The call for the revival of Archaic is a battle call for the return of our birthright, however inconvenient it may seem to us. This is a call for understanding that life without psychedelic experience, on which primordial shamanism was based, is life that has become trivial, rejected, enslaved by the “ego” and its fear of dissolving in that mysterious matrix of feelings that represents everything that surrounds us. It is in the revival of the Archaic that we are actually resolving the historical dilemma.

Moreover, today it is clear that new improvements in many areas – including in the border area of ​​consciousness / technology, in pharmacology of various kinds of synthetic means, in data storage, figurative symbolism and methods of searching for information – are accumulating into the potential of creating truly demonic or the angelic image of our culture. Those who are on the demonic side of this process are fully aware of this potential and are rushing forward in their plans to capture technical heights. This position, having appeared in which, they hope to turn almost all into gullible consumers. In this society of brown fascism, no one can escape the factory of “images”.

The shamanic answer, the Archaic answer, the human answer to this situation should be to find the lever of art and put pressure on it to the end. This is one of the primary functions of shamanism, and this function is perfectly synergized by psychedelics. If psychedelics are exopheromones that dissolve the dominant “ego”, then they are also enzymes that synergize the human imagination and empower the tongue. They make us connect and reorganize the contents of the collective mind in an increasingly amazing, beautiful and naturally practiced way.

If we are serious about reviving the Archaic, then we need a new paradigm that would quickly move us forward through this difficult historical moment that makes it harder and more obstructive, as we feel, to the emergence of a more open, more humane, more caring dimension that seeks to be born. Our sense of political duty, the need for transfiguration or the salvation of the collective soul of humanity, our desire to link the end of history with its beginning — all this should prompt us to look at shamanism as a kind of exemplary model. In the present state of the planetary crisis, we cannot fail to take its methods seriously, even those that can shake our divinely prescribed police covenants.

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