Defeating Work Stress

Every programmer, especially one working in a team, is exposed to stress during his working day. Document approvals, unexpected bugs, deadlines, meetings – there are many sources of stress. The ability to cope with stress, pressure is very important for human health. Stress destroys the body. I know someone who by the age of 50 was a complete wreck because he was not working in his place as a director and could not cope with all the stress. Inability to manage stress leads to schizophrenia, psychological problems, fat- overweight, depression, back pain (muscle clamped), but it is flowers, because after several years of stress can destroy internal organs, cause cancer or, as is often the case, multi-infarct dementia … Therefore, do not underestimate the ability to cope with stress, stress, psychological pressure. So what can you do.


Engaging in some enjoyable work that does not require agreement on TOR and achieve a result is an excellent stress therapy. You can draw, craft boats, cut furniture. Our own creations soothe and tune in to a peaceful mood. It is like childish affairs when we went to catch lizards or throw snowballs. The result was not particularly important, the process was the most important. From the point of view of an adult, seemingly meaningless things and stupid waste of time, but, nevertheless, a very useful activity for the soul and body. People who have hobbies (such as hunting or fishing) usually have strong self-esteem, are calm and tolerant of others. They seem to have found harmony. Perhaps, in a sense, it is.


You can practice yoga meditation. Yoga and taiji classes generally work great on the body if you practice every day and for at least a couple of years. But you can also meditate in a city-like manner – at a fountain, for example. We are looking for a fountain, sit in front of it and … relax. The water always running in a new way does not allow thoughts to come to mind and gradually the brain relaxes more and more. We sit like this for half an hour and now it’s good! In general, the main point in relaxation of the brain and body.

Laughter and positive

Laughter is a great medicine because it drives out all negative thoughts. In addition, while laughing, any man can legally cry, and this is mega-useful! We often have to take risks. It is necessary to think what will happen in case of failure. But not for long. Time for success, hour for failure! But often people cannot get rid of negative thoughts. Here you need to understand whether this is caused by an insufficient study of “ways to retreat”, or suspiciousness and not the ability to control oneself. In any case, the negative feeds on your energy, which you could spend on your loved ones.


Sleep is another best medicine. Can not sleep? Eat glycine. Give up 5 cups of coffee a day. From ginseng pills. Stay up late, set your alarm! One is remembered from the General Staff in the Second World War, he stayed up late (although Stalin hinted at him to be careful), so his heart once rose and only by a miracle he escaped (he managed to jump out of the window). So if you are a boss, then punish sleepy subordinates … or force them to take BS. Is sleep in the workplace a crime? I do not think so. At three o’clock, I just need 15 minutes of sleep. I will sleep either in my chair, or in the toilet, or somewhere else I will find a place for a thread. IMHO, there is nothing special about it, it is useful for you and for work.


Man is an animal … bridled by the will of reason. Think about how often you want to kill in a day or you think that you will be eaten (drop sociality). Therefore, it is so good for a person in a shooting range where you can shoot from a firearm. There you can kill all your enemies. Cold steel, bolt cocking, pulling the trigger, broads – a peremptory, ultimatum hole in the cardboard. Another mega-useful thing is a boxing bag. The Japanese put them out in the offices. If you have never been hit, then try at first slowly, lightly. You will see that in 10-20 seconds you will start to beat like a hooho. It is an incredibly revitalizing, awakening and cleansing feeling when you hit something soft with all your strength until you get tired and even a little. I would put it in all offices.


The seed is an absolute beauty, therefore, when a person looks at trees, leaves, flowers, grass, he feels good. Nature is natural, it relaxes, removes superficial thoughts, restores animal strength. But mind you not to drink. Alcohol is the enemy of relaxation!

Health therapy

Massage and aromatherapy. What can I say. A good massage will lift a corpse too. Good aromatherapy will change black to white. It is worth remembering this more often.

Physical Education

What is good, for example, a rocking chair. Yes, sway, try for an hour, sip on all these metals – there is such a growth of harmonies that mommy does not cry. After rocking, any stress is fine. In general, everything is pofik, you go like a tank, at least spit testosterone. And he just helps to keep heavy loads. So if you want to improve your level – go in for physical education. Here you still need to decide when to study. Many people do not like it after work, because it is difficult to concentrate, many people like it. Try morning or midnight.

Feng Shui

The most important rule of feng shui is not to make landfills. Let everything lie in its place, everything brought into order, then the energy around the house will circulate without delay. But home is almost the same as your body. Make your workplace cozy, bring a flower, or put up figurines of your favorite characters. Let this be your territory. At home, furniture can be annoying. Do not endure, you need to rearrange. Plus it’s fun.


Dancing through the night. A favorite pastime for girls. We guys dance too, if it’s already brought into a nightclub. It is not necessary to dance using learned movements, this is nonsense, we are not on stage. If you are in a bad mood or just a lack of energy, then start moving as your body wants. Let it look like the death of the “controller” from Stalker, what do you care? Follow the desires of the body and change the dance in accordance with them. Gradually, he will come to the usual cheerful and exciting. You will dance for an hour and have already come to life, refreshed, recovered, positively charged. Where’s the stress? He is not here.


To increase health, it is useful to meditate on a stone, imagine yourself as a stone, touch a stone. Accordingly, working with the earth increases health. People died from stress and went to the garden, grow a rose or tomatoes, and this saved them. This is both a hobby, that is, a pleasant process for yourself, as you like, and communication with nature and work with Mother Earth.


We need to do a bunch of things every day, we run somewhere all the time and do not have time, we constantly need to be focused, we need to filter out a huge pile of information. To be able to relax, be able to rest, be able to recover is critically important for a successful life in modern society, especially for people of mental labor. I hope at least one of the tips will be useful to you, which is already good, and based on it you can build your relaxation strategy.

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