Mustard for wrinkles

If women knew that mustard can restore youthfulness to the skin, then it would quickly become the most scarce commodity! For many years, masks with mustard powder have been used as a rejuvenating cosmetic product. Instead of dry mustard, you can take a mustard plaster.

A mask is applied, mainly on the areas of aging skin, lubricated with a nourishing cream. The effect is wonderful! Want to try?

Take 1 tsp. mustard by – Rosca, dilute with warm water or whey to a consistency of thick cream and apply on a cotton substrate by cutting holes in it for the eyes and mouth. I, for example, EC – pol’zuyu non-woven mask, the remaining – shiesya purchased from (washed with water and dried). Apply the mask to your face, cover with a terry towel and lie down.

Mustard mask can be kept on the face for no more than 4-6 minutes. Feels like. If you have sensitive skin, do not endure the burning sensation and remove the mask along the massage lines without shifting the skin, using vegetable oil for this.

Then be sure to apply a nourishing cream.

You can make such a mask no more than 1 time in 7-10 days. It causes an intense blood flow to the surface of the skin, due to which all metabolic processes are enhanced. Bodyagi masks have a similar property .

Few people buy dry mustard these days. Even mustard plasters have gone out of use, and seasonings are now used ready-made, in cans and tubes.

Bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes, like unnecessary “luggage” burden the image of any girl and woman, no matter what your age, this disadvantage adds a couple more years, or even more.

Bags under the eyes give out fatigue, accumulated stress and make the face painful, despite the fact that a person can sleep well and feel quite energetic.

Makeup is only an emergency measure, in order to really get rid of or prevent the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, first of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of this phenomenon.

It is known that the skin around the eyes is quite thin compared to the rest of the skin of the face. It is for this reason that the first signs of aging appear in the eye area, thus stagnant fluid and excess fat become more visible.

The main reasons for the appearance of bags under the eyes are lack of sleep and fatigue, hormonal imbalances, problems with the thyroid gland and kidneys, food allergies or allergies to pollen, slagging of the body, congestion of the eyes in case of constant work at the computer, lack of iron and bad habits such as smoking and excessive consumption of coffee.

If the medical side is excluded, then first of all you should change your diet.

Under eye bags nutrition

  1. Eat as many whole foods as possible, as well as vegetables and fruits that are high in water, such as cucumbers, apples, watermelon, cranberries, and grapes. That being said, try not to overuse these fruits.
  1. Drink green tea, which is a great natural diuretic.
  1. It is also useful to use carrots, dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, bell peppers, nuts, seeds, and cold-pressed vegetable oils. Vitamins C and B6 contained in these foods help the body get rid of excess fluid.
  1. Avoid foods and drinks that promote fluid retention, such as coffee, alcohol, white sugar, sodas, fried foods, flour, salt, soy sauce, and other foods that contain monosodium glutamate . And also stay away from food containing artificial preservatives and additives.
  1. Replenish your iron deficiency with spinach, dried fruit, seaweed, and raisins.
  1. Massage lightly for ten seconds, pressing lightly with your index fingers on the sides of the wings of the nose, this will improve blood circulation. These biologically active points will contribute to the release of toxins accumulated in this zone.
  1. Apply masks, chilled cucumber slices, black tea bags and raw potato puree to effectively treat dark circles under the eyes.

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