Until now, public awareness of psychoactive substances was insufficient, and public opinion was easily manipulated. This situation must change. We need to be ready to deal with the problem of our attitude towards psychoactive substances. It is impossible to do this by appealing to some anti-human standard of behavior, which would mean greater suppression of the psyche of the masses by the slogans of dominion. There can be no “Let’s say no to substances!”. Nothing could be more stupid and absurd. And it is not necessary that we should be guided to the path of enjoyment by good philosophies, who see in the unbridled hedonism the Holy Grail of the organization of society. Our only reasonable course is a course on the rehabilitation of psychoactive substances, the education of the masses,and on shamanism as an interdisciplinary and professional approach to these realities. What hurts when we suddenly abuse drugs is our souls; the shaman is a soul healer. Such measures will not immediately solve the general problem of psychoactive substances, but they will retain the much-needed connection with the spirit that we must have if we hope to restructure society’s attitude towards the consumption and abuse of plants and substances.

The disruption of the psychophysical symbiosis between us and the hallucinogenic plants is an unidentified reason for the alienation of the modern world and the cultural attitudes of the mind of planetary civilization. The pervasive attitude of fear regarding psychoactive substances is encouraged and directed by the culture of dominion and its mass propaganda organs. Huge illicit fortunes are cashing in, and governments, as always, wash their hands. This is just the most modern attempt to speculate on the deep innate needs of our whole species in establishing connection with the mind of Gene, our living planet, an attempt to break this need.

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