Running: a good sport for the IT pros or how to start running

Everyone knows that IT specialists, for the most part, lead a sedentary lifestyle. They spend almost all their working time at their 5th point. This is clearly not beneficial to health. And if we take into account the fact that the diet of an average IT specialist is quite harmful to the body, then as a result everyone is expected: overweight, muscle atrophy, and all sorts of “minor troubles” (like hemorrhoids and impotence). In this article I will tell you about the benefits of regular physical activity, about jogging, what it is good for, and most importantly – how to start doing it. Regular physical activity is necessary and beneficial.

The average IT specialist does not receive enough physical activity at work, this is a fact. He does not carry refrigerators to the 9th floor without an elevator, does not carry bags of cement at a construction site, does not run after a mammoth in the hope of a delicious dinner. So over time, he only “heals” and “deflates”. I think this is felt by everyone who is not yet involved in sports for any reason, be it a lack of time, laziness, or confusion. If the desire nevertheless arises, then along with it the question arises – which sport to choose? P.S. Regular jogging can help you lose weight effectively.

Why is running good? Many IT people are loners. They are thoughtful, thoughtful, and never prone to excessive communication. In general, “in themselves”, such recluse. Excellent! Running will suit them perfectly in spirit! In the process of running, you can get distracted from pressing problems, dream, listen to your favorite music, think over some plans, or simply turn off your brain. You don’t have to think “how many approaches to do and with what weight”, make a serious face or try to look “cool”.

Note: – You can go jogging at any convenient time: morning, evening or afternoon. – It doesn’t need a specific “section”, fitness club, or gym. – You can run alone, and with someone, this will not affect the result. Learn more about running. Jogging is not a fast run at 7-9 kilometers per hour. This is not a sprint, in the process you will not get very tired and think “damn why did I start this”, the whole process will be pleasant and unobtrusive. At the same time, this is a great way to keep yourself in good shape (almost all muscles of the human body work when running).

Running can also help refresh your brain and help you get distracted. In the distant 80s, running was extremely popular. However, over time, its shortcomings also came to light. It is not harmless. Running on a hard surface (if you do not follow the technique), the runner receives a microshake for all internal organs with every step, which can be very dangerous and even fatal. It turned out in those days when one of the runners died while running (by the way, the action was held under the slogan “Running from a heart attack”). Since then, this slogan has been curtailed, and they began to preach the correct approach to this sport. But more on that later.

Thick = sick! Or how to lose weight

Geektimes is a resource for it professionals. Long sitting at the computer (that is, a sedentary lifestyle), snacks, biting, fast food, on-the-job lunches and other companions of this lifestyle often lead to excess weight. In view of my gender, this problem, perhaps, worries me more than males, so for myself I figured out something. I want to share my knowledge and experience with others. I do not pretend to be true, I have no medical education. Not criticism is welcome, but useful advice.

An important addition is that there are diseases (most often associated with hormonal disruptions in the body) in which it will not work to lose weight with proper nutrition and sports. In this case, let one go to the doctor and the sooner the better – these are very dangerous diseases.

First, I’ll explain why fat = sick . Overweight people are the first on the way to diabetes mellitus, hypertension (and it leads to heart attacks and strokes – “leaders” among the causes of death), diseases of the musculoskeletal system (muscles do not develop, and the load on bones due to high weight only grows ). Often, food seizes stress, then they get upset looking at themselves in the mirror, again seize this disorder and so on in a circle. Often fat people do not like themselves – and this is already a psychological problem. How to understand if you are overweight or not? The most common “home” methods – calculating body mass index (BMI) = body weight in kg / (height in meters) 2 For example, my BMI – 50 / 1.62 * 1.62 = 19 Norm – from 18.5 to 25 (very average ). In my opinion, girls with an index of 24-25 are overweight, but this does not critically affect their health.

The second way – many ordinary scales consider the% body fat. Doctors in fitness centers (that is, not gurus of dietetics and all that) consider it in simple programs like this (link taken from Wikipedia) . Specifically, about this link – the indicators of kilocalories for a person there are some too cruel, I would not focus on them. What happens in the body, where does the fat come from? There are 2 processes in the body – lipolysis (breakdown of fats) and lipogenesis (their accumulation). How to turn on lipogenesis? As easy as shelling pears – eat a cake (sweet + fatty), eat a big mac and wash it down with cola (the same). There is a lot of insulin in the blood (due to sugar) and a lot of fatty acids. + 10-15 grams of belly fat. This is the simplest example, there are others, but in principle, the knowledge that fat + sugar (or other simple carbohydrates – those that are absorbed quickly) will give 100% weight gain is enough. For stability (that is, maintaining weight), it is necessary to prevent sharp jumps in blood sugar, eat slow carbohydrates, do not drink Big Macs with cola. But for weight loss, this is not enough. What ways are there for losing weight? First is fasting . Perhaps only under the supervision of a doctor, because your body will simply slow down the metabolism to the utmost, which is fraught with a huge number of possible adverse consequences. Yes, there are examples when people from 200 kg threw off up to 120 kg while starving, but (in my opinion) if your excess weight is less than 50 kg, you shouldn’t even think about it. And if you consume less than the baseline level of kilocalories per day (for women about 700-900, for men 1000-1200) – you are starving! It is also known from the school biology course that our body can make fat from proteins and carbohydrates (which is why special lovers of rigid mono-diets can gain weight from salad), but it cannot make anything from fat.

Or leave it as it is or use it up for energy. 1 gram of fat = 8-9 calories. 10 kg of fat – 85,000 kilocalories, divided by 30 days (in a month) – 2833 kilocalories per day. This is aerobic exercise every day for 4-5 hours (which is unrealistic for a full and poorly trained person). Secondly, physical activity . Everything is pretty simple here. Muscles are made up of fibers that contract. To reduce them, energy is needed, energy is taken from the ATP molecule, to replenish the supply of ATP, the body needs glucose (glycogen is a chain of glucose molecules).

What we need is for the body to receive glucose by the oxidation process (there are other faster, but not relevant processes), which is why the loads should be aerobic . And oxidation is a rather lengthy process (that’s why they say that fat is “burned” after 30 minutes of jogging or other type of exercise). That’s why you won’t lose weight from jerking barbells, and yes from cycling. The logical conclusion is that in order to lose weight, you need to load muscles, but at the same time adhere to certain nutritional rules. In methods of losing weight, I do not mention diets, since mono-diets (10 days on kefir / buckwheat / rice) are starvation and violence against the body, and I want to consider diets as ways of eating later. About what, how, how much and when to eat, as well as how to physically load myself, I want to tell you in the following parts. If the topic is interesting, I can tell you about some tricks for losing weight.

Sleep a little, but right?

Inspired by this post from user case . The post is not new, and it did not get on the main page. But I just came across it today and decided to write something about sleep. I am sure that it will be useful for many Habrav residents, and for casual readers too.


I live in the region, study in the center of Moscow. I study 5-6 days a week, often classes start at 8-30. One way trip takes 2-3 hours (bus + metro or train + metro). I was very bothered by 2 things in this routine.

1) Most of the life of the day is spent on the road (on average 5 hours a day), in which neither study nor hobby can do anything. Only listen to music. The schedule woke up-left-learned-arrived-lessons-sleep (lessons can be deleted) did not suit me at all, but there was no time or energy left for another.

2) You have to get up early and go to bed late – in order to get at least something in time. Often by the end of the week I was kept on by coffee and energy drinks. Terrible. Of course there are different solutions to the problem, but they were all rejected. The conditions in the hostel are terrible, renting an apartment is not cheap, I like the university, but I want to live a full life. Thus, I came to the conclusion that problem

1) can be solved if you sleep less (there will be more free time), and problem

2) can be solved (hello captain) by getting better sleep (from the word sleep, and not falling) . Oddly enough, I found out that both problems can be solved at the same time. I studied a certain amount of literature, and came to the program, which I have been following for more than a year, since then I have been sleeping 5-6 hours a day (when it is required, and often it is required – 3-4 hours). At the same time, I feel great, I get up easily in the morning, I haven’t drank coffee or energy drinks for a year. The head and muscles are fresh at 10 and 11 pm. I would like to share with you what I am doing. For the lazy: the main ideas are in bold For the moderately curious: you can read the whole huge number of letters. For those very interested: I have written a little and only the basic. For more information use other Goojje sources. UPD: in general, the article was written from memory and “notes”, but here are a few books that definitely influenced me: 40 Sleep Hacks: The Geek’s Guide to Optimizing Sleep Kacper M. Postawski – How To Sleep Less … I will try to adhere to a certain structure narration to make it easy to perceive all the information. Plan. 1. GENERAL THEORY OF SLEEP (as well as well-known misconceptions about sleep) 2. MY REGIME OF THE DAY (compiled, using all sorts of articles, brochures and even one serious book) 3. FIGHT WITH INSOMNIA (a common cause of lack of sleep) + what can not and can be done before sleep. 4. CONCLUSION AND WARNING I recommend starting with the second part, leaving the first for last if you find the rest interesting.

Push-up strength


The idea to share this simple yet very effective exercise came from reading this topic. After reading it, I realized that running may be suitable for many. But looking at the puddles, wind and rain outside the window five days a week, I doubted that it was suitable for everyone. Therefore, I want to talk about push-ups, how they are better, from my point of view, known standard physical exercises (pull-ups, squats), to create physical activity during the day.

I will make a reservation right away that I am not an expert and all of the following is my personal experience and views.

Initial data

8-10 hours at the computer, lack of desire to go anywhere to the gym due to the distance, affordable (an hour’s drive – in total, two hours one way in both directions) and the high cost of a subscription for those nearby.

A task

Provide physical activity during the day with the least expenditure of time and moral effort over oneself, a quick effect is a feeling of muscle tension.

Solution – push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most famous exercises, along with squats and pull-ups. However, in comparison with its “colleagues”, in my opinion, it has a number of indisputable advantages. Namely:

  • Push-ups do not require any equipment, except for a clean floor and comfortable clothes. The same pull-ups require a horizontal bar. This means that you can do push-ups almost anywhere – for example, I do it even in the office (in an empty meeting room :))
  • Push-ups work an amazing amount of muscle. There are numerous examples of this on YouTube (for example, here ). In particular, while maintaining the correct body position, the press works, and push-ups thereby ensure the pumping of the press. I personally do 30-50 with wide arms, and then 10-20 on fists with close elbows near the body – one might say, “narrow grip”, and plus 20 each with raising one leg – loads the legs very robust.
  • Push-ups immediately give the feeling that the muscles are working. Unlike squats, you can sit down 100 times and not get tired, after all, we work with our legs more in life (at least walk) than with our hands. Here we can say that squatting on one leg or jumping will also quickly get tired – but the whole point of push-ups is that you don’t need to pervert for a greater load (for example, squatting, standing on our toes – as we were trained in dancing), but just change hand and / or leg positions. And here – speed. With a good load, 5 minutes of push-ups 3-5 times with a break per minute relieves stress very well. In general – looking up from the computer, I pause for 20 push-ups!
  • Push-ups are very affordable. For people who are overweight, pulling up is usually problematic, and psychologically difficult – 3-5 times and no longer wants to try again. And push-ups are easier, you just have to choose the position of the hands.
  • Push-ups are less traumatic. Also an important factor. The same squats are fraught with various injuries of the knee joints when overdoing it – although this can be attributed to common bikes.

Technique details

The technique is covered in sufficient detail on the Internet. For example, push-ups are well described here and here .

What’s next

After push-ups, you can already buy dumbbells and perform sets of exercises with them. Or maybe do something more serious. Push-ups are good for starting in my opinion!

You give more healthy and physically strong IT specialists!

I would be glad if the article helped someone to start studying.

UPD: As soon as you feel the taste, it will be possible to add squats and other exercises to load all muscle groups. Aerobic exercise is also shown – the same running, swimming, cycling – for all-round development. In the article, I just wanted to urge you to start exercising and feel the thrill of exercise – after all, the first step is so important, isn’t it?

Pull-up strength

Through this article, we learned how to run. From here we learned how to do push-ups correctly. It’s time to learn how to pull up correctly, especially since it is not at all difficult and will not interfere at all for general physical development.

Pull-ups are no worse than push-ups or squats, all these exercises affect different groups of muscles and are all useful in their own way.
In order to pull yourself up, you need to buy a horizontal bar and have a desire to physically develop.
It is best to start with some experience of charging and motivation. I really liked the advice of the mother of one of the Khabrakhabrovtsy: “You guys, if you load yourself with strength exercises (push-ups, squats, pull-ups, iron deadlifts) without training (daily) stamina (running, swimming, cycling at least), you will become“ indoor pitching ”and with a high degree of probability do push-ups to hypertension. You have to at least walk a lot, let alone rush from one extreme to another, now sitting on a chair, now writhing on the floor – that’s not the point. ”

Well, in addition to the possibility of getting hypertension or something worse, you can still be very disappointed in yourself. For example, when I had not yet begun to do exercises regularly, I barely pulled myself up once, and even then, somehow . Therefore, some kind of “physical base” is simply necessary. Start pushing up, running, squatting, walking more, and after a week you can try yourself in pull-ups.

Why pull-ups?

  • They are useful for a large number of muscles (muscles of the forearm, biceps brachii, brachialis, long head of the traceps, pectoral and latissimus muscles, trapezius, serratus, round muscles of the back, posterior head of the deltoid and rhomboid muscles);
  • Perfect for people with posture disorders and problems with the spine (and in fact many IT people have such problems);
  • Doesn’t require going to the gym. The bar can be bought or found in any yard, on the sports field.
  • Improves well-being and tone the whole body;
  • They take a minimum of time (it is enough to set aside 5-10 minutes for a workout).

The main types of pull-ups

Direct grip

The most common option, but not the easiest one.
The muscles of the back, biceps, flexors of the forearm and shoulder muscles are mainly involved.
To perform, grab the crossbar shoulder-width apart, cross your legs (if it is more convenient) and try to touch the crossbar with the top of your chest (or at least your chin), then fully straighten out and repeat the possible number of times.

Reverse grip

An easier option, but no less common. I recommend starting with it.
The main focus is on the biceps (which are more pumped up in beginners than the shoulder muscles, which are needed for a straight grip).

It is performed in the same way as a direct grip, only with the palms facing you.

Wide grip

And this is the most difficult option presented. Difficult in terms of muscle load and execution.
The trapezoidal and latissimus dorsi muscles are involved.
Move your hands 10-20 cm from shoulder level (the further, the more difficult). Pull up, trying to touch the crossbar with your chest, preferably looking up.

For newbies in pull-ups, I advise you to start with a reverse grip, gradually training in a straight one. When you reach 3-4 reverse grip pull-ups, I advise you to try the lats.

Types of horizontal bars

There are 2 types:

Door (inserted into the door opening)

+ Cheaper;
+ Easier to install.

– Less comfortable (given the specifics of most buildings, there is a very high chance of getting a bump on your head when pulling up);
– No wide grip handles.

Do I need cacti near the computer

I’ve always been interested in this. Coming to visit someone and seeing two or more thorny guards guarding a proudly standing monitor, he usually said, “Do you believe in this?” scientists around the world all as one exclaim “So it was true! Well done, he who has a cactus, and who does not, will soon die. ”

Myths and beliefs

Like any religious movement, “cactus lovers” must believe in something. And it is desirable that this be difficult to prove. Let’s start with ionization . As the wiki tells us

Ionization is the endothermic process of the formation of ions from neutral atoms or molecules.

I remind this just in case. Gas ions are called Aeroions .
Air ions, besides the fact that they are positive and negative, are divided into light, medium and heavy ions. In free form (at atmospheric pressure), an electron exists for no more than 10-8 seconds.

These heaviest aerions are those that, due to their charge, “stick” to small particles, dust, dirt, etc. And these very dust and dirt themselves become charged and stick everywhere, and especially to us. Of course, I simplified and reduced everything, but I hope I conveyed the meaning. On the Internet, sellers of all kinds of ionizers are closely related to this topic, so opinions differ in the algorithms for influencing the body. By the way, the Wikipedia article on depression mentions the study “Goel N, Terman M, Terman JS, Macchi MM, Stewart JW. A randomized controlled trial of the efficacy of bright light and negatively charged air ions in chronic depression. “There it is in the original (shortened of course). As a result of research, as far as I can understand my English, the condition of patients from phototherapy improved by 53.7% and from ionotherapy by 51.1%. Therefore, ventilate the premises and do not close the curtains – and you will not have any depressions. But I was distracted by something. Yes, and this is not our topic, we are talking about cacti. So, supporters of the theory of zago cacti tell us that the thorns of a cactus are located like in a Chizhevsky chandelier , thereby passively ionizing the air and adding life to us. Let’s see. Here is her simple drawing:

And what seems to be like a cactus. It was not so! There is a wonderful article (by the way, I borrowed a picture from there) on how to make this very chandelier with your own hands. And it clearly says:
To the “chandelier” connect “-” of a power source with a voltage of at least 25 kV. Only with such a voltage is sufficient “vitality” of air ions ensured, their ability to penetrate into the lungs of a person is preserved.

And the high voltage converter circuit . Now, if we solder such a circuit and connect a power source of at least 25 kV to the cactus, then we can safely put such a high-tech cactus near the monitor. This was perhaps the most believable myth, which under the pressure of evidence (hopefully) destroyed. The rest of the myths tell us that plants collect negative energy, they remember when a cat wrote in them and who exactly from a big family broke off a petal from a newly opened flower. Although it may not myths, who knows … That here by the way there is an active discussion of the usefulness of cacti. Particularly touching is an article copied from somewhere that cacti, in order for them to work, need to be put in a “pentagram”. Although, again, who knows, maybe in a few years scientists … 🙂

Somehow it’s all unconvincing

Then let’s google a little more. And we find an article by Artem Platonov about “a cactus in front of the monitor.” It turns out that not only I am concerned about this issue, but you probably already thought that I was the only one so paranoid. Let me quote something (we are talking about CRT monitors):

The radiation value of any monitor at any point of the body or screen does not exceed 10 μR / h (microroentgen per hour). The value of the natural radioactive background of the Earth is 10-15 μR / h, depending on the region. So, as you can see, the amount of radiation from the screen is no more than natural radioactivity. So, from this point of view, monitors are clean, like mountain air.
That is why staging a cactus in front of a monitor to protect it from X-rays is similar to staging a portrait of Karl Marx or 45-gauge ski orthopedic boots. This brings absolutely no benefit, except for aesthetic pleasure (if at all someone is able to admire ski boots).

The size of the boots, as I understand it, also does not affect the effect of them. Although, given the fact that the electron gun is increasingly seen in museums, nursing homes and offices with very greedy bosses, we have nothing to fear at all.

Where did this nonsense about cactus come from then?

In the same article, the author tells us this secret:
In the 1990s, Fido already had a conference devoted to the discussion of monitors. Once a heated discussion ensued there on the discussion of screen filters – which one is better. Of course, the disputants did not come to a common opinion and quarreled. And one of the participants, at that time the editor-in-chief of “Computerra”, in order to defuse the situation, sent a message: “Well, you still put a cactus in front of the monitor to reduce radiation :)”.
This message was accidentally read by some dimwitted correspondent of a provincial newspaper, and soon published a long article on the benefits of cacti for protecting health from harmful radiation from computers. In turn, several central tabloid newspapers reprinted this “revolutionary” material one after another. And away we go …

I hope it was like that, because I didn’t see the glorious times of fido 🙁

Why then smear the keyboard with greasy fingers?

Here’s why. I remembered my not very distant childhood, and specifically the lessons of computer science. Our computer scientist (if you are reading Habr, I hope you remember me with a kindly quiet word) often liked to bow out of the topic and tell us all sorts of interesting things. And then he told us once that laser printers and copiers emit ozone when printing , because after printing there is such a fresh smell as after a thunderstorm. Ozone is essentially a triatomic oxygen molecule, very aggressive and not very beneficial to health. Almost like caries. There are even special ozone filters for office equipment. And in the course of my googling research, I came across the news that a group of scientists had conducted research, as a result of which it turned out that plants (and cacti as well) have the property of converting this very ozone back into oxygen. Yes, I, too, do not excite the phrase “British scientists have found out,” because (as above) will give pruflink: that’s the most journal HortTechnology short content of the study. To read the full one, you need to buy a magazine, respectively. There are also the names of the people who researched it, and the places where they came from. So, if you have a laser at home, then you should just put some ficus or cactus next to it. And ventilate more often.

Smoker experience

Posted on November 7, 2020  in Medical news

Quitting smoking is unlikely to help, but not to start smoking can and will stimulate. But this is not for those who smoke and do not see any need to quit. As the saying goes, smoke is healthy.

Common myths about smoking

– Smoking helps you lose weight . Complete nonsense. I’ve seen crowds of fat women who smoked for years, but didn’t get any thinner. This also applies to men. – Smoking helps to change the voice (in particular, make it more masculine, rude). I often heard this from young people with a high-pitched voice, uncharacteristic for men. Smoking does have this effect, but too slowly. You will have to wait until old age. It is not worth it. Personally, my voice has not changed in 4 years.

– Smoking stimulates mental activity . It really is. The action lasts from 5 to 20 minutes. But for example, Glycine tablets provide much safer brain support and longer lasting effects, are very cheap, and taste good. – Smoking increases the intoxicating effect of alcohol , but this will have to pay off with a more powerful hangover syndrome. – There is a widespread belief among young people that smoking allows you to increase your status in the eyes of more influential persons, which are available in all schools. So, in order to quit smoking you will need no less courage than in other ways to prove to other people that you are no worse than them. – “I’m not going to smoke, I’ll just try”

… This is what I told myself before I started my four-year fight with smoking.
– “You don’t smoke or drink and you will die healthy . ” Have you ever heard? My grandfather smoked all his life and recently died of lung cancer. I saw this. I’m not actually going to die, but in this context, I want to die healthy.

Experienced recommendations

The most difficult thing is not to quit. “It’s easy to quit smoking,” Mark Twain used to say, “I know, I’ve quit many times.” The first three months are the most difficult, but after this period the obsessive desire to smoke passes. Those who smoke know that the first desire in the morning is to smoke. Throwing is accompanied by an increase in appetite, the body begins to require a lot of water, the person becomes very irritable, unrestrained, may be accompanied by reddening of the eyes, darkening of saliva and urine (the body is cleansed). Insomnia and growing self-esteem. During the period of throwing, it is recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol, since at such moments the desire to smoke increases. Special tablets “Bullfighting” are very helpful, they are in all pharmacies, they cost a penny, they must be taken when you want to smoke. It tastes nasty. After them, it’s not like smoking, you don’t want anything at all. The main thing is not to forget to take with you, it is better to stock up on several packs, put in your pockets in everything you wear. Alternatively, avoid smokers, so as not to remind and seduce again. By the way, the water required by the body also helps a lot, take a glass on the chest as soon as there is a desire to smoke, in the sense of smoking. Caution! Victory over smoking is, of course, a success, but you should not relax. Be on the lookout. The more experience a smoker has, the longer this habit will remind of itself even after years. Just one smoked cigarette will restore the “memory” of your body, and you have to start all over again. The urge to smoke will be as strong as before. But unlike last time, self-confidence will live in you. Consequences When I quit smoking, the sensations were amazing, complete freedom, clean breathing, healthy and clean teeth (in five years I once visited the dentist, not a single hole, naturally, I clean my teeth every day in the morning and in the evening, when I smoked, I went to the dentist every six months and every time he drilled something for me), I really felt an improvement in well-being and health, shortness of breath disappeared, I rarely get sick (for comparison, I used to get very often sick and felt weak, depressed), my complexion became natural, acne disappeared, improved memory and speed of thinking, I already wrote about self-esteem, you feel like a man. I’m not even talking about such trifles as clothes and hands that do not stink of tobacco, about the fact that 3 hours a day is not lost from life (the usual norm for a smoker is a pack of cigarettes a day, each one takes a little less than 10 minutes to smoke, who smokes faster, flag in hand, I personally liked the process itself, and not just the effect or satisfaction of desire) and that your soul mate is much more pleasant to kiss with you, and I am already silent about the fact that your future children are more likely to be born healthy (if you don’t have children yet, by the way, as far as parents are concerned: if you smoke and teach your children that it’s bad, it’s useless, it’s all the same that a bald man needs a personal example to advertise a hair growth product. This, of course, does not guarantee, that the children will follow in your footsteps, so to speak, but the probability will be significantly reduced). Personally, the last point stimulated me 100%, especially after visiting the kuntz-chamber, where I saw a collection of jars with alcohol-laden freak children of smoking parents. It would be nice to know your personal experience. Here, by and large, only mine is presented.

D hildren and computer

Posted on November 3, 2020  in Medical news

I don’t think I’ll say anything new, but nevertheless, some information can be very useful. Especially for parents who are worried about the health of their child.

Surely no one will argue for sure that the computer affects vision quite negatively. In any case, when he is busy with work related to eye strain, the eyes quickly get tired, maybe even begin to water. The problem of people who work with computers can be compared to truckers who are on the road for a long time. Or also people who, in one way or another, should not tear themselves away from the book. The explanation is simple – the muscles that control the work of the eyes and focus them on a specific object are simply tired of overloading. Eyes can potentially get tired of any work that involves sight, but it is greatest where it is required to consider an object at close range.

The problem is further exacerbated if such activity is associated with the use of high-brightness devices, for example, the same computer monitor. Television has less effect on muscle fatigue, as the distance is usually quite acceptable. In children, and also to a lesser extent in adolescents, eyes especially often get tired, since they are not yet fully strengthened, they continue to grow. Therefore, parents should limit the time of playing CS and WoW :). As every parent can attest, these consequences are not necessarily limited to computer use. When children overdo it in any activity, they often become irritable, for example after completing lessons for a long time. If your child is more excited than usual, and there is no other obvious reason for this, then this may well be due to his long stay at the computer.

An overuse of the computer can also exacerbate pre-existing vision problems. Many children suffer from mild visual impairment, which can be regarded as minor problems. Over time, vision correction will be required here, but medical intervention may be avoided until adolescence or adulthood. But if children are too keen on the computer, spend all their free time playing games, then this minor problem can develop into something more that will require correction at an early age. Fortunately, most of these problems can be easily avoided with parental controls.

Here are some simple guidelines:

1. Limit the amount of time your child spends at the computer without interruption. It is recommended to take a short break every 15-20 minutes of working at the monitor. Better to limit the working time per day to 1-1.5 hours. The ideal discharge can be some kind of physical activity that does not require eye strain. Some experts offer eye exercises to help children avoid computer-related problems. It can be such simple exercises as, for example, tracking objects moving in the field of view, or concentration of sight on distant objects, a sharp change in distance from distant objects to near ones and vice versa. 2. It is also not bad to diversify the nature of the child’s activities at the computer. For example, games can be alternated with reading texts. Such alternation will require completely different behavior from young eyes with different behavior of objects on the screen and will prevent their rapid fatigue caused by prolonged concentration of vision on the same one. Another way to reduce the risk of visual impairment is to choose a good monitor, preferably with a high resolution. They are always more comfortable for our eyes than low-resolution monitors. 3. If, nevertheless, you and your children are going to sit at the computer for a long time, then you need to have a high-definition display. It is very important to take measures to reduce reflections from the monitor. Bright or uneven lighting in a room can cause unpleasant reflections on the screen. Possible solutions to this problem are to turn off the overhead lighting, draw up the curtains on windows that let in too much light, and rotate the monitor so that there are no bright light sources directly in front of it or behind it. If you are worried about reflections from the monitor or its own brightness, then you can install a special anti-glare screen in front of it. If, despite all these precautions, your child still complains of a headache, if his eyes become inflamed and itchy, or if he suddenly has difficulty reading or other school activities, if he becomes agitated or aggressive, then you it is necessary to show it to an ophthalmologist. Do not forget to mention that you have a computer at home and tell how much time your child spends at it. It is very important. The doctor can prescribe special exercises for the eyes or choose glasses for the child, designed specifically for working at the average distance, typical for a computer.

Internet addiction treatment

Posted on October 30, 2020  in Medical news

It is not surprising that the treatment of Internet addiction has become part of the income of psychologists and psychiatrists , as there are more and more people with an unhealthy craving for the World Wide Web. Both men and women, both young (to a greater extent) and adult citizens, suffer from Internet addiction, and their number is only growing every year. The inability to independently get rid of Internet addiction leads those who did not know about such negative consequences of the online life of users to medical institutions, where they are treated for mental disorders that have become a manifestation of Internet addiction, and not from Internet addiction, since the diagnosis of Internet addiction is world practice does not yet exist.

For the first time the term ” Internet addiction ” was used by the American psychiatrist Ivan Goldberg in 1994. Goldberg did not put into this concept a medical meaning, as if it were a question of addiction to drugs or alcohol, but such behavior, which is accompanied by a low level of self-control, stress and threatens to displace normal life. The term stuck, although it was originally introduced by a psychiatrist in the form of joke.

However, if the international community has not yet fully realized the scale of the disaster, in some countries Internet addiction is officially recognized as a disease and its treatment is sometimes very radical. For example, in China, where the first clinic for the treatment of Internet addiction appeared back in 2005, patients are prescribed electroshock – a device that applies a voltage of thirty volts to the body.

When contacting a clinic, Chinese specialists first diagnose whether a person has addiction. Further, drug treatment, acupuncture and physical activity are prescribed. In such clinics, a strict routine is established for patients: for 10-15 days (this is how long the treatment lasts on average), a person gets up at six in the morning, goes in for sports , sings songs of praise, drinks antidepressants and receives electric shocks. Also in China there are special barracks-type camps for adolescents under 18 years old. Their parents bring them there for up to six months. All this time, adolescents addicted to the Internet are on the territory of the centers, study construction training and, like adults, are treated with electric discharges.

Such a treatment for Internet addiction does not find understanding in the world, and even some local doctors are against the use of electric shock, especially when it comes to treating children: “ Such methods are too cruel and, on the contrary, cause deep psychological trauma to children , nevertheless, they are used everywhere. There are many internet addiction treatment clinics in China today. Most of them are practically not controlled by anyone and are not professional , ”says Tao Hongkai, a famous Chinese psychologist from Beijing .

In Finland, a dependence on the Internet are posniskhoditelney even provide a respite from military conscription: ” For teenagers, day and night playing online games, and have instead of real friends only page in facebook Service can be a great shock in the army “, – says one from the military leaders of Finland, Jirki Kivela .

The world’s first support center for Internet addicts was the center created by the most famous and respected researcher in this field – Kimberly Young, professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh Bratford ), the author of the book “Caught on the Net” translated into many languages. She created in 1995, the Center ( Center for the On-Line Addiction – advises not only ordinary people but also to corporations, educational institutions and psychiatric hospitals.

In Russia, the treatment of Internet addiction is also carried out, but the list of clinics involved in the rehabilitation of such patients is limited to Moscow and St. Petersburg. The point is that only a few are treated. Because the majority of addicts either do not consider themselves as such, or try to fight their addiction on their own. This is what Konstantin Blokhin, a psychiatrist at the Mental Health clinic, says about this: “Even though I have not been working in the clinic for very long, I don’t remember a single appeal from people dependent on the Internet . The doctor also explains that with such a diagnosis, the same methods are used as in the treatment of drug addiction – psychotherapy, active physical exercise and reflexology.

“ Today, Russian centers use two methods of treating computer addiction: psychotherapy and psychopharmacotherapy . If the first involves treatment without medication, then the second is taking psychotropic drugs (antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs) and using droppers, ”says Dmitry Fedotov, psychiatrist at the SPO Center clinic.

If in your city there are no specialized medical institutions dealing with the treatment of Internet addiction (although in most cases a qualified psychologist will help) or you simply think that you can throw off the shackles of Internet slavery on your own, you need to know where to start. Advice on methods of getting rid of Internet addiction will be useful for preventing this unhealthy addiction.

Development stages of internet addiction

Posted on October 26, 2020  in Medical news

At the first stage, the user gets acquainted with the Internet, learns about its capabilities and chooses a suitable virtual reality option for himself. Gradually, a person forms his own style on the network, which makes up for that lack of communication or information that he lacks in real life.

  1. Further, there is a distance from real life, the user begins to spend more and more time in the reality that he chose at the previous stage. The time spent online is increasing … Also, at the second stage of the formation of Internet addiction, when a person stops using the Internet to achieve life goals, these goals are transferred to virtual reality. For example, some people use the knowledge gained on the Web in life, others share this knowledge right there on the Internet, using selfish goals (in a good way), want to become famous or earn money , while others raise their ratings on social networks (reputation on sites and forums, etc.) or simply express themselves . So addiction develops when communication itself becomes the only, well, or the preferred way to achieve the goal.
  2. The third stage is stabilizing. The problem is obvious, the signs and symptoms of internet addiction are on the face, it smoothly turns into a chronic form. After a while, the passion for the chosen interaction becomes less pronounced, the activity in the network goes out. A person returns to reality, but he does it without any desire. Internet addiction persists, but in an inactive form, and intensifies with stress or with the emergence of new interesting topics.

Internet addiction symptoms

The main features that determine Internet addiction are the following:

  • You feel great joy before each new session, and without Internet access you feel sad and despondent.
  • You cannot be dragged away from the monitor by the ears, and under no pretext you cannot be lured out into the street.
  • You do not go to visit, rarely meet with friends, i.e. you are slowly losing contact with people offline .
  • You constantly update your social media page , often check your e- mail , your account on a dating site, etc.
  • Discuss computer topics even with people who are barely versed in the field.
  • You are losing track of time . Having looked like a case for a few minutes, you hang on the network for several hours and do not notice how quickly time flies by.
  • While surfing the Internet, you forget about official duties, studies, household chores, meetings and agreements.
  • You visit the sites not to find the information you need, but go to them aimlessly and mechanically.
  • Spend a lot of money on the Internet, as well as ensuring constant updates of both various computer devices and software. You are also trying to hide it from loved ones.
  • At the physiological level, you feel the consequences of prolonged sitting at the computer: eye pain, joint aches, sleep disturbances and eating disorders.
  • Experiencing the influence of information from the network on your psychological well-being – negative news or messages trigger a storm of negative emotions in you, such as rage, sadness or anxiety.
  • You notice how people close to you are increasingly beginning to express their outrage at the fact that you spend too much time on the Internet. And this is a clear sign of Internet addiction . It can be difficult to notice the excessive passion for the Internet itself.