Water aerobics

Benefits for losing weight, exercises, results, reviews, contraindications

Water aerobics , subject to regular exercise, will allow a person of any gender to achieve significant results not only in losing weight, but also in effectively toning the muscle corset of the whole body.

Having studied the reviews of athletes, you can not only understand the approximate lesson plan, formulate for yourself its main advantages and disadvantages, but also determine the approximate time required to achieve this goal.

What is water aerobics

Water aerobics (reviews and results can be studied in the photo presented in the article) is a set of exercises performed by people at a fast pace. During the session, athletes are in the pool, the water in which reaches the level of the chest.

The effectiveness of such a complex is provided by the need for a person to overcome the natural resistance of water, while avoiding the “harmful” load on the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Even people who cannot swim can do aqua aerobics , because immersion in water occurs only up to chest level

If the workout is for people with good physical fitness, the basic exercises are complicated by the use of additional weights (for example, dumbbells or special foam blocks).

Why is water aerobics useful ?

Aqua aerobics is useful not only in terms of its effectiveness in eliminating a person’s psychological discomfort or moral exhaustion (it has been proven that contact of mentally unstable people with water has a beneficial effect on the state of their nervous system, helping the body to rehabilitate in the shortest possible time). Group training also contributes to the physical development of athletes.

Muscle training

Muscle training during water aerobics classes occurs due to the implementation of active movements with parts of the body that are under water.

Despite the outwardly narrow focus of this type of training (training in water works out the stabilizing muscles and back muscles responsible for the formation of posture and support of the spinal column in the best way), overcoming water resistance is possible only in the case of complex involvement of the muscle corset.

The lack of firm support under the athlete’s feet while in the pool also contributes to the development of coordination of movements, an increase in body flexibility.


Aqua aerobics (reviews and results should be assessed only after studying the individual initial data) can not only tone up the muscle corset, but also have a relaxing effect on the muscles and the musculoskeletal system.

In the first case, the key is the fact that there is a constant massage of the body with water while the athlete exercises in the pool (the amount of lactic acid that provokes muscle pain is minimized). In the second case, the decrease in the load on the joints occurs due to a decrease in the actual body weight of a person during his stay in the water.

Water aerobics as a way to lose weight

When using water aerobics in order to reduce body fat, it is recommended to choose such areas of this type of fitness as:

  • Aqua-Circuit (“Aqua Circuit “) – circuit training of moderate intensity, involving the use of additional weights;
  • Aqua-Resist (“Aqua Resist “) – a complex exercise, consisting of loads, the purpose of which is to overcome the natural resistance of water;
  • Aqua-Power (“Aqua Power “) – strength training in the pool, designed for people with good physical fitness;
  • Aqua-fight (“Aqua Fight “) – suitable for people with any level of physical fitness, as it involves the implementation of simple exercises in the water with elements of martial arts (kicks, kicks, and so on).

Strengthening the whole body

Regular water aerobics exercises also allow for general strengthening of the body. This is made possible by the hardening effect. Trainings in this direction are carried out in cool water. Thus, it is possible to increase the consumption of calories (the body spends twice as many calories to maintain heat exchange when the athlete is immersed in water) and to strengthen the immune defense of a person.

Active workouts in the pool also contribute to the release of joy hormones ( endorphins into the bloodstream , which have a positive effect not only on the functioning of the body’s internal systems, but also on maintaining a positive emotional state.

A great way to recover

The proven positive effect of water on the human psyche determines the effectiveness of aqua aerobics as a way to restore moral strength after a long stay in a state of stress or moral exhaustion, which has a cumulative nature.

Starting metabolism

The acceleration of metabolic processes and lymph flow occurs due to the lymphatic drainage effect achieved during exercise in water. With the help of the massage effect of the aquatic environment on the skin of an athlete in the pool, metabolism is started, stagnation in human tissues is eliminated , swelling is minimized and blood circulation is improved.

Cons and contraindications

Aqua aerobics (reviews and results of experienced athletes make it possible to determine the effectiveness of this training), like other sports, has a number of contraindications.


  • respiratory tract diseases;
  • frequent cramps in the limbs;
  • serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • exacerbation of allergic reactions of the body;
  • poor health of a person (weakness, dizziness);
  • violations of the integrity of the spinal column in the past;
  • individual intolerance of the body to chlorinated water.

When deciding to start water aerobics classes , it is important to understand all the potential disadvantages of this sport.

The overwhelming majority of them are due to the fact that the water in the pools is most often disinfected with bleach, which may cause:

  • deterioration in the condition of the skin (excessive dryness, peeling);
  • the development of an allergic reaction;
  • deterioration in the appearance of hair (brittleness, dryness);
  • thrush (relevant for women with sensitive microflora of the genital mucosa).

Is it possible to practice who cannot swim

One of the advantages of aqua aerobics over other sports involving a person in the pool is that he does not need to have swimming skills. During group fitness classes of this kind, the athlete’s body is in the water only up to the level of the chest, while the legs rest tightly against the bottom of the pool.

If a set of exercises implies that a person has the ability to be afloat, the trainer will offer him special inflatable armbands or a circle belt that prevents the body from completely submerging under water.

Is it possible to deal with pregnant women

Pregnant women are allowed to practice aqua aerobics only after consulting their supervising gynecologist.

In the absence of contraindications, the expectant mother, through regular sports in the water, will be able to:

  • keep the body in good shape;
  • minimize the risk of stretch marks or cellulite on the skin, which is deformed during the process of carrying a child;
  • reduce the increased stress on the joints and bones of the lower body;

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