Not many plants can claim such complex and closely intertwined relationships with people, such as opium poppy and tobacco. Both plants play a major role in behavior associated with an extremely high level of addiction, which shortens life and burdens society with medical and financial concerns. Nevertheless, the general position regarding these plants can hardly be different. Opium is illegal in most of our world. Poppy pockets, a source of raw opium, are strictly controlled by photo satellite satellites, and each year the plans for opium production in the world are carefully studied by governments to calculate what share of the budget is allocated for treatment of addiction, external efforts to eradicate and internal banning products of refined opium, such as morphine and heroin.

Tobacco, on the other hand, is probably the most widely used plant drug on the globe. No people recognized tobacco smoking as illegal, and indeed, any country that tried to do this would be in conflict with one of the most powerful international drug concern that ever existed. However, the indisputable fact that tobacco smoking is the cause of the premature death of millions of people: lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease are closely linked to smoking. Tobacco also causes addiction no less than heroin, revered by the most powerful drug. When this fact was declared by the leading US surgeon Everett Coop, a whole storm of ridicule and humiliation struck him, raised by leading American tobacco companies and countless number of their consumer adherents.

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