Purified alcohol and white sugar preceded morphine as addictive samples of high-purity compounds, but morphine became an example of modern “strong agents”, that is, injected with high-addiction drug injections. At first, such substances were extracted from opiates, but very soon cocaine joined their list. Heroin, created as a treatment for morphine addiction, after its introduction, quickly replaced morphine as a synthetic opiate, preferred among addicts. Heroin retained this status throughout the 20th century.

Heroin and in the public’s imagination quickly supplanted all other means, as for the devilry of drug addiction. And although statistics show that alcohol kills 10 times more often than heroin, addiction to heroin is still today regarded as the very bottom of a narcotic defect. There are two reasons for this point of view.

One of them is the real power of addiction caused by heroin. The passionate attraction to heroin and the illegal or violent acts that this attraction may cause, have created the heroin reputation of a drug whose adherents are ready to kill for it. Adherents of tobacco, too, could kill for their dose, if need be, but instead, they just run in the morning to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Another reason for disliking heroin devotees is the characteristic features of the intoxication they cause. Immediately after the injection man is cheerful, full of enthusiasm. However, this active reaction to the injection soon gives way to “drowsiness”, or “nodding”. The goal of a drug addict with every introduction of junk [Under American jangling, junk refers to the general name of opium and / or its derivatives, including all synthetic from demerol to palphium, this “nap”, to fall into a detached state of drowsiness in which many opiate dreams can unfold. In this state, there is no pain, no regret, no despair, no fear. Heroin is a perfect remedy for anyone who suffers from a lack of self-esteem or is injured by something. This means for battlefields, concentration camps, wards of cancer patients and ghettos. It is a means of resigned and bloomingclearly dying and victims, not located to fight or not able to fight.

Junk is the perfect product … an absolute product. There is no need for trade negotiations. The customer will crawl along the gutter and beg for a purchase … A junk dealer does not sell his goods to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his goods. It humiliates and simplifies the client. He pays his serving junk.

Junk corresponds to the basic formula of the “evil” virus: the Algebra of Needs . The face of evil is always the face of total need. A drug addict is a person who has a total need for drugs. With frequent repetition, the need to become infinite, over it lost control. Using the terms of total need, we ask : “Would you not become?” Yes, they would. You would lie, cheat, report on your friends, steal, do anything , just to satisfy the total need. Because you would be in a state of total illness, total obsession and would not have had the opportunity to act in any other way. Addicts are sick people who cannot tread in a different way. A mad dog has no choice – it bites.

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