How to remove a big belly?

Today in “healthy advice” we will touch upon such a sensitive issue as a man’s big “beer” belly and how to get rid of it. Let’s hurry to reassure you that there are no “beer” bellies in nature.

Why is the belly called beer

This is all fiction, because a man can have a stomach even if he does not drink beer , and a belly can appear as a result of overeating.

Abuse of beer drink leads to the deposition of fat, which accumulates most quickly in the flanks, which is why such a belly is called a beer belly. Therefore, in order to remove a beer belly, a man needs to answer to himself the following question: “Why do I have a big belly and what are the reasons for its appearance?” Correctly posed question – half the answer and, having learned: why there was a “beer” belly, it will be much easier to eliminate it.

Because of what a man has a big belly:

  • In a man’s body, metabolic processes slow down with age, which leads to the deposition of fat in the sides.
  • Constant overeating and eating foods that lead to obesity.
  • Low physical activity, which, together with overeating, quickly leads to the accumulation of fat.

How a big belly affects men’s health

It turns out that a big beer belly is very harmful for a man. The fact is that this fat accumulated in the abdominal cavity of a man turns his testosterone into the female sex hormone estrogen, and its high level contributes to the same fat deposition on the male body as in women and lowers the overall level of testosterone.

What to do to remove a big belly

It is necessary, first of all, to find out the cause of the appearance of a large abdomen, then set a clear goal and go gradually towards success , albeit in small steps, no matter what. For example; reduce your waist by so much cm, lose weight by so much kg, and so on, and then everything will work out! The main thing is to move forward step by step, systematically, without deviating from the goal a single step.

Well, now we will move on to the fact that, in fact, will allow you to get rid of a large beer belly and, therefore, we get acquainted and proceed to the main thing:

How to quickly get rid of a large belly

Proper nutrition

An important and one of the most important conditions is a drinking regimen. It is necessary, first of all, to remove excess calories where they should not be at all. What liquid do you drink?

If it’s coffee with sugar, tea, soda, juices from the store, then you definitely get them, and caffeinated drinks also lead to dehydration. Plain drinking water in the amount of two liters (at least) per day is what you ideally need!


From your daily diet, you need to exclude all sweet, flour, fatty and flour, and this:

  • dumplings, sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, chips, croutons and so on;
  • white bread, rolls, sugar, chocolate and candy;
  • any fatty foods;

Add to food foods that contain fiber, which is necessary to normalize digestion, and this:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables , herbs;
  • seafood;
  • cereal porridge;
  • berries.


This is also a very important point, as fast snacks and hectic eating do not contribute to the normal digestion of food.

Basic rules for weight loss diet:

  • Fractional nutrition, that is, eat a daily amount of food, for example, in 5 meals, and not in 3, as you are used to;
  • It is important to observe the time interval between meals, for example, every three hours, and the body will get used to it over time and will absorb food faster.
  • Stop eating at night. In the evening you can eat yogurt, some fruit, salad with vegetables, drink kefir.

Weight begins to decline when more calories are expended than entering the body. This is achieved by reducing those calories that come with food, or by spending calories, for example, for physical activity.

Exercise stress

Physical education for weight loss is the basis of the basics. Don’t start with hard training. Start small. It is enough to first compose a set of simple physical exercises for yourself, which you can do with pleasure at home. Then gradually connecting the so-called cardio loads, and these are dumbbells, swimming, cycling, running. Abdominal exercises will also help tighten the abdominal muscles.

Here are all the simple rules that will help a man get rid of a big beer belly, and give its owner self-confidence and add health.

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