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One of the most used hypnotic analgesic classes of drug, Tramadol (Ultram) is commonly referred by the doctors. This drug is used for the cure of the mild to severe pain treatment in humans. Not only in the treatment of pain inducing conditions but also in cure of many other problems this drug is made in use in combination with other medicines.

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What Is Tramadol?

Tramadol is a medicine used in the treatment of mild to severe pain. It is commonly sold under the trade name Zytram or Ultram. As much as overdosing on it is rare, it must be taken under prescriptions. Tramadol is orally taken and usually combined with paracetamol. Its effects are felt after about one hour of intake.

Misuse of Tramadol

Tramadol is a highly addictive drug. Some people have compared it to nicotine. There are many precautions that need to be taken into consideration before taking the medicine. People suffering from breathing problems should not take the medicine. These include complications like asthma or pneumonia.

If you have stomach problems or complications, please stay away from this drug. Blockage in the intestines and the stomach may become severe when this drug is ingested.

Alcoholics or individuals that have recently undergone any form of sedatives are also advised to stay away from this medicine. If taken severe drowsiness or even seizure can occur.

Any patient with a history of suffering from nervous related illness should not take the drug.

Age is another important factor when using the medicine. Children under the age of 12 are not supposed to use the medicine under any circumstance. Also, individuals under 18 years that have undergone surgery lately are not medically fit to use the medicine.

Pregnant women in any age should not be given this drug. This is because of the risks that the developing fetus is exposed to. The child may be born with complications in organ developing if exposed to the medicine.

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Side effects and warning

When you suspect that you have become allergic to this drug, seek medical attention as son as possible.

Other symptoms of overdose or side effects are related are not limited to the list below


Swelling may occur, in the throat, lips and mouth. These swelling may interfere with your breathing. In severe cases this may cause death.

Low blood pressure

With low blood pressure the heart beat is slowed own. You do not want to take anything that interferes with the heart. This could prove fatal. One’s pulse may become very weak.


If you had never had seizures before and experience one when using this drug, this is a possible side effect. It is very likely that you have reacted to the drug. If you overdose this is a possible side effect.

Reactions to the skin

This medicine sometimes causes one to have a rush that spreads all over the body. The rashes may be red or purple depending on the color of the skin. The skin reactions are also accompanied by tinging and burning sensation. In most cases there are swelling that extend to the nose and lips. These reactions usually begin on the face and spread to other parts f he body.

Reduce sex drive

It is important to recognize whether your sex drive has gone down when you are taking this drug. If it occurs, it could be a high probability that you are allergic to it. This effect can also result to one being impotent. If any of these symptoms are observed, discontinue the use of this drug as soon as possible.

Menstrual cycle

For women who have stable menstrual cycle of 28 days, this may be interfered with by Tramidol. For others, menstrual periods may take longer than one month to appear. This condition can result into painful menstruation when they occur and likely infertility.

Nausea and dizziness

Once the medicine is in your system, you may feel a little dizzy or become drowsy. Sometimes you may feel like you are going to pass out. One may also become very tired and weak in the knees. This means that you should take a lot of rest after being administered with this drug.

Severe indications

Most of the side effects are common to Tramidol if they do not become worse or lead to death. The most severe side effects to look out for include lack of coordination and increased heart rate. However log time usage may lead to permanent sterility in both men and women.

How much of Tramidol is too much

For adults the maximum dosage in normal to moderate pain is 400mg. The release of this drug is slow. After the first hour it gets released in the body at 4 or 6hrs interval. At this dosage, the side effects are of lesser intensity.

For severe pain in adults, it should begin at 25mg once a day for the first three days. This dose is quickly absorbed in the blood. On the third day the dose is increased to 25mg four times a day to a maximum of 100mg. This dosage I easier to monitor, especially in patients with chronic pain. The side effects should be as low as possible. Also the withdrawal of the drug can be done with little to effect at this quantity.

Extended use

For prescriptions that are expected to stay in the body longer, a dosage of 100mg is advised. This can then be taken after another five days. In this case the dosage should not exceed 300mg per day.

Concentrations of tramadol to cause severe reactions

At and above 500mg, tramadol can lead to severe reactions. These include seizure, fever and increased blood pressure.

Fatal concentrations

Whether tramadol will kill you or not depends on the form in which you take it in. If you decide to go with any of the prescriptions above, it won’t hurt you. However, if you increase the concentrations r intake in 24hrs you may as will die from the side effects. If you take it up to a maximum of 15 times, you may never recover from the side effects, that includes death.

Considerations while taking Tramadol.

The fact that tramadol is prescribed for oral intake is the first safety measure. Its absorption through the stomach lining is much slower and controlled. This way the side effects can be identified early and life salvaged before it is wholly absorbed in the body.

Crushing the drug and injecting it in the body as other narcotics is very hazardous. If you sniff the drug after crushing the effects will be even more severe. This is because as an opiod drug it starts its effects from the brain. Immediate intake through these methods will direct the active components of the drug to the brain directly. This can cause sudden death.

Importance of a professional aid

So far you have realized how complicated the medicine is in its use. Your doctor has to know the level of severity of the pain you have to be able to prescribe it for you. This will also ensure that the form you are given is the best.

A doctor, will be able to know the type of reaction you have, you are under other medications when taking the drug.

It is not good to self prescribe a medicine. For young children, adults should not assume that their parenting skills can enable them to know the right prescriptions to give to children.

Another group of individuals that should also be careful while using this drug are the pregnant women and the elderly. Individuals over 75 years old do not fall under any of the prescriptions outlined in this article. This is irrespective of the type of pain they feel. At such older ages, immunity usually drops and side effects may even be severe.

Controversies surrounding Tramadol

The use of tramadol has not been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be used in children. There is not enough research on the safety of this medicine in children. This is why it has been prohibited to be used among pregnant women and children.

In the US it was only approved in 2015. Its popularity among medical practitioners is very low.

Alternative oral forms.

Not only is Tramadol Ultram available as tablets, is also found in syrup form. Sometimes when it comes in powder form,it is diluted in water before taking.

Precautions and information should be taken into consideration before taking the drug.

Pain Relievers

Pain killers are the most common drugs in the world and come in a huge variety of forms with different strengths as well as a myriad of side effects. Most people use mild pain relief on a fairly regular basis to deal with problems such as headaches, muscular or joint pain and open wounds. The extent of one’s pain should be the primary indicator of what type of pain relief should be used as they can be very easy to become dependent on given the feeling of freedom of pain.

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Major pain relief

Paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen are some of the most popular drugs used for pain relief around the world. They are so easily accessible as they have extremely low risk of exhibiting side effects and their effect if extremely mild compared to far stronger alternatives such as Vicodin and morphine. These more powerful painkillers are far more regulated and can only be received legally through the use of a doctor’s prescription.

Dangers and addiction

Illegal painkillers are also a huge market given that the potentially addictive nature of the drugs leaves many people with dependency on the incredibly strong pain relief drugs, mainly synthesised from opium. Children in particular should have the medicine given to them extremely criticised as if it is too strong it can not only cause damage to their body but also leave them dependent on the drug from an incredibly young age.

Many stronger painkillers can cause periods of drowsiness, incoherence and even hallucinations. If these begin to become regular then it could be part of a deeper problem and you should go and consult a doctor on how to deal with it.

Withdrawal from even a dependence on a mild pain relief drug can be very difficult and cause a lot of problems. Sweating, shaking, hallucinations, reoccurrence of pain and vomiting are just some of the problems with which someone who was experience painkiller withdrawal would have to go through.

Side Effects

As the effect of pain killers, especially opiates, is based around their interaction with the receptors in the brain, they have a huge range of potential side effects. There are also so many different types of pain relief options synthesised from all sorts of sources both natural and man-made.

Common side effects for many pain killers include drowsiness, difficulty controlling your movement and dizziness. Stronger pain relief could have effects such as constipation and vomiting when taken as the body will be processing a larger amount of chemicals with which it is not naturally familiar.


Many pain killers also include an anti-inflammatory effect which can help to reduce inflammation which is heavily associated with causing pain the body. These are mostly given to deal with pain likely to be cause by swelling from sources such as injuries of muscles, joints or bones. Disorders such as tendonitis are usually treated with these types of pain relied as they will also help to treat what is causing the pain in the first place and not simply deal with the processing of the pain.

What pain relief is the best?

Which type of pain killer to use depends on a huge variety of factors and if the need for pain killer is not dealt with using over the counter relief then go to a doctor to try and find the cause of the problem and get a recommendation for which painkiller will be the best.

If you have other types of dependency such as alcoholism or gambling then you should always be extremely wary of using high strength painkillers as it is one of the easiest types of drugs to become addicted to. For children the pain relief that they are given should be especially closely monitored as their body may be unable to deal with some of the chemicals within painkillers, meaning that they should always be given children’s versions of drugs.

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Of course, "Tramadol" is one of the most powerful painkillers, which not only makes the pain weaker, but actually completely removes it. As a military man, he once helped me very seriously during the exercises. When there were only three days left until the end of the exercises, I got a rather unpleasant leg injury, or rather, feet. And the essence of the exercises was that it was necessary to always be on your feet and, moreover, you had to run every day. And the doctor, when he realized that I was injured, immediately gave me "Tramadol" in capsules. I took him three days of 3 capsules a day - in the morning, afternoon and evening. From the side effect I can only highlight the fact that occasionally there was nausea.