How to calmly react to everything

In society, it is difficult to cope with emotions due to relationships with other people. If you succumb to their provocation, then you lose your composure. And anything can provoke stress: from the signals of car horns in a traffic jam to total misunderstanding on the part of loved ones.

To learn how to control your emotions by remembering an unpleasant person, think about why he was so picky about you. Then mentally give him what you think he wants most. Finding fault with the senior? “Hand” him an envelope with money. Have a fight with your girlfriend? “Send” her a beautiful evening dress. Insulted at the bakery? “Present” a beautiful brunette in a limousine to the sales woman. Are they honking on the road? “Present” the driver with the opportunity to sleep, etc.

Think about the dangers of negative emotions, because they become a prerequisite for the development of many diseases, because of them mimic wrinkles appear, which give the appearance a frowning or even angry expression. If you managed to restrain yourself so as not to be rude, imagine that your nerve cells remained safe and sound. You can even mentally stroke your nervous system like a peacefully sleeping cat. And be sure to praise yourself for self-confidence, endurance and calmness.

Watch passers-by while sitting on a park bench. What does a mom look like when she scolds her child? Or a couple of lovers who are having a breakup? Irritated faces look ugly and repulsive. Even if you accidentally hear what they are talking about, you will quickly realize that the problem of anger is not worth a damn and is most likely completely solvable. Also, pay attention to smiling faces. They attract attention, shine with happiness and serenity. Take an example from the latter.

Go in for sports. To deal with aggression or misunderstandings, you don’t have to choose different types of wrestling or strength training. If this is not your thing, choose jogging, target shooting or sports dancing. Visit them regularly, and then you can release your own irritation with energy. Over time, this will harden your character and help you react more calmly to provocations from other people.

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