Water aerobics

Benefits for losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindications

Water aerobics , subject to regular exercise, will allow a person of any gender to achieve significant results not only in losing weight, but also in effectively toning the muscle corset of the whole body.

Having studied the reviews of athletes, you can not only understand the approximate lesson plan, formulate for yourself its main advantages and disadvantages, but also determine the approximate time required to achieve this goal.

What is water aerobics

Water aerobics (reviews and results can be studied in the photo presented in the article) is a set of exercises performed by people at a fast pace. During the session, athletes are in the pool, the water in which reaches the level of the chest.

The effectiveness of such a complex is provided by the need for a person to overcome the natural resistance of water, while avoiding the “harmful” load on the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Even people who cannot swim can do aqua aerobics , because immersion in water occurs only up to chest level

If the workout is for people with good physical fitness, the basic exercises are complicated by the use of additional weights (for example, dumbbells or special foam blocks).

Why is water aerobics useful ?

Aqua aerobics is useful not only in terms of its effectiveness in eliminating a person’s psychological discomfort or moral exhaustion (it has been proven that contact of mentally unstable people with water has a beneficial effect on the state of their nervous system, helping the body to rehabilitate in the shortest possible time). Group training also contributes to the physical development of athletes.

Muscle training

Muscle training during water aerobics classes occurs due to the implementation of active movements with parts of the body that are under water.

Despite the outwardly narrow focus of this type of training (training in water works out the stabilizing muscles and back muscles responsible for the formation of posture and support of the spinal column in the best way), overcoming water resistance is possible only in the case of complex involvement of the muscle corset.

The lack of firm support under the athlete’s feet while in the pool also contributes to the development of coordination of movements, an increase in body flexibility.


Aqua aerobics (reviews and results should be assessed only after studying the individual initial data) can not only tone up the muscle corset, but also have a relaxing effect on the muscles and the musculoskeletal system.

In the first case, the key is the fact that there is a constant massage of the body with water while the athlete exercises in the pool (the amount of lactic acid that provokes muscle pain is minimized). In the second case, the decrease in the load on the joints occurs due to a decrease in the actual body weight of a person during his stay in the water.

Water aerobics as a way to lose weight

When using water aerobics in order to reduce body fat, it is recommended to choose such areas of this type of fitness as:

  • Aqua-Circuit (“Aqua Circuit “) – circuit training of moderate intensity, involving the use of additional weights;
  • Aqua-Resist (“Aqua Resist “) – a complex exercise, consisting of loads, the purpose of which is to overcome the natural resistance of water;
  • Aqua-Power (“Aqua Power “) – strength training in the pool, designed for people with good physical fitness;
  • Aqua-fight (“Aqua Fight “) – suitable for people with any level of physical fitness, as it involves the implementation of simple exercises in the water with elements of martial arts (kicks, kicks, and so on).

Strengthening the whole body

Regular water aerobics exercises also allow for general strengthening of the body. This is made possible by the hardening effect. Trainings in this direction are carried out in cool water. Thus, it is possible to increase the consumption of calories (the body spends twice as many calories to maintain heat exchange when the athlete is immersed in water) and to strengthen the immune defense of a person.

Active workouts in the pool also contribute to the release of joy hormones ( endorphins into the bloodstream , which have a positive effect not only on the functioning of the body’s internal systems, but also on maintaining a positive emotional state.

A great way to recover

The proven positive effect of water on the human psyche determines the effectiveness of aqua aerobics as a way to restore moral strength after a long stay in a state of stress or moral exhaustion, which has a cumulative nature.

Starting metabolism

The acceleration of metabolic processes and lymph flow occurs due to the lymphatic drainage effect achieved during exercise in water. With the help of the massage effect of the aquatic environment on the skin of an athlete in the pool, metabolism is started, stagnation in human tissues is eliminated , swelling is minimized and blood circulation is improved.

Cons and contraindications

Aqua aerobics (reviews and results of experienced athletes make it possible to determine the effectiveness of this training), like other sports, has a number of contraindications.


  • respiratory tract diseases;
  • frequent cramps in the limbs;
  • serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • exacerbation of allergic reactions of the body;
  • poor health of a person (weakness, dizziness);
  • violations of the integrity of the spinal column in the past;
  • individual intolerance of the body to chlorinated water.

When deciding to start water aerobics classes , it is important to understand all the potential disadvantages of this sport.

The overwhelming majority of them are due to the fact that the water in the pools is most often disinfected with bleach, which may cause:

  • deterioration in the condition of the skin (excessive dryness, peeling);
  • the development of an allergic reaction;
  • deterioration in the appearance of hair (brittleness, dryness);
  • thrush (relevant for women with sensitive microflora of the genital mucosa).

Is it possible to practice who cannot swim

One of the advantages of aqua aerobics over other sports involving a person in the pool is that he does not need to have swimming skills. During group fitness classes of this kind, the athlete’s body is in the water only up to the level of the chest, while the legs rest tightly against the bottom of the pool.

If a set of exercises implies that a person has the ability to be afloat, the trainer will offer him special inflatable armbands or a circle belt that prevents the body from completely submerging under water.

Is it possible to deal with pregnant women

Pregnant women are allowed to practice aqua aerobics only after consulting their supervising gynecologist.

In the absence of contraindications, the expectant mother, through regular sports in the water, will be able to:

  • keep the body in good shape;
  • minimize the risk of stretch marks or cellulite on the skin, which is deformed during the process of carrying a child;
  • reduce the increased stress on the joints and bones of the lower body;

Types of joint diseases: symptoms and stages

Healthy joints are a luxury, the value of which is difficult to appreciate for someone who has never experienced pain when walking or have no difficulty in raising an arm or leg, turning around or sitting down. Meanwhile, millions of people around the world each year seek help from orthopedic surgeons with similar complaints.

Epidemiology of joint diseases

About 30% of people sooner or later face joint pathology: even if in their youth they managed to avoid injuries or serious diseases, by old age the skeleton’s “shelf life” comes to an end. In addition to elderly people, those at risk are those who inherited weak joints of the bones, as well as athletes, workers suffering from obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Joint diseases such as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis occur predominantly in minors. Others, such as gout, are considered “aristocratic ailments”: they develop due to excess meat, red wine and chocolate in the diet. It is known that inflammation of the joints associated with fluctuations in the hormonal background is usually detected in the fairer sex. In men, traumatic injuries of the joints most often occur. In a word, joint diseases can threaten a person regardless of social status, habits, age and gender.

The main groups of joint diseases by the nature of the lesion

Joint diseases are classified by the nature of the pathological process.

Inflammatory and infectious diseases of the joints

In this case, the cause of the disease is an inflammatory reaction in response to an infectious, autoimmune or allergic process. The disease makes itself felt with pain and swelling in the joint. Symptoms can reach maximum severity in a few hours and then recede indefinitely. But behind a period of imaginary well-being, there is a hidden development of the pathological process.

Some arthritis is manifested primarily not by pain, but by morning stiffness, fever, a rash on the skin over the joint, or manifestations of a primary disease complicated by damage to the musculoskeletal system (for example, disorders of the genitourinary system – in Reiter’s disease and gonorrheal arthritis).

The stages of the inflammatory pathology of the joint can be distinguished through X-ray examination. So, at the beginning of the disease, no significant abnormalities are found in the images, with the second degree of arthritis, signs of destruction of bone and cartilage tissue appear. At the third degree, the doctor will see the deformation of the joint – by this moment the patient feels pronounced restrictions on mobility. Finally, the fourth degree of arthritis is accompanied by total changes in the joint: only surgeons can help the patient.

This group of pathologies, along with rheumatoid arthritis (in which the body’s immune system destroys the joints), includes infectious-allergic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Goff’s disease, gout, psoriatic arthritis, etc.


The main prevention of arthritis is the prevention of infections by vaccination and other measures of protection against diseases that can be complicated by bacterial infection of the joint (gonorrhea, scarlet fever, tonsillitis, etc.)

Degenerative lesions

These diseases tend to affect the elderly: they are associated with wear and tear of the joint, which leads to the destruction of the cartilage responsible for shock absorption during work. Another factor in the development of degenerative diseases is osteoporosis, in which bone density decreases.

Degenerative diseases manifest themselves gradually: the first sign will be short-term pain after an exhausting day on your feet. Over time, the pain in the joint will cease to subside after rest, and the movement in the joint will become limited. Sometimes swelling occurs in the affected area, and the joint aches when the weather changes and at night.

The severity of arthrosis is determined by examination and radiography. At the beginning of the process, only a slight reduction in the height of the gap between the bones due to the thinning of the cartilage tissue is noticeable in the images. In the second degree, the doctor will record a decrease in the joint cavity by a third of the norm and the appearance of bone outgrowths or areas of dead cartilage. Finally, the 3rd stage of arthrosis is characterized by deep, irreversible deformities of the joint, up to ankylosis – bone fusion.

The most common cause of disability among all joint diseases is osteoarthritis deformans , mainly affecting the hip and knee joints. Also, the source of the problem may be intervertebral osteochondrosis – a typical disease of office workers.


Experts point out that yoga, a set of exercises that strengthens ligaments and muscles through static loads, can be an excellent prevention of age-related changes in the joints. Scientists recently found that daily 12-minute yoga classes for 10 years increase the density of the bones of the hip and spine, which eliminates osteoporosis and arthrosis, preventing fractures in old age.

Congenital joint pathologies

Congenital joint diseases attract attention from the very first days of a baby’s life: the possible consequences of a malformation for the child’s health depend on therapeutic measures. So, in infants, congenital dislocation of the hip is often detected, which is often combined with dysplasia of the hip joint. Left unattended, this ailment will lead to gait and posture problems. However, timely intervention of an orthopedist will allow to correct congenital hip dislocation conservatively, without surgery.

Another common congenital joint pathology is Marfan’s syndrome , which includes a complex of disorders in the development of internal organs. Patients with Marfan syndrome have extremely mobile joints, poor posture, and a keeled chest. These are tall, thin, sickly people who, as a rule, end up in emergency rooms with dislocations and fractures. Subject to the recommendations of a doctor, they can live a long time without experiencing severe health problems.

Diseases of the periarticular tissues

Diseases from this group do not affect the joint itself, but if untreated, they can worsen its work. This includes inflammation of the tendons ( tendinitis ), bursae (bursitis), ligaments ( ligamentitis ), fascia (fibrositis). Sometimes the source of the pathological process is inflammation in the joint itself, but much more often the cause of the development of such ailments is physical exertion and ” chilling ” of the neck or limbs.

Symptoms of diseases of the periarticular tissues have peculiarities: unlike the pathology of the joints, pain in the ligaments, tendons and joint capsules is felt only with active movements and is absent when the limb is exposed to the office of a doctor or masseur. With arthritis, patients complain of “diffuse” pain, and with damage to the periarticular tissues, they can indicate a specific point where the pain is maximum. X-ray and MRI allow you to finally make sure of the nature of the disease and prescribe treatment.

Types of joint diseases at the site of localization

Many joint diseases have their own “favorite” localization, thanks to which the doctor can make a preliminary diagnosis even before receiving the results of medical imaging.

  1. Diseases of the shoulder joint often occur in people who earn a living by physical labor, or in those who are regulars in gyms. The most obvious causes of shoulder pain are periarthritis of the scapula and osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. In some cases, osteoarthritis or arthritis of the shoulder joint is found.
  2. Diseases of the elbow joint are also common concerns for athletes ( epicondylitis ). Sometimes discomfort and restriction of mobility in this area are caused by osteochondritis dissecting , deforming osteoarthritis and inflammation of the muscles of the arm.
  3. The joints of the hand (fingers) become inflamed in rheumatoid arthritis. It can manifest itself as a “tight glove syndrome”: in the morning it is difficult to stretch the hands, restoring their mobility. A feature of this disease is the simultaneous defeat of both hands. There are frequent cases of arthrosis and tendon lesions in the practice of orthopedists, which occur in musicians and representatives of professions associated with fine motor skills (engravers, jewelers, etc.), as well as those who daily and for a long time work with the keyboard.
  4. Ubiquitous disease of the hip joint is coxarthrosis , typical for elderly people. Also, elderly patients often face osteoporosis – a softening of the structure of the femur, fraught with a pathological fracture of its neck. Bursitis and tendinitis of the hip joint is diagnosed in athletes – runners and football players.
  5. Knee joint diseases are observed in people of all ages. In children, infectious and rheumatoid arthritis is more often diagnosed, in mature sports people – lesions of the ligamentous apparatus and meniscus trauma, and after 50 years, gonarthrosis , a degenerative lesion of the knee joint, comes first .
  6. Ankle pain can result from arthritis or subluxation. Such pathologies are typical for athletes, dancers and women who wear high-heeled shoes every day . Ankle arthrosis (as well as coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis ) affects many obese people.

Types of joint diseases according to traditional Chinese medicine

An alternative view of the nature of joint diseases is given by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). According to her, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are manifestations of “B syndrome” – an obstacle that affects bones and joints. “Syndrome B” arises from the influence of pathogenic factors. They enter the body, settle in muscles, tendons and joints, and then block the normal flow of vital energy Qi and blood through the energy channels (meridians). All of this causes pain, stiffness, inflammation, and deformation of bones and joints.

What pathogens cause B syndrome?

  • The wind is calling “wandering B”. Acute joint pain begins and ends quickly, but can travel throughout the body, limiting the range of comfortable movement. The patient’s pulse becomes floating, and the tongue becomes covered with a thin white coating.
  • The cold is causing the “painful B”. Severe joint pain leads to stiffness of movement. The pain is especially pronounced when the ambient temperature drops. At the same time, the pulse becomes tense. Painful B may also develop a white coating on the tongue. With the onset of heat, a person’s condition improves.
  • Dampness causes “fixed B”. The pain is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, numbness, or edema in the affected area. Pulse – floating, tongue – with a greasy coating.
  • The heat causes the “heat B”. The heat reduces the flow of blood and vital energy Chi through the joints, thereby impairing their function. This causes inflammation and swelling in the joint. The tongue becomes covered with a reddish-yellow coating, and the pulse becomes fast.
  • Combinations of pathogens:
    • Wind, cold and dampness. Delaying wind, cold and dampness in the meridians makes it difficult for Qi and blood to flow out. Excess cold is manifested by stagnation of vital energy and blood. With this combination, severe pain and swelling of the joint occurs, a tense pulse is observed, as well as a pale tongue with a white coating.
    • Wind, dampness and heat. Pathogens block the movement of qi and blood, affecting muscles and skin. The joints become red and swollen. In addition, pain often develops, which can be accompanied by heaviness and fever. The tongue becomes covered with a reddish-yellow coating, and the pulse becomes fast.
    • Deficiency of blood in the liver and kidneys, phlegm. Qi and blood deficiencies cause long-term joint pain, which is accompanied by swelling, inflammation, knee pain and deformity. Pain syndrome restricts movement. Internal accumulation of phlegm and stagnation manifests itself as subcutaneous nodules. In this case, the person has a state of exhaustion, lethargy, dizziness and blurred vision. The pulse becomes uneven, the tongue darkens and becomes covered with a thin coating.

Treatment of joint diseases in Chinese medicine is aimed at dissipating wind, cold, heat, as well as converting dampness and restoring the flow of Qi and blood. This is helped by acupuncture, moxibustion (warming up with wormwood cigars) and acupressure.

Remember it’s important to be alert to any symptoms – pain, stiffness, swelling, rash, or crunching sound when moving. The overwhelming majority of joint diseases can be successfully treated at the initial stages, however, in an advanced state of the disease, they can disrupt life and professional plans, requiring expensive surgical intervention and complex rehabilitation measures.

Degenerative diseases 

Degenerative conditions occur for unknown reasons and are characterized by damage to certain neuronal systems due to progressive neuronal death. Pathological changes are distributed bilaterally and symmetrically (but at an early stage, they can affect one half of the body or one limb). The disease is accompanied by a limitation of voluntary movements, the appearance of tremor, chorea, dystonia, myoclonus , tics and other abnormal movements, possibly the development of dementia and other cognitive disorders.

Causes of the disease:

The disease is caused by a change in genetic information. Due to gene mutations, the synthesis of a certain polypeptide is disrupted – the nature of the disorders is determined by the role in the metabolism of this polypeptide (enzyme deficiency, tissue destruction, thesaurismosis ). Degenerative diseases develop over many years and are resistant to therapy.

Types of degenerative diseases:

Degenerative diseases include Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington ‘s chorea , Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, motor neuron disease and Pick’s lumbar atrophy. Degenerative diseases of the nervous system are widespread – Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed in 1 person in 1000. Moreover, neurodegenerative diseases are not characteristic only of the older age group, for example, dystonic syndromes are most often observed in the productive age.

Diagnosis and treatment of degenerative diseases:

Diagnostics is carried out using complex diagnostic equipment (laboratory of clinical neurophysiology neuropsychological laboratory, video monitoring ). In addition, high-precision diagnostics of complex conditions and rare disorders and highly specialized outpatient treatment are carried out. The centers are multidisciplinary , they represent a number of clinical areas (neurology, neurophysiology, neurosurgery, neuropsychology, psychiatry), morphological methods (neuropathology) and methods of functional diagnostics are used .

ESL has announced the list of drugs prohibited for esports

Posted on August 31, 2020  in Medical news

The organizer of e-sports events Electronic Sports League (ESL) announced the list of medical and narcotic drugs that are now prohibited from taking during tournaments.
ESL has taken as a basis the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of prohibited drugs. It, in particular, includes anabolic agents and steroids, peptide hormones and growth hormones, mimetics, other hormones and metabolic modulators, Beta2 agonists, diuretics, masking agents, stimulants and any glucocorticoids (also steroids).

Also banned drugs: marijuana, cannabis, hashish, synthetic THC, cannabimimetics (spice), buprenorphine, hydromorphone, dextromoramide, heroin, methadone, morphine, oxycodone, oxymorphone, pentazocine, pethidine fentanyl and derivatives.

Players will be selectively tested for doping based on saliva analysis. ESL prohibits the use of any of these drugs during competition. Exceptions include participants who take them on prescription. They must confirm this with a certificate before the first game. If the commission detects doping, the player will either be deprived of the prize or disqualified for two years. ESL is considering screening all players.

The drug tests were decided after team member Corey Frisen said that he and other teammates had been taking Adderall during ESL’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition. “Adderall” is considered an amphetamine. In the US, it is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

What are adaptogens?
Medicinal herbs have been used all over the world since ancient times. Nowadays, many people are returning to the study and use of medicinal plants. This is becoming a kind of trend, the desire for natural products, the abandonment of chemistry that has flooded the shelves of stores and pharmacies. Among the huge number of plants, there are species that stand apart. A distinctive feature of this group of plants lies in their ability to provide a strong restorative effect, increase the tone of the body, its efficiency, immunity and resistance to adverse factors and pathogenic agents.

Plant adaptogens are plants that can strengthen the body, increase immunity, and increase the physical performance of the body. Adaptogens are a kind of natural doping. In plants – adaptogens, tremendous power is hidden. Skillfully releasing it, you can cope with many diseases and significantly increase athletic performance.

In most developed countries, adaptogens are grown on special plantations where high-yielding varieties are cultivated, but they can also be found in the wild, especially in Russia. It is not surprising that the study of herbs-adaptogens began with us. The term “adaptogen” itself (derived from the word “adaptation”, which means “adaptation ” ) was invented by the Soviet scientist Nikolai Lazarev. Many foreign scientists are sure that the most effective adaptogens grow in Russia. The most famous example of an adaptogen plant is ginseng, and it is by no means the most potent adaptogen.

The use of adaptogens allows the body to adapt to such unfavorable environmental factors as cold, heat, ionizing radiation, lack of oxygen (hypoxia), heavy physical activity. Adaptogens promote the accumulation of glycogen in muscles, liver and heart. Glycogen, and this is the main “fuel” for muscles. Adaptogens increase the sensitivity of the body’s cells to their own hormones and non-hormonal compounds. Thus, the regulation of metabolic processes becomes more accurate and faster.

Examples of natural stimulants of adaptogens
This plant received this name because its positive effect on the body is extremely strong. In ancient times, Chinese emperors sent special expeditions to Altai for the Golden Root. There were whole detachments of smugglers who were exclusively engaged in transporting the Golden Root across the border. The root of Rhodiola rosea was considered to be of the greatest value, and its price exceeded the price of gold.

Rhodiola’s distinctive feature from other adaptogens is that it has a strong effect on striated muscle tissue, as well as on the heart muscle. Even after a single dose of Rhodiola, muscle strength and endurance increase. The contractile ability of the heart muscle also increases.
Rhodiola is one of the most powerful adaptogens in terms of the strength of its general strengthening and tonic effect.

From my experience I can say that I myself sometimes use rhodiola tincture. With very long and strong physical exertion, when you do physical work for 12-14 hours, it really helps and restores strength. But here you must, of course, understand that tinctures are not drunk, but taken in the literal sense of the drops. 8-10 drops during lunch, but not in the evening, otherwise it can bring down sleep.

– Ginseng is the root of life .

Legendary plant growing in China, Tibet, Altai, Siberia. A distinctive feature of ginseng is its ability to increase appetite and, as a result, overall body weight. Ginseng slightly improves digestion and has a beneficial effect on the liver. There is also a slight decrease in blood sugar, color vision improves, they have antidepressant, cardiotonic, hypoglycemic (increases the ability of drugs to lower blood sugar) , hemostatic effect, are effective in sexual asthenia, are able to prevent inflammatory reactions, weaken the effect of many toxic substances.

– Eleutherococcus prickly .

Noteworthy is the ability of Eleutherococcus to improve color vision. Visual acuity also increases slightly. It has a stronger anti-toxic, radioprotective, antihypoxic and anti-stress effect than ginseng. Eleutherococcus is considered a drug that improves thermoregulation due to more intense oxidation of glucose and fatty acids. This allows the use of Eleutherococcus for the prevention of colds. The studies have shown a high prophylactic activity of Eleutherococcus. The number of colds in the experimental group, taking Eleutherococcus, decreased by 2 times in comparison with the control group.

– Safflower Leuzea (maral root).

Anabolic activity is what distinguishes Leuzea from other adaptogens. Leuzea promotes muscle building. This is very important for athletes and people with hard physical labor. The ability of Leuzea to enhance protein synthesis has a beneficial effect on the condition of the liver, which is called the largest chemical laboratory in the body. With long-term administration of leuzea, the blood composition improves: the number of leukocytes and erythrocytes increases, the hemoglobin content rises. Leuzea also has a mild, physiological vasodilator effect. With its regular consumption, the lumen of the vascular bed increases and the power of the heart muscle increases (the heart rate decreases at the same time). Leuzea significantly increases the sexual activity of men. This is due to both a stimulating effect on the nerve centers and an increase in general anabolism.

– St. John’s wort.

In Russia, it was called a cure for 99 diseases, it enhances the function of the energy stations of cells – mitochondria. This allows you to increase muscle strength, endurance, and disease resistance. St. John’s wort stimulates the production of male sex hormones – androgens.

– Aralia of Manchuria .

Legal natural doping. A distinctive feature of Schisandra is that it enhances excitation processes in the central nervous system to the greatest extent among other adaptogens. Moreover, the stimulating effect of Schisandra is so strong that it is not inferior in strength to some doping drugs.

In medicine, lemongrass is used to treat nervous depression and general apathy. Schisandra significantly increases the acidity of gastric juice, improves the absorption of food. Therefore, it can be used to improve digestion during periods of intense muscle gain. Both mental and physical performance under the influence of lemongrass increases markedly. The strong stimulating effect of lemongrass is advisable to use during the competitive period, when the mobilization of all body resources is required.

Taking natural stimulants adaptogens
Speaking about adaptogens, it should be emphasized that only pharmaceutical tinctures and extracts have a strong effect on the body. Homemade tinctures and decoctions are less effective.
Adaptogens should not be taken constantly, the recommended course duration and dosages must be observed, otherwise the body will adapt to their action, and the effect is significantly reduced. For maximum effect, you can take two drugs at the same time. Since adaptogens, in addition to general properties, have their own characteristics, they affect the body in different ways. Therefore, it is recommended to combine and alternate various adaptogenic drugs, taking into account these features. Although adaptogens are safe – even multiple excess of therapeutic dosages does not cause serious consequences, some precautions are still worth observing. In no case should you take adaptogens 2 or 3 times a day. Only a single morning intake fits harmoniously into the human biorhythm. Attempts to take adaptogens 2 or 3 times a day in order to improve performance may not only fail to increase, but even lower.

How to choose the right dose of adaptogen?
Let’s say you have a tincture of aralia at your disposal. Your goal is to activate the body in order to increase overall performance. The revitalization response in most people is caused by doses of 6 to 15 drops taken once a day in the morning on an empty stomach. But this does not mean that your optimal dose will lie exactly in this range. Deviations towards both maximum and minimum doses can be quite large. After taking it, you need to analyze your own feelings during the day. If there is a surge of energy, a desire to work, then the dose is activating; if relaxation, lethargy – inhibitory dose. The next day, the dose must be either reduced or increased to achieve the desired effect.

Natural stimulants are perfectly combined with any other plants, vitamins, vitamin-like substances and medicines. The only group of drugs whose action adaptogens can weaken are sedatives and hypnotics. Adaptogens taken in activating doses weaken the effect of such drugs. The action of stimulants of the nervous system, such as caffeine and ephedrine, adaptogens, on the contrary, enhance.

It significantly increases physical performance than mental performance, increases appetite. It surpasses all adaptogens in hypoglycemic action.

– The lure is high .

In terms of the spectrum of its action on the body and the strength of the tonic effect, zamaniha is close to ginseng. Zamanihi tincture is used for asthenia, depression, hypotension.

– Plane-leaved sterculia .

Sterculia has a tonic and tonic effect, similar to the action of Eleutherococcus prickly.

Dota world champions were accused of doping. Answering silly questions about him in eSports

Posted on August 27, 2020  in Medical news

OG won The International for the second time in a row – and did it so easily that jokes about doping began to creep around. At first, only jokes – for example, from Arszik. “This talk about drugs started here when they started to ruin everyone. When True Sight came out, we were at a tournament in Chongqing, watching it with Ramses. And I sit like this: “What? Why are they behaving this way? ” Then he came to the team and said that they were on the adderroll, ”the coach said cheerfully in the podcast“ Vilata Louder! ”.

The thought was repeated by Smile on his stream. “Did you really believe before The International that OG would win? Did you believe before Int? A team that barely played, but played on Inta. Have you heard the story that they played hard on the tables? The psychologist came to them. She kept Astralis in the top 1, then she was in Ence with the top 2 in the Major and now she came to OG. And OG, with a terrible game that was not visible at all, began to dominate like gods. In short, they give you a tough concentration for a certain time and a feeling of invulnerability, ”said Revin. He later apologized to OG, clarifying that he was targeting “false rumors.”

Sports.ru decided to tell as much as possible about doping in e-sports – at least so that everyone who discussed and will condemn this topic does not get confused about elementary things. If you still have questions – ask in the comments, we will try to find the answer.

What is called doping in sports?
Sports.ru: All prohibited drugs and methods that can improve an athlete’s performance. They help build muscle mass, speed of movement and endurance. If muscles are not so important for an esports player, then a great response is the most important quality for any gamer.

Is doping banned in esports?
Sports.ru: there are no uniform rules in esports. For a long time, no one paid attention to this topic. But in 2015 at the CS: GO ESL Katowice tournament, the American team Cloud9 did not leave the group. “ Absolutely everyone here accepts Adderall , no one cares . We were told that we have problems with communication in the team – well, so here is the answer to all your questions, “- Cloud9 player Corey” Semphis “Frisen relaxed in an interview after relegation.

This did not entail any sanctions against the team or the player, but accelerated the introduction of doping tests at all major tournaments: later the organizers from the ESL introduced selective doping control of esports athletes. They took the WADA list of prohibited drugs as the basis of their system , which includes anabolic steroids, various hormones, immunomodulators, stimulants, drugs and many other drugs.

But ESL is only one of dozens of organizers. There is no official regulation from above, even within the same discipline.

Has anyone already been caught doping?
Sports.ru: during big tournaments – no . Even in the case of Cloud9, no one was able to prove (and did not try then) whether Semphis told the truth.

A year ago, Dallas Fuel player Timo “Taimou” Kettunen revealed that about 20 Overwatch League players use the psychostimulant Adderall: “Just imagine you use Adderall and then it gets banned in the league. There are about 20 players in the league who are likely to accept it, and then suddenly it becomes illegal to use it in the competitive scene. They will lose so much. ”

Former Team Liquid player Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre was also accused of using Adderall . In 2015, screenshots of a correspondence were leaked in which he admitted to abusing a psychostimulant during the Halo championships – he helped Brian concentrate on the game.

In the NHL and NBA fashion, the Overwatch League has no doping test , despite the fact that it is now the second most important esports tournament in America and a league seat is worth tens of millions of dollars. League commissioner Nate Nanzer explains this by the fact that the effect of stimulants on the game has not yet been proven.

What are the penalties for players who use illegal drugs?
Sports.ru: The esports player will be removed from the tournament and most likely banned from participating in competitions held by the same organizer. But he will be able to play completely freely in other tournaments – in e-sports they are held by different tournament operators (ESL, Starladder, WePlay and many others), and they all have their own rules.

Is there a doping control at The International?
Roman Dvoryankin, Virtus.pro general manager: “Unlike CS: GO, there has never been doping control at Dota tournaments , at least at those where we participated. He’s not on Inta either. There is a complete void in the rules for the use of Adderall or other similar substances. There are no guidelines on what is allowed and what is not , and whether there are therapeutic exceptions, and so on.

We certainly have the hope that all teams are playing fair, and we certainly do not believe that some teams achieve regular success for a long time in certain tournaments due to some means. But we would certainly like to be sure of this – and this is possible only with regular doping control, as it happens in Counter-Strike. ”

How much do Adderall, Phenotropil and similar psychostimulants help in a video game?
We turned with this and subsequent medical questions to the psychiatrist Elisha Osin. Here is his answer:

“You give the names of very different drugs that have very different effects.

Adderall, like the entire group of psychostimulants, was specially created to increase concentration and concentration, to increase productive activity. This group of drugs is strictly prohibited in Russia , but it is quite actively used in other countries to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These drugs work by increasing levels of dopamine, an important neurotransmitter that regulates activity levels, among other things. When used in higher doses, they can cause euphoria, an increase in activity, a feeling of a surge of energy and much more.

Phenotropil has no such effect, it does not increase the level of dopamine and, accordingly, does not have the same activity. ”

Is the effect stronger than drinking a cup of coffee or an energy drink?
Elisey Osin: “The effects, of course, are not comparable to caffeine and caffeine-containing energy drinks , their effect on the dopamine system is minimal and in general they work in a different, indirect way. The difference in these drugs is noticeable in the attitude of anti-doping agencies to them. Psychostimulants are drugs that are strictly controlled, their presence in the body may be a reason for sanctions if the athlete does not prove that it is medically necessary to take them. Caffeine is not on these lists. ”

How harmful are these drugs to humans?
Elisey Osin: “If used for other purposes and not according to medical schemes, the consequences can be very harmful. The most obvious side effect may be exhaustion after a period of active use of a stimulant, a condition akin to severe depression . With long-term use, a full-fledged dependence can form, when used in high doses, psychotic symptoms may appear (thinking disorders, hallucinations, delusional ideas) . In addition to these side effects, there are also less severe, but still very unpleasant, for example, problems in the gastrointestinal tract (pain, constipation, diarrhea, nausea), nosebleeds, decreased appetite, difficulty urinating, sleep problems, increased irritability.

Is it possible to say with confidence from a person’s reaction that he is under the influence of such drugs
Elisey Osin: “ No, you can’t. Moreover, the athlete himself explains his behavior by strong emotional experiences – he is interviewed immediately after the end of the match. To understand whether he is under the influence of drugs, you need a doctor’s examination, examination and conversation, and even better – a blood test for the content of forbidden substances.

As a rule, the effect of small doses of stimulants does not significantly affect the way a person looks and behaves in public – this can only be noticeable on examination. But at the same time, of course, its productivity and productivity will be noticeably higher even under the influence of a small dose of drugs.

I believe that doping tests are necessary for cybersportsmen – they can help answer these questions better than analyzing the video, ”Osin concluded.

Technical tricks: what do gamers go to to win in esports?

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Since last year, the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA has been monitoring the doping tests of cybersportsmen.

The “Yekaterinburg-Expo” hosted the all-Russian tournament for gamers “Cyberfest-2016”. Having been in the thick of things, Life asked the participants about a forbidden topic, and specifically about doping in computer sports. The organizer of the festival Ilya Marshev, as well as DotA and League of Legends players Alexei Mamylov, Ilya Vostryakov and Mikhail Brud, told Life about the intricacies and tricks in virtual competitions .

– There really is a problem with doping. And not to say that these are isolated cases, – the organizer Ilya Marshev admits. – Professional players, focused on the result, not just the pleasure of the game process, use various chemicals that enhance the reaction and can increase the performance.

Until recently, there were no checks at the virtual sports championships, only since 2015 WADA began to monitor the situation with doping. The list of prohibited drugs includes anabolic agents and steroids, peptide hormones and growth hormones, mimetics, metabolic modulators, Beta2 agonists, as well as marijuana, cannabis, hashish, synthetic THC, cannabimimetics (spice), heroin, methadone, morphine, fentanyl and their derivatives. After that, the world of computer competitions became fairer, but automatically got another problem.

WADA also included anabolics and steroids in the list of drugs prohibited for e-sports. How do they affect the improvement of results in virtual competitions ?! Right! In no way anabolics and steroids are able to affect the performance of a gamer, but for their use the league can ban the whole team of the amateur to swing. The anti-doping agency included them in the list of prohibited ones, because WADA did not develop a separate program for e-sports, but ascribed already existing standards to it, without understanding the intricacies. This copying of the postulates without analyzing the sport itself caused a lot of controversy among gamers and virtual competition experts. In particular, this applies to steroids, which some gamers use to pump their own body in their free time from competition.

– There is an opinion that the list of drugs prohibited for gamers, which has been introduced by ESL, can provoke conflict situations, – Ilya Marshev commented. – For example, there is a gamer who, in addition to playing games, loves to go to the gym, and in order to achieve results as soon as possible, the guy starts taking steroids. However, the catch is that after that he will no longer pass the doping control in the professional ESL championships. And he will be disqualified.

Ilya remembered that less than a year ago in Europe there was already a similar scandal with one of the cybersportsmen who was caught using steroids and excluded from the competition.

Overclocking hardware, not brain

As in any sport, where not only an athlete participates, but also some kind of mechanism, be it a car, a bicycle or a biathlete’s rifle, there are always technical tricks. Six years ago, “codes of immortality” and “eternal patrons” were ubiquitous, but the situation began to change for the better since 2010, when not only the athlete himself was banned for cheating, but entire teams.

“Technical doping in esports, the so-called cheat codes, are programs that change the game settings and give a gamer or team an advantage over rivals,” explains Ilya Marshev, organizer of Cyberfest-2016. – For example, in the game Counter-Strike at one time there was a very popular cheat code, the so-called white dot. Using this cheat, the player could see where his opponents are, even if they were hiding on other floors or behind walls.

But this is already an unfair game. Ilya said that at the Cyberfest championships they fight cheats simply and effectively. The fact is that players are physically unable to download their software to tournament computers, because the necessary software is already installed on the machines and there is no hard drive as such. Another forbidden e-sports life hack is the special setting of a computer mouse, the so-called macros – programs that allow you to assign a multi-step action of the hero to pressing just one key or several.

– The main problem with cheats now is that you can play with them, train, and then you come to the tournament, and they will tell you that you cannot use them, – explains the captain of the 1FALL team Alexey Mamylov. – Many well-known players who abundantly used cheats and macros predicted a quick failure after the ban, but they showed absolutely the same result at the next tournament. So in fact, these additional programs will not give a bad player any superpower.


The culture of gamers is somehow connected with alcohol. Many of the regulars in computer clubs like to have a couple of beers during a CS game. According to gamers themselves, alcohol helps to concentrate, in turn, relaxing and killing anxiety.

– Alcohol relieves unnecessary anxiety, allows you to more fully immerse yourself in the process and focus only on the game, – says Ilya Marshev. – Alcohol is prohibited in competitions, only energy drinks are allowed. We were in one of the clubs where the guys trained before “Cyberfest”, they drank alcohol, but behaved quite adequately.

At the moment, there is one known incident with an esports player who was disqualified from ESL for drinking alcohol. The European esports league then canceled the gamer’s results after the competition, but did not disclose the name of the athlete.

– If the tournament is important, where you can win money, then it is unlikely that a professional player will show up for it drunk and in poor condition, says the captain of the Huesosi Team Mikhail Brud. – It’s like athletes who have to run a hundred meters will come to the start after a sleepless night.

Nootropics and stress pills 

There is a stereotype that since speed is important in e-sports, players will definitely accelerate their reaction speed with some kind of substance. However, this is not entirely true, but rather a myth, and in reality everything is quite the opposite. Many gamers prefer not to be “accelerated” during the tournament, but to be extremely collected and concentrated. Therefore, professional cybersportsmen often use tranquilizers or beta-blockers – medications that help relieve stress, tremors and anxiety that interferes with concentration. Gamers use sedatives: from banal valerian, antidepressants such as novopassit, which is freely available in any pharmacy, to strong tranquilizers. For example, ten years ago, one of the best players in Unreal and Quake 4, Ricardo Zanozio, admitted that a dose of Valium helped him at the CPL Winter tournament. The Germans went even further and in 2008, specifically for gamers, they developed a “legal tranquilizer”, calling it FpsBrain. Many e-sportsmen do not shy away from nootropics – the favorite pills of students who need to write a term paper or a diploma in a short time.

– In Russia we have an analogue of the German legal doping, but only weaker. This is glycine, – says Ilya Vostryakov, the leader of the Edem za prizovimi team. – If you drink it as a course, then it also calms the nerves and increases concentration. This is exactly what I need in DotA when I’m in third position against several opponents at once.

– I think that the doping of the Germans is marketing, otherwise they would have won en masse in all competitions, says the captain of the Huesosi Team. – As for nootropics, the same glycine or piracytam, I personally know those who take them. They say it helps.

Psychostimulants: amphetamine and others

In the 2008 documentary about esports athletes, Frag, pro gambler Michael Carmac Blichars listed specific drugs popular with gamers. In particular, he mentioned the so-called crystal meth, which is a form of amphetamine, Ritalin and amphetamine itself.

All these drugs sharpen perception, give strength and improve concentration. Last summer, player Corey Semphis Friesen of the American team Cloud9 admitted that he and the entire team took Adderall, a psychostimulant that is used in some countries to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children.

– I heard that someone is playing under “speed”. But this is not at all the best way out, – explains gamer Mikhail Brood. – But if an athlete plays lousy, then no drugs will save him.


Posted on August 19, 2020  in Medical news

Already on the next weekend will be held on the main Russian eSports tournament EPICENTER on Counter Strike: Global Offensive in St. Petersburg. After last year’s meldonium scandal in big-time sports, we decided to find out how things are by the end of 2017 in esports, especially in CS: GO , where quick reactions and clarity of mind are the main guarantee of victory. We asked questions to Roman Dvoryankin , General Manager of the Russian eSports organization Virtus.pro , who also heads the anti- doping working group of the World Federation .

– The first question – is the problem of doping in e-sports as acute as in ordinary sports? Now professional athletes are in such a position that it is almost impossible to break world records just in training, and someone is constantly using something anyway. Is there really a PROBLEM with doping in esports?

– Due to its specificity, esports stands out in terms of physical indicators that need to be improved to achieve a result. For example, anabolic steroids used to increase muscle mass will not help an esports athlete in any way . Therefore, the only doping for cybersports is substances that improve attention, increase concentration and help fight drowsiness. Even potentially, the problem of doping in eSports is not so acute. Is there a problem? At the moment, there is a serious problem, since all the major tournaments already have a drug test, and it is on kibersportsmeny earns money tournaments. If we assume that the athlete accepts something at the time of training , this will not help him in any way at the tournament, since there he must be “clean”.

– The last scandal in esports dates back to 2015: Adderall *, amphetamines, marijuana. Has anything changed in two years, both in relation to the drugs themselves and to the attitude to doping in terms of the organizers?

– Just after those scandals , doping tests were introduced at major competitions, so now everything is quite professional. So far, it is not as strict as in classic sports, but we are moving in this direction. For example, recently a video was released on our channel dedicated to how these doping tests go.

– Really Do these preparations can actually dramatically enhance the ability of pro-gamer? So that everything in slow-mo happens like in video games ? Or are they minor changes that don’t affect the final performance?

– Globally, doping has no effect: you will not play like The International champions if you are a mid-range player. There are drugs that can improve the player’s reaction by 5-10 percent and suppress the feeling of anxiety, however, when the difference in the skill of the players is a fraction of a percent, when equal teams are playing , 5-10 percent can already affect the result.

– How strongly do simple energetics influence the work of the organism and do they affect it at all? Do they really help athletes with loads during training and in tournaments, or is it marketing?

– Energetics have several properties, the main one of which is, of course, the placebo effect: you drank a jar and think that now you will definitely not want to sleep . But objectively, almost all energy drinks contain at least caffeine and taurine, which actually help fight drowsiness and invigorate. There is no ban on caffeine yet and is unlikely to be.

– Will doping control be introduced on an ongoing basis at all tournaments, or at least at all Premier Series tournaments in major disciplines?

– Already now, there is doping control at all major CS: GO tournaments , DOTA2 and other disciplines are slightly behind , but I think that literally next year they will also catch up.

– On the eve of EPICENTER CS: GO – will there be doping control?

– As far as I know, doping control will be there, but we always proceed from the fact that even if it is not known in advance whether it will be or not , we must be ready for anything, and that no prohibited substances will be found in the athletes .

Let’s also remember how the active work with doping in esports began in general : ESL Katowice , 2015 . After the crushing defeat of Cloud9 (they could not even leave the group), a member of the Semphis team , in a conversation with a journalist, said quite relaxedly that “absolutely everyone here takes Adderall *, no one cares. We were told that we have problems with communication in the team – well , here is the answer to all your questions. ” This did not lead to any sanctions against the team or player, but accelerated the introduction of doping tests in all major tournaments. And although a direct link between success in eSports and the use of Adderall has not yet been proven , it is banned for use in tournaments.

That very scandalous interview

* Adderall is an amphetamine- based psychotropic stimulant designed to enhance mental and physical performance. A drug commonly prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. It has a narcotic effect.

Sprains treatment at home

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Treatment of sprains at home means getting rid of pain and inflammation with affordable means without consulting a specialist or if the doctor himself recommended this method of recovery. As a rule, self-therapy is resorted to only for minor injuries that heal quickly and do not threaten complications.

Tightened ligaments are quite common. You can injure a leg or arm while playing sports, when moving awkwardly or walking on an icy road. Most often, the knee and ankle joint are affected. To prevent subsequent instability of the joint, therapy must be quick and competent, even if it is carried out at home.

Home treatments for sprains

There are three degrees of sprain. Self-treatment is possible only in the first two cases, when the elastic joints are partially torn, there is no hemorrhage or very little, there is swelling and moderate pain. There may be a limitation in joint mobility or instability.

The duration of home treatment for minor ligament injury in the knee, foot, or shoulder is 2–6 weeks. The neck and back will recover a little longer. Over-the-counter pills, compression, massage, and exercise can help relieve pain and speed recovery. We must not forget about folk recipes that can relieve swelling and discomfort in a short time.

Medicines without a doctor’s prescription

Treatment of ligaments is impossible without the use of drugs. The following medications will help you quickly manage the symptoms of stretching at home:

  •                                 NSAIDs – Indomethacin , Nise , Diclofenac , Ketorolac , Ortofen . They are taken no more than 5-7 days.
  •                                 Warming ointment – Kapsikam , Apizartron , larkspur with bee venom, Arthro -Aktiv. The balm-gel Radikulin is specially designed for the back area . Such ointments can be used only in the absence of allergies to the components. Read more about sprains ointments →
  •                                 OTC pain relievers – Paracetamol, Analgin, Aspirin.
  •                                 Absorbing agents – Heparin ointment, Troxevasin , Lyoton , Bodyaga cream. They are used for hematomas, bruises and seals.
  •                                 B vitamins – accelerate the healing of fibers, restore their elasticity and extensibility.

It is pointless to use chondroprotectors for ligament injuries , since they strengthen only the articular tissue and do not in any way affect the elastic bands between the bones. Although some experts recommend using these medicines at home to treat a knee sprain.

Bandage application

Compression with a fixing bandage is an obligatory element of therapy for sprains. The elastic band will keep the joint in the desired position, prevent the development of hematoma and edema. If you do not have a medical device at hand, in case of a sprained ankle or knee joint at home, you can take a strip of thick cloth or a towel. A medical bandage is suitable for treating and protecting the ligaments of the arm.

When applying a bandage, you do not need to tighten the limb very tightly. This way you can transfer large vessels and provoke stagnation of blood in the leg. The time of ligament immobilization can be different. To fix sprains of the first degree, it is enough to use a bandage for 3-4 days. For more serious injuries, it will take a little longer – at least 2-3 weeks.

For the treatment of minor sprains of the legs and arms at home, you can purchase special fixing bandages – calipers. These are very comfortable orthopedic products. They not only provide good immobilization of the joint, but also retain some maneuverability, which greatly facilitates recovery.


On the first day after stretching, cold is applied to the injured ligaments. This can be ice in cheesecloth or heating pad, cold compress or even a handful of snow. This procedure relieves pain well, prevents the appearance of hematoma and swelling. If a sports frost ( Frost Spray ) or a hypothermic package (Snowball, Appolo ) accidentally happens to be in the house , it is recommended to use them. When stretching the ligaments of the foot, the leg can simply be lowered into a basin of cool water.

Cold treatment at home is useful to alternate with warm compresses. This is what is recommended when stretching the neck. Immediately after the ice lotion, you should take a warm shower or apply a heating pad to the sore spot. This contrast therapy has a remarkable effect. In this case, any of the compresses should not be kept longer than 7-10 minutes.

A pronounced analgesic effect in sprains is provided by a lotion with Dimexide . It is recommended to be used at home to treat stretched ligaments of the knee, shoulder or ankle. In a solution prepared from Dimexide and water (in a ratio of 1: 4), moisten gauze folded in 3-4 layers and apply it to the sore joint. Cover the top with cling film or oilcloth and secure with a bandage. After half an hour, wash off.

Another remedy for sprains that has proven itself well at home is a compress of hot milk with honey. Take 1 tsp for a glass of drink. delicacies, moisten a napkin in solution and apply to damaged ligaments. The lotion is covered with a film, insulated with cotton wool and left until morning. It is recommended to make a milk compress after reducing the inflammatory process, usually on the 4th-5th day of treatment.

When ligaments are injured, blood flow must be restored very quickly in and around the damaged tissues. Therefore, massage must be included in the treatment regimen for sprains. You can do it yourself or contact a specialist. It is recommended to apply warming ointments along with the massage movements.

Self-massage techniques and techniques depend on the location of the sprain. The joints on the arms and legs should be stroked in a circular motion with light pressure, but without pain, vibrate, pat. For neck treatment, rubbing and kneading movements are suitable . You need to perform the procedure for 5-10 minutes several times a day.

Physical Education

It is recommended to start developing a joint at home even before removing the fixing bandage. Prolonged immobility after stretching can provoke coarsening and loss of elasticity of the fibers, due to which the ligaments become tight and decrease in length, which dramatically increases the risk of re- injury .

There is a set of exercises for the treatment of each type of joints. For example, when stretching the ligaments of the foot, various rotations and turns will give the greatest effect. At home, you can stand on tiptoes, pick up small things from the floor, try to write letters by holding a pencil with your fingers. A more difficult option is sitting on a chair, legs bent at the knees and spaced shoulder-width apart, support on toes. From this position, you need to try to put the heel on the floor.

Sprained ankles and ankles can be treated with a variety of rotations, abductions, flexion and extension of the foot, and tiptoeing. A good effect at home is given by rolling a bottle, kneading with your feet on Kuznetsov’s applicator or small stones poured into the box. In case of damage to the ligaments of the wrist, squeezing the expander is great.

Treating a knee sprain is done by squatting, straightening and flexing the limb. Perfectly stretches injured ligaments while cycling. At home, you can use an exercise bike, exercising on it for 10-15 minutes a day.

Folk remedies for sprains

Treatment of ligament injuries by unconventional methods has become very popular among patients. The advantage of folk remedies for stretching is undeniable – it is low toxicity, sparing effect on the body, availability and ease of use.

In the first days after injury to the ligaments, clay applications bring significant relief. Yellow or blue powder is diluted with warm liquid (200 ml) until sour cream is thick, add 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar. The mixture is spread on a napkin and tightly bandaged to the sore spot.

For the treatment of damaged ligaments of the ankle or knee joint, it is recommended to prepare such a folk remedy for stretching – grate raw potatoes with the peel, add so much rye flour into the mixture to make a thick gruel and put the resulting composition on gauze folded to the required size. Cover the compress with oilcloth and bandage to the place of damage.

Another effective folk remedy for sprains is the cabbage leaf. It is thickly smeared with honey, applied to the knee joint or ankle area and left for 5-6 hours. It is recommended to make such a compress every day until the symptoms of trauma disappear.

Homemade mummy ointment gives a good healing effect. To prepare it, 200 g of interior lard is heated in a water bath with 50 g of pre-crushed mummy until the components are dissolved. The resulting composition is filtered and poured into a jar. Used every day at night.

Effectiveness of home treatment

If the damage to the ligaments is limited to only sprains, home treatment will give an excellent effect. Means made according to recipes of traditional medicine will quickly eliminate inflammation and swelling, massage will improve blood circulation and accelerate the healing of elastic fibers, and exercise therapy will not allow the ligaments to become hardened.

At the same time, you need to understand that home treatment is not omnipotent. If, after using all of the listed remedies, relief does not occur, and the pain and swelling only intensify, an urgent need to go to the doctor. It is possible that the patient does not have a sprain, but a final rupture of the ligaments, which requires surgery.


Independent measures for stretching the ligaments are necessary in any case. Even after a complete rupture of elastic fibers, some elements of home treatment are introduced into the postoperative rehabilitation scheme. Therefore, you need to know what and under what conditions cannot be done:

  •                                 During the first three days after the injury, any heat is prohibited – hot lotions, baths, saunas, solarium.
  •                                 During rehabilitation, it is undesirable to take alcohol. Alcohol not only impairs healing, but also increases the risk of re- injury to the ligament.
  •                                 It is recommended to start developing the joint 3-5 days after the injury. Do not do gymnastics if the exercise causes pain and discomfort at the stretch site.
  •                                 Medicines from the NSAID group should be taken with caution in case of ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases, and it is better to completely refuse them.
  •                                 It is not recommended to use alternative medicine recipes to which you are allergic.

Knowing these rules and following them, you can easily restore the functionality of the ligaments at home.

Unfortunately, many do not pay attention to the pain when stretching the elastic fibers, considering such an injury to be frivolous. And in vain. If treatment is not started, stiffness can develop and the risk of re-injury increases. After all, only a successful restoration of the ligaments will allow you to return to your previous way of life.

Ligament sprains: what to do with sprains, first aid and treatment

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Ligament sprains are a common type of injury that results in fiber tearing due to excessive tension or sudden movement in the joint. The most common injuries are the wrist, ankle and knee joint. This type of injury can be recognized by its characteristic symptoms. Treatment is conservative, unless there is a ligament rupture.

The reasons

Ligament tears more often occur in athletes, as well as people who lead an active lifestyle. The reason is mechanical stress that exceeds the bond strength threshold.

It can be a fall on an outstretched arm or leg, an unsuccessful turn of the limb, or subluxation. Due to the unnatural position of the body, the ligament is overstrained, so the ligamentous tissue is stretched or torn.

Predisposing factors:

  •                                 engaging in a traumatic sport;
  •                                 overweight;
  •                                 uncomfortable shoes;
  •                                 congenital or acquired anomalies of tendon development;
  •                                 changes in articular joints caused by infectious diseases, trauma or arthrosis .

Symptoms and degrees

As a result of stretching, the damaged ligaments do not perform their functions, so the joint becomes unstable. When small vessels are injured , areas of hemorrhage appear, which is manifested by hematomas and soreness. Damage to the nerve endings leads to numbness of the limb, loss of sensitivity.

The first symptoms of trauma to the capsule- ligamentous apparatus are a characteristic clap, which is accompanied by sharp pain. Further, signs of a sprain appear within 3 days. It:

  •                                 pain that increases with movement and palpation;
  •                                 instability of the articular joint;
  •                                 restriction of movement;
  •                                 edema;
  •                                 swelling;
  •                                 local temperature rise, skin redness;
  •                                 hyperemia;
  •                                 cyanosis of the skin.

Depending on the severity, there are 3 degrees of sprain:

  •                                 The first is characterized by damage to several groups of fibers. Pain is the main symptom; other signs may be absent.
  •                                 The second degree of damage is severe stretching. Symptoms of a partial ligament tear are pain, swelling, and loss of joint function. Possible injury to the capsule of the articular joint.
  •                                 The third degree is rupture of tendon fibers. As a result of ruptures, acute pain occurs, edema and hematoma appear. Due to the strong pain syndrome, the movements are constrained.

With the first two degrees of sprain of the joint ligaments, spontaneous healing is possible, which occurs after 2-3 weeks. Tendon ruptures rarely go away without surgery.

Depending on the localization of damage, there are such types of sprains:

  •                                 Carpal joint. This type of injury occurs when a fall or a sudden movement of the wrist.
  •                                 Shoulder joint. Ligaments are injured with a sharp swing or jerk with the hand.
  •                                 Elbow joint. It is caused by contact sports or fighting.
  •                                 The clavicular joint. Excessive loads, heavy lifting, sudden changes in position, falls and impacts become the reason.
  •                                 Knee joint. It is accompanied by damage to the meniscus. The cause is the twisting of the lower leg.
  •                                 Ankle joint. Occurs as a result of a fall or bad turn. Read more about ankle sprain →

The last two types of damage are most common.

Preventive measures for stretching the capsule- ligamentous apparatus (KSA):

  •                                 Avoid injury. To do this, you should wear comfortable shoes with ankle fixation, refuse high-heeled shoes. When playing sports, you need to use elastic bandages on the joints. When rollerblading or skateboarding, protect your knees and elbows from injury.
  •                                 Warm up the joints before playing sports. Without warming up, the likelihood of damage to the ligaments is high.
  •                                 Get rid of excess weight.
  •                                 Strengthen the musculo-ligamentous apparatus. This is the prevention of joint damage.
  •                                 Choose a balanced diet. Food should contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

You need to be extremely careful if the ligaments have already been stretched before. It is important to undergo a rehabilitation course.

Ligaments are highly regenerative, so the prognosis is favorable. With the help of conservative techniques, it is possible to completely restore the working capacity of the limb.


Posted on August 7, 2020  in Medical news

Summer is coming – the period of open sandals and sandals. Alas, many have nails and skin affected by fungus, which does not look very beautiful. It is important to understand that this is not only an aesthetic, but primarily a medical problem.

In some cases, fungal skin lesions can be a harbinger of serious diseases, such as diabetes. Do not start the disease, because the treatment process takes on average a year or more. To quickly get rid of the harmful “neighbor”, take tests for fungus in CITILAB and start treatment now.

How can you get infected with skin and nail fungus?

More than 40 species of various parasitic fungi ( dermatophytes ) are known that can affect the skin and nails. The most common are representatives from the genera Trichophyton Microsporum and Epidermophyton . For growth and reproduction, they use a special substrate – keratin, of which the top layer of the skin (epidermis), hair and nails are composed. Penetrating into the epidermis or into the nail plate, the fungus is fixed there, begins to grow and multiply.

You can get infected from a sick person, through objects (towels, wooden shelves in the bath, sauna, rugs, benches in public pools, manicure / pedicure tools) and through contact with the soil, if you like to walk barefoot in nature.

At-risk groups

The most common types of fungal diseases are mycosis of the skin of the feet and onychomycosis of the nail plates. From the moment of infection until the first clinical symptoms appear, it takes from several weeks to several months.

More often than others, men suffer from fungal diseases. Among women, those who constantly wear pointed shoes, especially those with high heels , are more likely to develop the disease . In this case, the toes are constantly flattened, which leads to friction, small wounds, abrasions, which are the entrance gate for infection.

You can “catch” the fungus in a regular beauty salon during the pedicure procedure, if the master used improperly processed instruments. To remove spores and fungal fragments from metal surfaces of nippers, scissors and tweezers, instruments must be sterilized in a dry heat cabinet. Not all salons have such equipment, therefore they are limited to “soaking” in a disinfectant solution and “drying” in ultraviolet boxes. Such processing does not fully protect against infection.

The frequent addition of a fungal infection can signal the development of diabetes. According to statistics, diabetics are three times more susceptible to mycosis. The fungus can also appear with allergic skin lesions (itching, inflammation, oozing ), combing insect bites; while taking antibacterial drugs, corticosteroid hormones, antidepressants.

Symptoms of mycosis of the feet

  •                       Dry skin, cracks, peeling in the interdigital folds;
  •                       Itching;
  •                       Hyperkeratosis (thickening of the skin of the feet);
  •                       Increase in lesions;
  •                       In some cases, a staphylococcal infection joins the fungal infection, which is quite difficult to cure.

Symptoms of onychomycosis (nail fungus)

Among all nail diseases, onychomycosis is up to 40%. And the share of dermatophytes accounts for up to 90% of all fungal nail infections. The most common causative agents are fungi of the genus Trichophyton .

In this case, the appearance of a fungus may be preceded by injury to the nail or constant softening of the nail plate due to high humidity. This, for example, is possible when wearing the same pair of shoes / sneakers daily.

As the infection progresses, the color of the nail changes – part of the nail becomes yellow, grayish or whitish. Over time, the stain grows, and the nail itself thickens – subungual hyperkeratosis develops .

Diagnosis of fungal diseases

To diagnose mycoses and onychomycosis , CITILAB uses special tests for the detection of fungi. Biomaterial (fragments of hair, nail plates, skin particles) is analyzed under a microscope. If the infection has occurred and the filaments of the mycelium (the body of the fungus) are visible, the diagnosis is confirmed.

How to protect yourself from fungus

  •                       After a bath or shower, wipe the skin of your feet dry, especially in the interdigital spaces;
  •                       If you wear closed shoes, change socks / knee-highs daily;
  •                       Change your shoes every two to three days, do not wear the same pair every day;
  •                       Do not go barefoot in public places (swimming pool, steam room, sauna, fitness club);
  •                       If someone in your family has a fungal disease, give them a separate set of towels and linens. Wash them separately at maximum temperature;
  •                       If the skin of the feet or nails on one leg is affected by fungus, use two different sets of manicure / pedicure tools so as not to transfer the infection to healthy areas;
  •                       If you have diabetes, keep your blood sugar under control. “High sugar” reduces the rate of healing of skin wounds (“diabetic’s foot”), which facilitates the access of fungal infections.

Be healthy!