Encoding methods

The most popular and fastest method and method of treating alcoholism today is coding. Its action is based on the fact that a person develops a complete rejection of alcohol, but once an alcoholic drinks a small dose of alcohol after coding, his health may deteriorate, which threatens with loss of health.

By “coding” is meant a psychological prohibition against a person drinking alcohol. In case of alcoholism, such coding methods are used in practice as: acupuncture; psychotherapeutic effect; with the help of medicines; hypnosis; other, not so popular, ways.

Drug coding

Its principle of action is based on the use of drugs based on disulfiram . The names of drugs on sale: Esperal , Torpedo, Algominal , which do not allow alcohol to break down in the human body. As a result, ingestion of even small amounts of ethyl alcohol causes a very painful reaction. The alcoholic goes into remission and shows a complete rejection of alcohol.

These drugs are administered in different ways. This is the introduction of gel under the skin, and the insertion of capsules; intravenous and intramuscular injections. One of the prerequisites for drug coding is the patient’s complete abstinence from alcohol and withdrawal symptoms for about a week: tachycardia and hand tremors.

Coded in this way for up to two years. It is assumed that the alcoholic during this time will bring his body back to normal and will be able to get rid of his addiction to alcohol . It should be noted that without the consent of the sick person himself, this coding method cannot be used, as it can lead to sad consequences.

A person must understand that subsequent alcoholic libations are very dangerous for him, up to and including death.

Psychotherapeutic coding according to Dovzhenko

The Dovzhenko coding method, the second most popular among patients, is also successfully used. Condition: the coded person must abstain from alcohol for more than a week. During the session, the fear of drinking alcohol in any form is instilled, and the thought is created in the human subconscious that if you take even a little alcohol, the alcoholic will die.

Sometimes, after this method of coding, discomfort may be present: alcohol cravings have not passed, and you cannot drink alcohol. It should be warned that if a breakdown occurs, then serious mental problems cannot be avoided.


With the help of hypnosis, alcoholism can be treated , both individually and in groups, and the effectiveness depends on how the alcoholic is internally tuned in to future sobriety and, of course, on the professionalism of the doctor. However, any interference with the human subconscious has the risk of side effects.

Alcoholism is a disease and the only way out is not to drink until the end of your days. Any treatment should be reduced to translating this disease into remission, that is, abstinence from alcohol.

Coding is a kind of crutches that are an auxiliary tool for quitting alcohol . After coding, they do not recover and all the problems do not end! The quality of life of an alcoholic after coding will depend only on himself and what his motivation is for a sober and healthy lifestyle.

As such, treatment for alcoholism is a long and difficult process that will last for the rest of the sober life of the “stuck” when the alcoholic lives it again.

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