Suicide for Sugar

Isn’t it a stretch to discuss sugar in the context of human consumption of psychoactive substances? Far from it. Sugar abuse is the least discussed habit in the world and the most common. And this is one of the hardest habits of artificial pleasure. Sugar lovers may stick to constant consumption in moderation, or they may be such that they eat up to the heap. Examples of the seriousness of addiction to sugar are subjects who are able to absorb excess sugar-rich food, and then induce vomiting or use laxatives to allow themselves to eat more sugar. Imagine what would happen if such a practice was associated with heroin. How much more odious and insidious would then be his consumption! As with all stimulants, sugar intake is accompanied by short euphoria,followed by depression and guilt. As a syndrome, sugar addiction is rarely found in isolation. The most common addictions of mixed type – for example, sugar and caffeine.

There are other examples of the purely narcotic consumption destructive effects that accompany sugar abuse. Some of his followers use food pills to control their increasing weight, and then tranquilizers to soothe the nervous irritation caused by the pills. Sugar abuse is often associated with the occurrence of serious alcohol abuse; The unconditional relationship between high sugar consumption and high alcohol consumption without snacks has been proven. After alcohol and tobacco, sugar is the most harmful of the addictive substances that a person consumes. Its uncontrolled consumption can lead to serious chemical dependence.

Describing sugar followers, Janice Phelps states.

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