Personal experience of health preservation

We are trying to save health by accidentally searching for a miracle

We have already made sure that doctors do not understand anything about health at all. Therefore, while there is no normally functioning health care system, it is necessary to use the experience of enthusiasts who accidentally discovered the positive qualities of something …

Mechanism of health

In today’s environmentally unfavorable world, the negative impact of various factors on human health is great. Despite all the efforts of modern medicine, the annual incidence of people is increasing year by year. Some diseases become epidemic. This primarily applies to such a common disease as atherosclerosis, which is the cause of more than 50% of deaths in humans on Earth.

With this disease, there are morphological changes in blood vessels, leading to a violation of blood flow and supply of various organs with oxygen, as well as contributing to the development of various cardiovascular diseases. Thus, atherosclerosis leads to the development of most modern “diseases of civilization”.

According to medical experts, 90% of deaths occur as a result of diseases associated with calcium deficiency in the body, which provokes the emergence of about 150 different diseases. Let’s try to figure this out.

Let’s see the symptoms of calcium deficiency: increased fatigue, chronic weakness, decreased ability to work and stress stress, deterioration of sleep, difficulty of concentration, dull brittle hair, fragile exfoliating nail plates, unhealthy complexion. Sometimes there are indeterminate pains in the muscles of the extremities, a tendency to cramp calf muscles, as well as the muscles of the hands and feet, especially under hypothermia.

There may be symptoms of increased bleeding gums, a tendency to nosebleeds, an unreasonable appearance of bruises. There may be increased sensitivity of tooth enamel to cold and hot, constantly recurring caries. There is a tendency to allergic reactions. The general immunity is weakened, and colds become more frequent.

The transferred flu does not end with full recovery, but leaves a “tail” in the form of chronic sinusitis and tonsillitis. With the worsening of calcium deficiency, the mineralization of the bone mass decreases, children begin to lag behind in growth, adults have articular pains, and in the elderly, vertebral or femoral neck fractures often occur.

But this is basically a description of the symptoms of a general malaise. And where is the direct provocation of about 150 diseases? Although with a general decrease in immunity, you can expect the appearance of more diseases!

Now let’s list the symptoms and consequences of excess calcium in the body:

– there is a kidney stone disease, calcification, gout;

– there is a decrease in the tone of smooth muscles; diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: increased acidity of gastric juice, development of gastritis, stomach ulcers, pancreatitis; the likelihood of developing disorders of the thyroid and parathyroid glands;

– increased blood clotting (threat of thrombosis) and the development of cardiovascular diseases: arrhythmia, hypertension, angina, bradycardia; dizziness or confusion, convulsions, depression;

– excessive excretion of iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. from the body.

Wow! The list is impressive! Mistrusters can see for themselves. The information is taken from open official medical sources.

What conclusion can be drawn?

Excess of calcium and its salts in the human body leads to the emergence of a large number of various diseases, including the most common, from which in the world there are more than half of the deaths and from which the medicine has not yet found a cure.

Let’s understand. No one will argue that calcium plays an extremely important role in the life of the body. But at the same time, its excess will adversely affect the work of individual organs and the body as a whole, if the thyroid and parathyroid glands do not react quickly to its level, and the kidneys will not remove its excess.

Getting into the blood, calcium increases the alkalinity of the blood, causing an increase in its viscosity, which leads to an increase in blood pressure and forms an increased formation of thrombi with the threat of a stroke or a heart attack afterwards. In alkaline blood, hemoglobin poorly supplies oxygen to the tissues of the body, which causes oxygen starvation of cells of various organs, which in turn leads to inhibition of the functionality of organs and can subsequently cause their disease, up to the oncological one.

The calcium itself in the alkaline environment of the body is deposited in the internal organs, in the joints, on the walls of the vessels. Almost all the stones that form in the kidneys consist of calcium salts.

The deposition of calcium salts in arteries is a known and often observed phenomenon. Arteries from this lose elasticity, become fragile and can break at any time with all the ensuing consequences.

At a young age, when a person is full of energy, all life processes are intense, the body manages to excrete excess calcium. That is why young people, basically, do not know what is the deposition of salts, stones and cardiovascular diseases. But this does not last long, after 20-25 years many begin to feel the appearance of the first unwanted signs.

In official medicine, there is a so-called theory of cholesterol, which explains the slowing down, and then fading with age of all vital functions of the body, by excessive accumulation of cholesterol.

It is believed that there is a gradual narrowing of the lumens of vessels that lose elasticity; the process of supplying oxygen to organs and taking carbon dioxide from tissues worsened due to a decrease in the activity of red blood cells in the thickening blood; the permeability of all cell membranes is worsened due to the accumulation of cholesterol in them, which leads to the loss of cell functionality. In addition, the activity of lymphocytes – the main immune defenders of the body – worsens.

The theory of cholesterol is designed to show and convince us of the inevitability of the course of time. When in an infant period all cholesterol in the body goes to create membranes of newly formed cells, during the life activity period the amount of cholesterol is in a harmonious equilibrium, and in the final period of life, with a decrease in sexual, motor and social activity, leads to a decrease in consumption and the accumulation of cholesterol. The development of this situation leads to the extinction of all vital functions of the organism and, allegedly, “easy” death.

In a modern average person, the increase in cholesterol, as well as the narrowing of the internal diameter of the arteries and the compaction of the arterial walls begin to be fixed from adolescence, and by the age of 60 atherosclerosis is more than 60%.

There is a feeling that something is developing in the life of the human body! .. On the one hand, it would seem: “As Mother Nature has created and calculated well!”, And on the other – the whole second half of life, most people have to fight with various and sometimes prematurely die …

With such a state of affairs, the world-famous physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate, academician I.P. Pavlov. Known are his statements, in which he regarded the death of a 70-year-old man as the death of an infant, and the death of a man of 150 years as a murder! But he, as a physiologist, knew what he was talking about!

And here is what he said about a certain happy people – the Hyperboreans, the Roman historian Pliny the Elder (around 23 AD – 79 AD):

“… Hyperboreans live in groves and forests, worship the gods separately and together, they do not know strife and infirmities. They die only when they are tired of living: the old men, having repaired and enjoyed luxury, jump from some rock to the sea. This is the best funeral rite … “. (“Natural History.” IV, 89-90)

That is, the happy Hyperboreans did not know the disease, but left the life when they themselves considered it necessary, having fulfilled all their earthly tasks! Hence, they were aware of some secrets of life, giving them the opportunity to do so, completely lost by modern people.

In the pre-Petrine Slavic-Aryan calendar, which our ancestors used until 1700 and according to which now is 7524 summers, there was a cyclical concept – the “circle of life”, which is 144 years (years). Was not the average age of an ordinary man mean?

At the moment, too, many facts of longevity are known, but on an equal footing with it, areas with increased morbidity and mortality are known, similar facts are noted on the territorial principle.

But what is most striking, the territories of mass longevity (the Caucasus, the Himalayas, Andes, Yakutia, Japan, etc.) are characterized by the presence of natural waters with a low content of calcium! These are either water streams formed from the melting of high-mountain snows, or water formed on territories of volcanic origin.

On the contrary, the rest, mostly flat areas, have natural waters saturated with calcium salts. This is due to the fact that these areas have extensive sedimentary layers of bottom sediments of ancient seas, such as shell rock, limestone and contain a large number of calcium salts.

Where these layers most closely approach the surface of the earth, water is formed with the highest content of calcium salts and with the most unfavorable effect on the human body. In fact, absorbed calcium hydrogen carbonates from natural or tap water in our body become water-insoluble calcium carbonates (limestone), which settle on our insides, preparing the appearance with age of a bouquet of diseases.

At present, the human body is placed in such unfavorable conditions, when he is constantly forced to fight for survival. He must constantly remove all kinds of harmful substances (excess calcium, toxins, chemical and biological pollutants, pharmacological substances, etc.) that interfere with his vital functions. And do it often in an environmentally unfavorable environment that reduces life forces, potential and opportunities. Here I mean the inadequate oxygen supply of various organs in alkaline blood and reduced their functionality.

Naturally, such an unequal confrontation does not lead to a long-term healthy life. At some age, in connection with the slowing down of metabolic processes, the body ceases to cope with the excretion of unfavorable substances, and they gradually begin to accumulate in the body, hindering the work of individual organs, and then of the whole organism as a whole.

What can be done in this situation?

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the level of calcium, which is present in the surplus for the most common diseases and to correct its quantity, and also to change the alkaline environment of the blood, in which all negative manifestations of the deviations become possible.

How can this be done? How can you deal with excess calcium in the body and the deposits of its salts?

The answer can be given by any housewife who knows how to remove the scum in the kettle, and these are the same calcium salts that are deposited in the human body. For this purpose, any acid, for example, acetic acid, which dissolves these deposits, is suitable! The more concentrated the acid, the faster the scaling disappears.

You can do the same with a man! Acidified blood, like a solution of acid in a kettle, can gradually remove calcium deposits from the body. Practical studies have shown that the shift of the acid-base balance of the blood (pH-balance) to the acidic side, a person with a certain persistence can exercise independently through nutrition. The relative constancy of the internal composition of the blood can be gradually changed from a slightly alkaline reaction to neutral or weakly acidic, as in most long-livers.

The acid-base balance of the blood is sensitive enough to life situations:

– nervous, overtired, stressed, long sunbathing, smoking, consuming a lot of sweet or wheat products – the balance is shifted to the alkaline side;

– Drank a glass of freshly squeezed juice, we practice hiking in the bath, health-improving physical training – the balance shifts to the acidic side.

Acidic blood has more fluidity, with it, the capillaries expand. Hemoglobin in acidic blood transfers oxygen more easily, and therefore oxygen supply of all cells of the body improves, eliminating their hypoxia. But it is the hypoxia of the tissues of the body that is one of the main causes of cancer. Only with acid reaction of blood can the antioxidant system of the body work effectively, and we do not have to resort to biological antioxidants in addition.

The blood itself becomes antioxidant, which contributes to the normalization of cholesterol levels! Acidic blood promotes a faster recovery of cells in the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. After all, these mucous membranes are in a very aggressive environment and are highly susceptible to various diseases.

Thus, sour blood with a low level of calcium prevents the development of major health threats in the modern world – atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, and also reduces the likelihood of oncological diseases!

The first barrier to the path of various viruses and infections is not the immune system, as we always thought, but the acid potential of the body. It turns out that all the mucous membranes of the organs of the human entrance openings have an acidic environment in which most pathogens die, and only those who break through this first cordon are already dealing with the immune system of the body. By this principle, the stomach also works, in which, in an acidic environment, not so much digestion occurs as disinfection of food. A digestion and assimilation of food occurs in the intestine in a strongly alkaline environment.

If, for some reason, the acidic environment of the mucous membrane becomes alkaline, this means that the entrance gate to a person before pathogens breaks open. In women, by the way, all women’s organs are protected, high acidity of the mucous membranes, which excludes the development of any pathogenic microflora on these shells. Diseases start only when this reaction changes to neutral and alkaline.

For this reason, it is not recommended for women to perform hygiene procedures with a conventional alkaline soap. All these mucosal reactions are directly dependent on the blood reaction. All of the gynecological patients without exception have an elevated calcium content in the blood, which certainly contributes to an increase in the alkalinity of the blood. Streptococci, for example, develop well in an alkaline environment. Therefore, the presence of streptococcal disease indicates that the patient has increased alkalinity of blood. Angina also develops with alkaline blood, and even increases the alkalinity of the blood.

It seems that the normal favorable environment for the life of the human body in the distant past was acidic, but gradually, under the influence of changing external conditions, some internal parameters changed, including the blood reaction, apparently, not for the better …

What can we do to restore the body to a favorable environment of life?

First of all, we must help the body to become the master of the internal situation. It should be able to control the internal composition of substances not only at a young age, but also in the second half of life. This can be achieved only if the acid-base balance of the blood is shifted towards acidity.

Since the balance of blood is very much dependent on the amount of calcium in the blood and in the body as a whole, then we must pay special attention to it. After birth, during the growing up, the body needs a lot of calcium, especially the formation of the skeleton. After the body has formed, its calcium requirements are reduced, and the income remains practically at the same level or increase. Therefore, over time, excess calcium accumulates, which alkalize the blood and provoke the appearance of many negative consequences.

From all of the above, it follows: we must reduce the intake of calcium and its salts in the body and shift the pH of the blood to the acidic side. Concerning:

1. It is necessary to reduce the intake of calcium in the body with food. The largest amount is found in milk and dairy products. Note that no mammal on Earth consumes milk beyond a very short period of feeding, when there is a great need for calcium in the formation of an organism, and a small newborn animal can not yet get it in another way. As soon as the animal grows up a little, it goes on natural natural food and continues to grow no less intensively. So, calcium and other substances are enough for him and with natural nutrition and the need for milk consumption disappears.

Milk is long and difficult to digest in the human intestines, often causing constipation, and the protein of milk is digested much worse than the egg protein.

Only acidification of blood with lactic acid is the beneficial effect that dairy products have. This explains the well-being at the time of consumption of fermented milk products. But lactic acid in these products is adjacent to the huge amount of calcium, which nullifies the entire positive effect.

There may be objections that currently the main cause of bone fractures in people in old age is considered to be low intake and poor assimilation of calcium, and it is found most in dairy products. However, bones consist not only of calcium. For the construction of bone tissue requires more phosphorus and collagen, which gives bones strength and less brittleness. But for the normal synthesis of collagen in the body, an acidic reaction of blood is again needed, and the consumption of dairy products alkalizes the blood, thereby slowing its formation. With a lack of collagen, the bones become less dense, the skin is more flabby and joint problems occur.

Especially large amounts of calcium contain such concentrated dairy products as cottage cheese and cheese. And since most of the cheeses are now added calcium chloride (promotes blood clotting and deposition of calcium salts in the joints) as a hardener, the cheese becomes an especially dangerous product.

There are studies by American oncologists that milk consumption by the age of 25 is a potential threat to cancer.

2. It is necessary to reduce the content of calcium and its salts in the consumed water. For this purpose, reverse osmosis filters are used that filter water at the molecular level, producing practically distilled water. In order not to lose potassium and magnesium from the body with the use of such water, one should eat more dried apricots, raisins and nuts, rich in these elements.

A well-known nutritionist Paul Bragg drank only distilled water, which always has an acidic reaction, and moreover, to this water, he added “for taste,” as he said, citric acid. Every day he ate 100 grams of raisins or dried apricots, his diet included many fruits with organic acids – so the reaction of his blood was shifted to an acidic side.

3. You must additionally acidify the body. The reaction of the human blood pH determines the amount of hydrogen ions in it. The more hydrogen ions are in the blood, the more acid balance is shifted to the acidic side, the blood becomes more fluid, fluid. This improves the supply of oxygen to all cells of the body, reduces the likelihood of blood clots and calcium deposits.

The origin of hydrogen ions does not matter, but only their number matters. Therefore, in order to increase their concentration in the blood and shift the pH reaction to the acidic side, it is possible to use both acidic food and any food acid.

A major scientist in the field of biochemistry Linus Pauling considered it possible to defeat all colds with the help of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). On the same vitamin, he had hopes in the fight against cancer.

In the book of the American doctor DS. Jarvis “Honey and other natural products” contains information about the use of various folk remedies for medicinal purposes, of which the author especially singles out honey and apple cider vinegar.

Yogis call lemon a universal means of maintaining health. In their opinion, each person should eat one lemon a day or drink the juice of one lemon. Lemon juice contains a large amount of citric acid, which strongly acidifies the blood. For lack of a lemon, you can use gastronomic food citric acid. Strongly acid solutions are desirable to drink through the tube, so as not to spoil the tooth enamel.

In the traditions of the Russian people, too, there was constant acidification. I will never forget the sour-succulent taste of bread kvass in the house of my grandfather and grandmother in the village who stood in every house and who drank everything from small to large with thirst. A rustic soda – a tea mushroom … All year round consumed sour sauerkraut, cooked sour cabbage soup, made various marinades with vinegar, compotes from sour apples, etc. Virtually all fruits and vegetables have acid reaction of their juices.

Herbivorous animals also have an instinctive selectivity in the choice of food. Analysis of the juice from the plants selected by the cows showed that these plants always had an acid reaction.

The healing effect of acidic mineral waters of the Caucasus has long been widely known. Their action is based on acidification of blood by the waters of acidic sources when ingested, as well as through the skin when rubbing and taking acidic baths. This effect can be used as an additional means of acidification, especially for people with high acidity of the stomach. By the way, parents use it, without knowing it themselves, when they wipe the children with a solution of vinegar, wanting to bring down the heat in case of illness.

From all that has been described above, it can be seen that it is not difficult and costly to be healthy. And healthy is not temporary, while some correct medicines, mineral supplements, procedures, etc. are taken, but constantly, when favorable conditions are created for the body, and it becomes able to independently control and regulate the ratios of various substances not only at a young age, and to carry out their vital functions. You just need to help the body to be healthy. For this, I need information that I tried to popularly describe, as well as a person’s desire. So everyone’s health is in their hands!

Those who are interested and want to know more detailed information on this topic on various diseases, can read the book of the biochemist and the practicing doctor NG. Friends “How to prolong the fleeting life.”

All success and health!

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