Smoker experience

Quitting smoking is unlikely to help, but not to start smoking can and will stimulate. But this is not for those who smoke and do not see any need to quit. As the saying goes, smoke is healthy.

Common myths about smoking

– Smoking helps you lose weight . Complete nonsense. I’ve seen crowds of fat women who smoked for years, but didn’t get any thinner. This also applies to men. – Smoking helps to change the voice (in particular, make it more masculine, rude). I often heard this from young people with a high-pitched voice, uncharacteristic for men. Smoking does have this effect, but too slowly. You will have to wait until old age. It is not worth it. Personally, my voice has not changed in 4 years.

– Smoking stimulates mental activity . It really is. The action lasts from 5 to 20 minutes. But for example, Glycine tablets provide much safer brain support and longer lasting effects, are very cheap, and taste good. – Smoking increases the intoxicating effect of alcohol , but this will have to pay off with a more powerful hangover syndrome. – There is a widespread belief among young people that smoking allows you to increase your status in the eyes of more influential persons, which are available in all schools. So, in order to quit smoking you will need no less courage than in other ways to prove to other people that you are no worse than them. – “I’m not going to smoke, I’ll just try”

… This is what I told myself before I started my four-year fight with smoking.
– “You don’t smoke or drink and you will die healthy . ” Have you ever heard? My grandfather smoked all his life and recently died of lung cancer. I saw this. I’m not actually going to die, but in this context, I want to die healthy.

Experienced recommendations

The most difficult thing is not to quit. “It’s easy to quit smoking,” Mark Twain used to say, “I know, I’ve quit many times.” The first three months are the most difficult, but after this period the obsessive desire to smoke passes. Those who smoke know that the first desire in the morning is to smoke. Throwing is accompanied by an increase in appetite, the body begins to require a lot of water, the person becomes very irritable, unrestrained, may be accompanied by reddening of the eyes, darkening of saliva and urine (the body is cleansed). Insomnia and growing self-esteem. During the period of throwing, it is recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol, since at such moments the desire to smoke increases. Special tablets “Bullfighting” are very helpful, they are in all pharmacies, they cost a penny, they must be taken when you want to smoke. It tastes nasty. After them, it’s not like smoking, you don’t want anything at all. The main thing is not to forget to take with you, it is better to stock up on several packs, put in your pockets in everything you wear. Alternatively, avoid smokers, so as not to remind and seduce again. By the way, the water required by the body also helps a lot, take a glass on the chest as soon as there is a desire to smoke, in the sense of smoking. Caution! Victory over smoking is, of course, a success, but you should not relax. Be on the lookout. The more experience a smoker has, the longer this habit will remind of itself even after years. Just one smoked cigarette will restore the “memory” of your body, and you have to start all over again. The urge to smoke will be as strong as before. But unlike last time, self-confidence will live in you. Consequences When I quit smoking, the sensations were amazing, complete freedom, clean breathing, healthy and clean teeth (in five years I once visited the dentist, not a single hole, naturally, I clean my teeth every day in the morning and in the evening, when I smoked, I went to the dentist every six months and every time he drilled something for me), I really felt an improvement in well-being and health, shortness of breath disappeared, I rarely get sick (for comparison, I used to get very often sick and felt weak, depressed), my complexion became natural, acne disappeared, improved memory and speed of thinking, I already wrote about self-esteem, you feel like a man. I’m not even talking about such trifles as clothes and hands that do not stink of tobacco, about the fact that 3 hours a day is not lost from life (the usual norm for a smoker is a pack of cigarettes a day, each one takes a little less than 10 minutes to smoke, who smokes faster, flag in hand, I personally liked the process itself, and not just the effect or satisfaction of desire) and that your soul mate is much more pleasant to kiss with you, and I am already silent about the fact that your future children are more likely to be born healthy (if you don’t have children yet, by the way, as far as parents are concerned: if you smoke and teach your children that it’s bad, it’s useless, it’s all the same that a bald man needs a personal example to advertise a hair growth product. This, of course, does not guarantee, that the children will follow in your footsteps, so to speak, but the probability will be significantly reduced). Personally, the last point stimulated me 100%, especially after visiting the kuntz-chamber, where I saw a collection of jars with alcohol-laden freak children of smoking parents. It would be nice to know your personal experience. Here, by and large, only mine is presented.

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