Perhaps you will protest: “But isn’t DMT prohibited by law?”

Yes, today DMT in the USA is on the list No 1. The list No 1 is a list of substances without any indications for medical use at all. Even cocaine does not apply here. Psilocybin and DMT have been added to this list without any scientific evidence providing evidence of the benefits or harms of their use. In the paranoid atmosphere of the late 60s, the mere fact that these substances cause hallucinations was sufficient reason to classify them so restrictive that it discouraged even medical research.

Faced with such a hysterical “I don’t want to know anything”, we would not hurt to recall that at one time the anatomy of corpses was also forbidden by the church and declared sorcery. Modern anatomy was created by medical students visiting the battlefields or stealing corpses from the gallows. For the sake of improving the knowledge of the human body, they ran the risk of arrest and imprisonment. Shouldn’t we be just as bold in trying to push the boundaries of the known and the possible?

The mood of dominion was always rejected by change, as if they felt the possibility of such a change that would once and for all deprive them of their power. In the phenomenon of indole hallucinogens, this presumptive fear has generated abundant fruit – downright fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. To taste of him is to become like gods, and this will obviously mean the decline of the style of dominion. Any revival of the Archaic will hope for this.

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