Pain in the upper limbs

With osteochondrosis of the cervical region, pain in the hands is quite common. The nature of pain can vary depending on the specific localization of the lesion and the degree of compression of the nerve. They can be blunt, sharp, cutting, shooting. When coughing, straining, bending and tilting the head, the pain syndrome becomes worse.

C6 root injury provokes pain in the arm, extending over the outer surface of the shoulder from the forearm and the shoulder strap to the fingers (1 and 2). In the affected areas, sensitivity may increase (hyperesthesia), hypotrophy, contraction of the biceps brachialis reflexes.
If in the osteochondrosis the C7 spine is compressed, the pain spreads along the back and outer surface of the shoulder and forearm towards the 3-finger.
The defeat of the root of the spine leads to the spread of pain along the inner surface of the shoulder, the forearm to the 4 and 5 fingers.
Often simultaneously with pain in the hands of neurological symptoms: a feeling of numbness, tingling.

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