What do we learn from comparing these two plants? Both have a long history of consumption, both contribute to addiction and are extremely destructive, and nevertheless, one is closely interwoven with our life style and given to us as very courageous, refined, pleasant, while the other is outlawed, severely persecuted, considered suicidal and perceived with the thoughtless horror with which the previous generations looked at the Bolsheviks, suffragist women and oral sex.

This situation is another example of the hypocrisy of the culture of dominion, how it selects and advances those truths and realities that it finds convenient. But the fact is that although heroin greatly contributes to addiction, and one of the preferred routes of administration is intravenous injection – it carries with it the possibility of spreading serious diseases, nevertheless it is no more dangerous than its legal and heavily proposed competitor tobacco. “Entire volumes of research … lead to the conclusion that the consumption of heroin does not cause any organic diseases. It is a physically harmless, albeit strongly addictive substance. ”

The difference in the public perception of these two plant-based drugs, which now cover the entire planet with a pandemic, cannot in any way contribute to a reasonable social assessment of their harmfulness. With the right approach, the attitude towards these two plants would be similar. However, we are forced to point out some points that are not related to the common property of tobacco and heroin to cause addiction, in order to understand why the society of dominion chose to “crush” one and elevate the other.

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