Push-up strength


The idea to share this simple yet very effective exercise came from reading this topic. After reading it, I realized that running may be suitable for many. But looking at the puddles, wind and rain outside the window five days a week, I doubted that it was suitable for everyone. Therefore, I want to talk about push-ups, how they are better, from my point of view, known standard physical exercises (pull-ups, squats), to create physical activity during the day.

I will make a reservation right away that I am not an expert and all of the following is my personal experience and views.

Initial data

8-10 hours at the computer, lack of desire to go anywhere to the gym due to the distance, affordable (an hour’s drive – in total, two hours one way in both directions) and the high cost of a subscription for those nearby.

A task

Provide physical activity during the day with the least expenditure of time and moral effort over oneself, a quick effect is a feeling of muscle tension.

Solution – push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most famous exercises, along with squats and pull-ups. However, in comparison with its “colleagues”, in my opinion, it has a number of indisputable advantages. Namely:

  • Push-ups do not require any equipment, except for a clean floor and comfortable clothes. The same pull-ups require a horizontal bar. This means that you can do push-ups almost anywhere – for example, I do it even in the office (in an empty meeting room :))
  • Push-ups work an amazing amount of muscle. There are numerous examples of this on YouTube (for example, here ). In particular, while maintaining the correct body position, the press works, and push-ups thereby ensure the pumping of the press. I personally do 30-50 with wide arms, and then 10-20 on fists with close elbows near the body – one might say, “narrow grip”, and plus 20 each with raising one leg – loads the legs very robust.
  • Push-ups immediately give the feeling that the muscles are working. Unlike squats, you can sit down 100 times and not get tired, after all, we work with our legs more in life (at least walk) than with our hands. Here we can say that squatting on one leg or jumping will also quickly get tired – but the whole point of push-ups is that you don’t need to pervert for a greater load (for example, squatting, standing on our toes – as we were trained in dancing), but just change hand and / or leg positions. And here – speed. With a good load, 5 minutes of push-ups 3-5 times with a break per minute relieves stress very well. In general – looking up from the computer, I pause for 20 push-ups!
  • Push-ups are very affordable. For people who are overweight, pulling up is usually problematic, and psychologically difficult – 3-5 times and no longer wants to try again. And push-ups are easier, you just have to choose the position of the hands.
  • Push-ups are less traumatic. Also an important factor. The same squats are fraught with various injuries of the knee joints when overdoing it – although this can be attributed to common bikes.

Technique details

The technique is covered in sufficient detail on the Internet. For example, push-ups are well described here and here .

What’s next

After push-ups, you can already buy dumbbells and perform sets of exercises with them. Or maybe do something more serious. Push-ups are good for starting in my opinion!

You give more healthy and physically strong IT specialists!

I would be glad if the article helped someone to start studying.

UPD: As soon as you feel the taste, it will be possible to add squats and other exercises to load all muscle groups. Aerobic exercise is also shown – the same running, swimming, cycling – for all-round development. In the article, I just wanted to urge you to start exercising and feel the thrill of exercise – after all, the first step is so important, isn’t it?

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