Khimka is another form of marijuana

Khimka is another form of marijuana

There seems to be an infinite number of ways to use and abuse drugs. Sometimes the effect of a drug will be much more pronounced when, for example, it is injected into a vein instead of oral administration. Sometimes the appearance of certain effects and the nature of the effects of the drug will affect the way it is prepared. One of the typical examples of this kind of change that occurs during the preparation of a psychoactive substance is a drug known as AMF or “Khimka.” AMF is marijuana soaked in formaldehyde, which is dried before smoking. This description is first given in clinical literature in 1985 by Ivan Spector, a physician from the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.

In accordance with Spector’s description, which cites as examples of patients who applied for help after smoking, AMP identified serious psychiatric patients (phenomena and disorders. Some of them reported that they “suddenly felt as if a transparent wall had appeared between them and everyone around them “. Among the symptoms associated with intoxication of AMP, called delayed sense of time, memory impairment, disorientation, paranoid delusions, anxiety, shyness, ambiguity of thoughts, difficulties in reproducing reality and shivering. Physiological effects when using Khimki include high blood pressure, tachycardia, psychomotor agitation.

It will be instructive to tell a story about one incident that Spector watched. A 35-year-old woman, let’s call her Mrs D., was examined for three days after smoking Khimka. She felt anxious, constantly twitching, there was abundant salivation and frequent swallowing; her heart pounded so fast. All this followed soon after smoking of AMF. A few hours later, she felt a psychomotor inhibition, a sense of closure in herself, said she could not think clearly and lost all motivation, paranoid thoughts began to come to her mind. Mrs. D. also described hallucinations when walls in her blood appeared to her. Three days later, most of these signs disappeared, with the exception of anxiety and a shiver. She took the remedies for anxiety, and all the consequences were completely gone in three days.

The impact scenario in Mrs. D. was similar to the other evidence used by AMF given in the study, and we can draw two conclusions. The first is that any drug taken can be prepared in different ways, and the effects on the user will change. Secondly, a drug user may be in a situation where the drug being taken will not be what was intended to be taken. Some marijuana users reported that when they gave AMF to friends, the latter, before consuming, thought it was just marijuana.

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