can do with pleasure at home. Then gradually connecting the so-called cardio loads, and these are dumbbells, swimming, cycling, running. Abdominal exercises will also help tighten the abdominal muscles.

Here are all the simple rules that will help a man get rid of a big beer belly, and give its owner self-confidence and add health.