The most important thing for human health

The lymphatic system is the most important for human health

The lymphatic system is the only system for removing poisons from the body, especially bacterial and fungal-parasitic poisons! In fact, this system depends on the quality of human immunity, and good immunity is life! …

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is one of the most complex and cunningly arranged human systems. In our country there are only about 200-300 knowledgeable lymphologists, one of whom shared his opinion with us, which we reproduce below.

“You can not even imagine how much we do not know anything about the lymphatic system! That is, not even at the level of district doctors, but even at a high level of highly specialized doctors, on which the life or death of a patient depends! There is Professor Levinez – an amazing scientist – he worked for many years in alternative medicine, he tried to prove to the whole world that the lymphatic system is very important!

It is actually very important – it is a system for removing poisons from the body, especially bacterial and fungal-parasitic poisons of the simplest!

Practically from this system depends the immunity of a person, and immunity is a life!

With the lymphatic system, we are treated in the most disreputable way, and with it one should only address “you”! The lymphatic system goes all the way from the bottom up, and never in the reverse order! Those. from the fingertips to the breast lymphatic duct.

And how do we usually get a massage? Correctly: “from top to bottom”, against the course of lymph, which means that lymphatic flows are disturbed! Have you ever seen valves in the lymphatic ducts? This is a very important device: when the lymph rises, the valve passes it, but then it closes (it does not allow the backward movement of the lymph!). And if we properly massage ourselves, as usual, against the move – then all the valves will simply collapse!

The face is massaged in a different order, do you think that “from the center to the ears” along the lymph flow? No! Usually under the eyes it is done on the contrary – with fingers against the course of lymph! There are professional masseurs who own the lymphatic drainage system, but 50% of masseurs simply do not know anything about the lymphatic system, that it is “bottom-up” …

Surprisingly, in our group there were professional surgeons, and 50% of them admitted that they never sew lymphatic vessels!

There are doctors who do not know that there are no lymph vessels in the head … so many such incidents and problems! Because none of us, doctors, received a free specialization in clinical lymphology at the Institute! Yes, there is the Institute of Lymphology in Novosibirsk … probably people there know a lot …

But they do not have any relation to the precinct service of Moscow (and other cities), and we usually appeal to the district service with requests for help. Our science is now very far from people – it has come off and ran far ahead, and our goal is to catch up with the runaway medicine and science!

Imagine a blood vessel, through which there are red blood cells and white blood cells, and next to cells that receive food from them. From each tissue lymphatic vessels that begin directly in the tissue, they filter through themselves huge streams of excess fluid. The liquid comes out here along with the vitamins and substances dissolved in it, it is slightly absorbed back.

But the bulk of the liquid, washing these tissues, this “swamp” – goes to the lymph. Here live bacteria, here live and fungi, connected between themselves chains, and here live parasites – opisthorchia, Giardia – directly into the tissue! And here constantly all is washed out by water from vessels – and leaves in a lymph. Every minute there is emptying.

Do you remember the school problem? A certain amount of water is poured into the basin through a single pipe, and another quantity of water leaves the pipe of a smaller diameter. Calculate: after what time will the water be completely replaced in the basin? I could never calculate! And here is the same picture: one tube enters – the other leaves, and the space should remain perfectly clean!

Lymph node = Customs of the first small scale, if it is struck – say: “Cancer of the first degree”. Metastasis follows the lymph nodes, pumping all the water here. Ten entries – and one exit! Here the enzymatic base of lymphocytes-macrophages, they live here. Lymph node is a room in which live macrophages, lymphocytes-T, lymphocytes-B, they filter this liquid, they destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and protozoa. Relatively pure lymph goes further, and wider areas are connected to it.

And here already the next lymphonodus of the second order. And if it is clogged – this is called “Cancer 2 degrees.” And so on: ten entries – and one exit … and everything goes from bottom to top – this is called the Work of the Lymphatic System.

What is important? This is that the lymphatic system is the only system other than the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract, which has an ejection through the mucous membranes outside! This is a completely unique phenomenon, because through the skin we can not spit anything out! If the lymph is broken – we will spit through the skin … The release of poisons can only be through the mucous membranes, because they do not have a solid dead barrier of the epidermis.

So, the first beachhead of lymphatic evacuation is the first place for the dropping out of the bacteria bodies outside? Guess from 3 times ?! From the audience: “Probably a nose?”. No, remember that the current of lymph is going from bottom to top! And therefore the first place is the vagina (in women) and the urethra (in men)! As soon as something has got into the body, immediately it’s “something” here and it shows up: at once the uncomfortable state at the bottom, pain, rezi, something else starts … It means that something has already hit, or rather, then, and someone (alive and developing!) – a fungus, a bacterium, a virus, parasites, protozoa, chlamydia, opisthorchus!

And we usually “struggle” with all our might? Correctly, with secretions from there … And it is necessary to struggle with parasites – with bacteria, viruses, fungi, with АБВГД-infection! But our medicine’s main problem is that there should not be any excretions, coughing, runny nose, sweat! What happens: one tablet will try to save you from excreta, but where will they get to from one tablet?

Kilometers of fungal colonies that live in all tissues, in the liver, in the kidneys, in the intestine. The medicine can be so strong that it can hit the liver so that it does not seem too small. As a rule, it turns out not bad: three days of excretions are not present, and then start again (thrush, for example). And what is thrush, what is the secretion with thrush? These are fungus corpses that have been destroyed by our body with the help of leukocytes!

Therefore, not with the corpses must be fought – they are already killed! It is necessary to fight with live fungi! And you can fight only one way – by raising immunity! Because other methods will not work: all living things in the body will not be killed!

The second landing bridgehead – guess? – Correctly, the intestine, through it stands out a huge number of poisons! Someone says: “I have dysentery, and I have one solid mucus in my feces!” And what is mucus? Yes, the same pus – the corpses of viruses, bacteria, fungi, dysentery sticks, salmonella and other … Lymph nodes open inside the intestine, thousands – that’s what they all sing out!

The third bridgehead – climb to the floor above – it’s sweat glands, especially in the armpits. A person simply must sweat – all the poisons (hormones, toxic poisons – medium molecules, not pus), the body takes out through the skin.

And what do we do to ensure that they never appear? Correctly, advertised 24-hour deodorant, botox injections, gels, formaldehyde-based ointments, tablets, completely blocking the lymphatic system, and with prolonged use can cause serious side effects: speech disorders; Disturbance of taste sensations, difficulty in chewing and swallowing; dry mouth; delayed urination, constipation.

Often addictive drugs, including sedatives, tranquilizers, are also used in the fight against hyperhidrosis, whereas the cause lies in the slagging, intoxication of the body, and with this terrible chemistry we simply barbarously kill ourselves because of elementary illiteracy. And all problems are solved afterwards: at least frighten you, even if you roll on a roller coaster – and sweating will be no more!

And where will the poisons go? In the nearest place – in the mammary gland! And from here and mastopathy, contamination of the lymphatic pool: lymph drove everything out – and you sprinkled (anointed) – and now you’re fearless never sweating (but potentially sick) James Bond!

A terrible mistake! Never use blocking drugs! Unfortunately, the chemical substances sprayed onto the skin narrows the vessels according to the preset program – by 12-24-48 hours, and now there are super-deodorants – 7-day and various injection methods for a long time. And then you just have a blocked mechanism for sweat glands – and in general the end …

This is all – the lymphatic system: on the skin, on all joints. It’s very simple: here is the knee joint – two bones with a smooth supporting surface, and around them – an articulate bag (capsule). Some swell joints … it would seem, what is there to swell around? And it turns out, behind this joint is a huge lymph node, and if it is thrombosed (by bacteria, for example, beta-hemolytic streptococcus), which lives in the blood, then here arthritis will come (rheumatoid, infectious-allergic, polyarthritis – if many joints).

And what does the joints have in general? Two bones, without suspecting anything, exist for themselves – and suddenly there is a temperature, what is it for? Yes to fight with bacteria! Or there is edema – Why? A lymph node does not allow fluid.

What do we usually do: heat, ointment, mud, oil, hormones, rubbing – and think, will help? Never! Because, first of all, you need to clean the lymph!

But first you need to see who lives there, how many of them – and then start taking medication. But until we know who lives there, neither joints, nor skin, nor kidneys can not be cured! To get rid of different “residents” need different medications: for example, there lives a fungus, and we are prescribed a course of antibiotics, and they do not work against the fungus, and even feed it! And there is a powerful fungal arthritis, which is very difficult to cure! And after it begins and Bekhterev’s disease (when a person at a time twists all the joints) – and everything you want …

The fourth bridgehead is the nose, through which the main quantity of airborne infection is eliminated. The adenoids were cut off – they killed their defensive line!

The fifth springboard is the amygdala. Constantly swollen, disturbed – cut off – and buried another protective barrier!

The sixth foothold – the larynx – is laryngitis.

The seventh springboard – the trachea – the development of tracheitis.

The eighth bridgehead – the bronchi – the development of bronchitis.

The ninth foothold – the lungs – the development of pneumonia.

Everything, protective barriers are no more – and in a harmonious series “in a different world” …

A person can be blocked or cut off everything, that’s just what he then will allocate pus – completely incomprehensible! Most people who have tonsils cut off develop chronic laryngitis, chronic pharyngitis, and bronchitis. And if the parasites, lamblia and viruses he has left – it will also flow with the osmatoid or obstructive component.

What is pneumonia? This is thrombosis of the lymph nodes, which prevents the fluid from escaping. What is neurodermatitis, psoriasis? This is the complete obstruction of the lymph nodes due to the fungal pathology, it is a fungus that has cemented everything there, so the skin opens the “fire windows” on the flexor surfaces (the child has an ass, cheeks, tummy in the lymph nodes).

Why do those who pay attention to charging, usually in the lymph system is all right?

A person does not have a separate heart for the lymphatic system, but how is a moving lymph flow created? Here is the lymphatic vessel, and around it – the muscles! The muscle is contracted – the lymph is pushed, and back it is not let through the valves in the lymph vessels. But, if the muscle around the vessel does not work – where does the movement of the lymph come from ?!

Here we are now sitting motionless at the lecture 8 o’clock – we do not contract anything – and lymph is not being pushed! And whoever moves the arms and legs slightly (hidden gymnastics for the body) – the muscles contract – and the movement of lymph appears. Feel that you are tired – it means that lymph has stagnated! The accountant sits 8 hours at work, and already can not understand where she has “white cash”, and where “black” – drink water, move, do the hidden gymnastics – it will clear up.

And that there was no hemorrhoids – “jump” once 30-50 on the gluteal muscles – this massage of the lymphatic collectors of the small pelvis. And there will not be such a massage – there will be prostatitis, adenoma …

Lympho-system can not be heated, forget about quartz for life! On the lymph system you can not use any compresses, during the massage, you go around the lymph nodes: there are white blood cells, and if you squeeze them, go against the flow – you just destroy them … If you damage the lymph node under your knee – it will swell all your life! There is such a disease elephantiasis – lymph flows from the inside, all external procedures will not help anything! Lymph can be cleaned from the inside, but it can only be driven by active movements, muscle contractions – gymnastics. If the nodes are not clogged with bacteria! This is fundamentally important!

There are no lymph vessels in the head – there are lymphatic lakes, where the lymph simply flows down.

After cleansing the lymph nodes and passing 10 stages of “customs”, pure lymph (this is the same water, or the sulphure, this is the same part of the red blood in which there are no red blood cells) flows into the venous bed and mixes with the venous blood, along the way cleaning it.

And if the lymph nodes are clogged – nothing flows, and nothing mixes, it starts to ooze, because the body can not pass purulent lymph through the lymph node – it throws it out – on the skin! Also there will be an eczema, a neurodermite, a psoriasis, a dermatitis, a diathesis, a furunculosis, akne, an acne and other …

These manifestations depend only on who lives there in the lymph nodes. Most often there are fungi (lives in lymph, it affects the skin), on the second place worms, on the third – bacteria, in the fourth place – viruses (they are so small that they do not live in lymph – they immediately go into the cage!) Note: in all anti-psoriasis ointments are antifungal drugs, but the skin is already very distant from the fungus, because the process of its development goes inside, in the tissues.

Dermatologists are the happiest doctors: they are never brought to the ambulance, they all know that no one will ever cure anything – and no complaints! And now they have doctors of even narrower specialization: candidologists, chlamydiologists, I’m not talking about dermato-venereologists – these have long been divided … they specialize already on bacteria! And the bacteria are already so clever that you need your doctor for every sensible bacterium! Let’s say a rheumatologist deals only with beta-hemolytic streptococcus, but we already have an army of rheumatologists, and nothing can do about this bacterium (it’s smarter!). And we are treated quite the other way, because the main reason is stagnation and loss of lymph from immobility of muscles (we are just too lazy to do gymnastics!).

A voice from the audience: “What kind of gymnastics is better?” Yes, any – just to move! To whom that likes: whether it’s dance or martial arts: Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and any other health gymnastics … but not all can do it themselves – there need competent teachers … Buy a book Katsudzo Nishi – there everything is very simple and affordable – this is one of the simplest systems. The Nishi system is not just a complex of very important rules and exercises, it is a way of life that develops the habit of living according to the laws of nature.

Gymnastics must enter into your lifestyle. If we have a “full pipe” in the country, then it’s even worse with gymnastics! But gymnastics should be individual.

The main thing in life is proper nutrition and at least some movement, and nothing is more important! A voice from the audience: “And sex?” And sex is also a rhythmic and orderly movement, and if everything is right, then there is a lymphatic system, plenty of sweating …

A voice from the audience: “And Norbekov?”. Norbekov we will consider when we go through eye diseases. But here’s what I’ll say: a good system, but not complex: they still do not want to understand that people do not see anything without beta-carotene! And they try to make something global from their system … But you can also take it from it, snatch something useful for yourself.

In principle, all people are good: both therapists are good, and psychics are good, and homeopaths, and surgeons … – they just do not see each other in the focus, and they do not want to notice!

The best diagnostician is a pathologist!

A case from my practice: Sochi, a briefing with the doctors dragged on until one in the morning, dealt with the antiparasitic program, and one of the doctors asked: “No, well, I do not understand, well, really, there is only one remedy against parasites in the whole world:” Black walnut leaf ? “- Yes, I will never believe it! Is there really no normal antiparasitic drugs? “.

I answer him: “Well, there is no such thing anymore!”.

He replied: “But I do not believe – I will look!”.

I ask: “Who do you work for?”.

And so 30 doctors sit, and he gets up, and proudly says: “I’m a pathologist!”.

I ask: “And what are you going to do with the parasites in the corpse? They are already leaving your “patient”! Why do they wait for you until you find a remedy? “.

We have Karaganov’s doctor in Magnitogorsk, she is engaged in biochemistry (laboratory assistant), and they died of lymphogranulomatosis in a child who had a prolonged resuscitation before that. They did not save this girl – she just gasped, and she got away the slime. And when the doctor wiped the mucus, he noticed an incomprehensible, and asked: “And what worms look like sorrel?”.

I honestly replied that I do not know this …

Here among gynecologists it is easier for me …

And there a full rag was worms – in appearance exactly, like maggots on meat – it’s someone’s larval stage … But they were in the lymph nodes of the bronchi! Actually, that’s why the child suffocated! For what is the edema of the lungs? This is a complete blockade of the exit of fluid through the sputum outside – and then everything! And blocked can be fungi, parasites, bacteria, chlamydia, thick mucus, etc.

The lymphatic system is unique, and it is necessary for doctors (and all of us) to even know a little!

We do not train specialist lymphologists from you, but it all started 5 years ago in Lipki, it was my first report on the lymphatic system. And limfoochistku passed through this system already thousands of our employees, and many had very good results!

Therefore, we will not save the whole of humanity with you – we will start ourselves by ourselves, and we will deal with the simplest banal limf cleaning!

And for this I will explain the mechanism of lymph cleansing

For 30 years, thousands of experiments have been carried out, with radioisotope methods of research, and it has been proven that all substances are divided into two types (like everything in the life of Yin-Yan, like all diseases: either you lose everything you need memory, or you get what you do not need dandruff, hemorrhoids) in relation to lymph:

– Some stimulate lymph on the way out (dilute it) and the removal of harmful substances from the body.

– others block or weaken the movement of lymph.

In lymph there are hyaluronic acids, they can be either gel (thick kissel), or sol (liquid jelly). They went into the bath-house – it flowed from the nose, they dived into the ice-hole – it thickened, and all because of the contrast of temperatures. Once a week, go to the bath, but to get lymph flowed well, there should be 60 degrees in the bath (proteins break down at 60, but the skin can also withstand a high temperature for a short time).

To make lymph move – you need to apply a lymphostimulator: licorice, echinacea, celandine, Glauber’s salt, magnesium sulfate. Therefore, when we apply the drug – all the lymph in the body is strongly encouraged, and begins to move to the exit.

This procedure is called “lymphostimulation”, and is done on an empty stomach.

The first stage is called lymphostimulation.

Lymph moved to the exit – and along with her went and poisons.

The largest number of lymph nodes is in the intestines – there are tens of thousands of them! And if at that time the sorbent (activated charcoal or another) enters the intestine, then the poisons are filtered out to this sorbent.

The second stage is sorption. But at the moment of sorption, unfortunately, minerals, vitamins, and energy are lost along with poisons along the way.

And therefore 3-4-5 stage is called, respectively, vitaminization, mineralization, and replenishment of the energy reserve.

The first part of the program – sorption of poisons, toxins – and withdrawal from the body.

The second part is the restoration of useful content, i.e. a cleaning program, and a recovery program.

In our programs, lymph drainage is clearly described in terms of time, timing, and tablets, and here one must understand that each organ has its own lymphostimulation, because it exits the cellular nutrition: the heart loves potassium and magnesium, the kidneys like sodium, the brain loves vitamin-B, the reproductive system of lecithin (vitamins A and E) – everyone needs something of their own, special!

So, we deduce all at once, at all the general, and we enter everyone individually.

Lymph purification should be remembered not by pills, but by principles! It can last one day, but maybe ten, and maybe a month! It can be after chemotherapy, it can be after the flu, it can be a preventive measure against the flu, or after stress, x-ray, or after poisoning (alcoholic, say) – lymph purification after intoxication – it’s just super!

In any case, lymphatic purification is a huge help to the whole system of lymph of your body! It is necessary to remember not specific cleaning schemes, but its principles, it is necessary to understand its essence.

Understand, it is necessary to make all the water in the body move (in the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, muscles, bones, brain) – all water will simultaneously flow faster and begin to move to the exit.

And when it flows – we need to filter it through the sorbent and clean it (the sorbent will then go naturally through the intestine). And do not forget to take nutrients, vitamins and minerals = and that’s all, there’s nothing special about cleaning!

But it is very important that you understand: every intervention in the functioning of the body’s systems requires a subsequent cleansing of the lymph: he made an x-ray – cleaned the lymph, took chemotherapy procedures – cleaned, drank a course of antibiotics – cleaned, had any pain – clean it!

Do not confuse the cleansing of the intestine with cleansing the lymph – it’s completely different: here we clean the intestines, and lymph has nothing to do with it!

And lymph is all body tissues! 83% of water-soluble poisons accumulate in the intercellular fluid – not in the blood, not in the kidneys or liver …

15-20% of water-insoluble poisons accumulate in the intestine (who has more, who has less).

There is no contraindication for lymphatic drainage!

The kit can be of any level – from the simplest ones (Licorice, Activated Carbon, Vitamin C, Citrus Fruit, English and Glauber’s Salt, oils, folic acid). Contraindications can be only on a single drug individually for each person, but not on the lymphatic drainage system!

On the principle of lymphatic purging there are no contraindications – whether it is a newborn, whether it is an adult after a serious illness – and that, and other lymph should be cleaned, intoxication should be removed, the intercellular water (fluid) must be made to move! So that the lymph does not turn into a “standing swamp”, because everything will develop in the standing water!

A stagnant swamp turns sour – but in a stormy mountain river nothing harmful happens!

And if a person walks along our path – to study something, understand and accept, eat less of the advertised “muck”, drink less “nastiness” (it throws us back!).

All ingenious in this world is simple!

If you do everything right – all internal organs (including the lymphatic system!) Will work fine. Found out viruses, parasites at inspection – cleaned, raised immunity.

The process of rehabilitation should not stop, such as “Today – I’m flying, and tomorrow – I live”, it must continue continuously and daily.

Purely not where they clean, but where they do not litter!

Understand in your body, do not eat anything that moves, eat less, but tastes better and more often. But we are told: “There are many – harmful, but few – boring!”. We dig ourselves a grave with a spoon, in the East we are aware of this.

So, the lymph system demands to itself enormous respect, it does not forgive anything. If the stomach can forgive almost everything, the reproductive system partially forgives, then the lymph system does not forgive at all!

It depends on her own life and the provision of the body at the level of the removal of heavy metals salts, antibiotics, toxins, chemicals: formaldehydes, vinegars, acetones, paracetamols and other mucks-this is what the lymph system is all about.

Everything is absolute: bad juices, spoiled food, wine, medicines – all this is absorbed into the blood, gets into the intercellular fluid, and then it’s time to work the lymph system! And that’s how it works for each of us – that’s our life!

Three systems: the blood, the cardiovascular system and the lymph system are the three systems that form the flow of fluid in the body. All the rest is just the variants of this liquid: add some acids – get the Gastric Juice, just Digestive juices and Enzymes – get saliva, a little adrenaline – get Tear fluid (in the tears the highest density of adrenaline!), Yadov and Solei – get urine, Spermatozoa – get the sperm, cleanse the lymph thoroughly – and get Spinal-Brain Fluid.

And at the heart of it all is the same lymph !!!

There is no separate blood, separate urine, and separately lymph. And even when “urine strikes the head” – this is the same blood, this is the lymph that has not gone away! Everything in the body is one, in all we observe the circulation of water in the human body, tied up on a huge amount (70 liters with a person weighing 90 kg.!) Of intercellular fluid.

Paradox, but this fluid is not practiced by any of the doctors!

Here, perhaps, and all (in a very condensed form) on the lymphatic system. Imagine that you have now learned a lot in just 5 minutes, and it seems everyone understands!

And when you leave the university after 7 years of study, you think: “God, yes, I do not understand anything, what’s going on in the body ?!” And the more I work as a doctor – the more it seems to me that I understand even less!

There are many doctors, and, good, knowledgeable doctors. And if the doctor says: “First, clean up, and then we’ll sort it out!”, Then this is not the position of a single doctor, but the traditions of ancient doctors, starting from Avicenna and the more ancient traditions of healing indigenous peoples:

“First, cleanse, die food, starve, drink plenty of water, calm down, put your mind in order. And when all this has not helped – go to the doctor! “.

That’s just a doctor will not need to go if you follow the first part of this postulate!

At the same time, doctors and free from bad work!

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