Leg cramps

Convulsions occur with diseases of the nervous system, endocrine glands, poisoning. The symptoms of this disease are involuntary muscle contractions. Leg cramps are very common. Why is this happening?

Frequent convulsions occur when exposed to an external stimulus, with alcohol abuse.

A cramp can occur in one muscle or in a group of muscles. The sudden onset of a convulsion (tonic) lasts no more than a minute and is accompanied by pain. Most often, this pain occurs in the calf muscle during swimming and long walking.

If pain occurs while swimming, stop moving your legs and extend your feet.

Convulsive contraction of the muscles of the voice is caused by a pungent smell, gases. It can even lead to respiratory arrest.

Dysfunction of nutrition can be caused by muscle spasms of arterial vessels, varicose veins. In order to find out the obvious cause of the seizures, you should consult a doctor. He must establish the cause and prescribe treatment.

Sometimes seizures can be accompanied by loss of consciousness. These are the symptoms of epilepsy disease. In case of seizures, call a doctor. Create a calm environment for the patient.

If breathing is disturbed, the patient should provide an air flow. To avoid dehydration, drink cold water, to which table salt will be added (one teaspoon per liter of water).

The following folk remedies will help to survive leg cramps.

Leg cramps alternative treatment

– Two teaspoons of birch buds, brew in a glass of boiling water. We drink in three doses.

– Cloves with sugar can also make you feel better. Cloves should be six hundred and twenty grams.

– Mustard oil is used to bring legs and arms together. We rub the places that are sick with this remedy.

– We take poppy petals, dry them, three into powder. After that, we prepare a decoction with honey and milk. Poppy petals can still be infused with vodka.

– Almost all diseases are treated with honey. Convulsions are no exception. For seven days before each meal, eat two teaspoons of honey.

– Bitter wormwood will also help. One part of the seeds of wormwood, which we crush. After that, add four parts of olive oil. All this is infused for eight hours. We take a lump of sugar, put one or two drops on it and eat it.

In addition to those described, there are many more folk recipes that will bring you relief from leg cramps.

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