Earlier in this blog, DMT was noted as a particularly interesting compound. What can be said about DMT experience and DMT in connection with our spiritual emptiness? Does he offer us any answers? Do the short-term tryptamines provide any analogy to the ecstasy of a partnership society before Eden became just a memory? And if they represent, what can be said about this?

Every time one thing impressed me in many of my breakthroughs into the world of hallucinogenic indoles, which, in general, remains unmentioned: the transformation of the ability to present and the language itself. The experience, exciting the whole being, slipping under the cover of ecstasy DMT, is felt as penetration through some kind of membrane. Mind and “I” literally unfold before our eyes. It feels as if it has been renewed, although it has not changed, as if it were made of gold and simply reforged into a new form in the crucible of its birth. The breathing is normal, the heartbeat is even, the mind is clear and observant. But what kind of world is this? What do feelings perceive?

Under the influence of DMT, the world becomes an Arab labyrinth, a palace, some more than possible Martian treasure, filled with motifs flooding the amazed mind with polysyllabic wordless delight. The color and sensation of the mystery that reveals reality literally permeates the whole experience. There is a feeling of other times, as well as their own childhood, miracle, miracle and miracle again. This is an audience with a stranger-nuncio. In the midst of this experience, obviously, at the end of human history, guard gates, which seem to open under the roaring whirlwind of an inexpressible interstellar void into Eternity.

Eternity, as Heraclitus remarked shrewdly, is a child playing with colored balls. “There are a lot of mini-entities – kids, self-transforming mechanical elves of hyperspace. Maybe these are children who are meant to be human to fathers? The impression of entering the ecology of souls hiding behind the portals of what we naively call death? I do not know. Perhaps they are the synesthetic embodiment of us as the Other or the Other as us? Or maybe elves lost to us with the extinction of the magical light of childhood? Here is a shock, which can hardly be expressed, an epiphany beyond our wildest dreams. Here is the kingdom of what is weirdest of all that we can to assume. Here the secret, alive, unscathed, is still as new to us as it was when our ancestors experienced it fifteen thousand years ago. Tryptamine essences offer the gift of a new language: they sing with pearl voices that are scattered with colored petals and spread in the air like hot metal to become toys and such gifts, which, probably, the gods gave to their children. The sensation of emotional connection is awesome and creepy. The revealed sacraments are real and, if one expresses in whole, they will not leave a stone unturned in that small world in which we have become so sick.

This is not some changeable world of UFOs caused by distant peaks; This is not the song of the sirens of the deceased Atlantis, sounding on the grounds of crazed America. DMT is not one of our irrational illusions. I am sure that what we perceive in the presence of DMT is genuine news. This is some kind of neighboring dimension, frightening, transformative, beyond the limits of our imagination and, nevertheless, accessible to ordinary research. We have to send fearless experts – whatever that implies – to research everything they find and make a report about it.

DMT, as mentioned earlier, is found as part of normal human neurometabolism and is the strongest of the naturally occurring indole hallucinogens. The extraordinary ease with which the DMT completely destroys all borders and transfers it to the inconceivable and irresistible dimension of the Other – this is literally one of the wonders of life itself. And the second is followed by this first miracle: the extraordinary ease and simplicity with which the system of enzymes of the human brain is recognized by DMT molecules in synapses. In just a few hundred seconds, these enzymes completely and without any harm deactivate DMT. The fact that normal levels of amines in the brain are restored so quickly after taking the strongest of all hallucinogenic indoles suggests that, perhaps,There was a long-standing joint evolutionary relationship between humans and hallucinogenic tryptamines.

Although psilocybin and psilocin, hallucinogenic indoles active in the fungus Stropharia cubensis related to cattle are not considered directly metabolized in DMT before they become active in the brain, nevertheless their pathway is more related to the neural pathway of DMT activity . And indeed, they can be active in the same synapses as DMT, although with a higher reactivity of the latter. The source of this difference is probably pharmacokinetic, that is, DMT can pass the blood-brain barrier more easily and, therefore, reach the site of activity in a shorter time. The affinity of these two compounds to the site of communication is approximately equal.

As mentioned earlier, the DMT study, especially in humans, was generally inadequate. When DMT was studied, it was administered by injection. This is the preferred procedure with the experimental substance, since you can know the exact dosage. However, in cases with DMT, this approach masked the unusual effect of “time reversal” that occurs when smoking DMT. Experiencing DMT with an intramuscular injection lasts about an hour. The peak of the experience, achieved when smoking, comes somewhere in a minute. In the Amazon, some tribes have a tradition of consuming DMT-containing plants. They consume the sap of Virola trees , related to nutmeg, or the ground and roasted seeds of the huge Anadenanthera peregrina. A commonly used method of activating indole is to inhale powdered plant material through the nose. This procedure is not done by yourself. The consumer has an assistant who blows the powder through a hollow, powder-filled reed, first into one, then into the other nostril. The apparent deliberation of this process leaves no doubt that the shamans of Amazonia learned what modern DMT researchers did not know, namely that the most effective way of consumption is adsorption through the nasal mucosa.

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