Signs and symptoms of addiction

Effective treatment of drug addiction is possible only with the timely diagnosis of the disease. The addict himself is only rarely able to admit the existence of problems, but even in this case, only 1 out of 10 will turn for help. Therefore, the responsibility for the life of drug addicts falls on the shoulders of close relatives.

Below we will consider both the general signs of drug use and the symptoms of exposure to specific drug groups. Using this information, you will be able to timely recognize an impending disaster and seek help from specialists.

The systematic use of drugs always leads to serious changes in the life of any person. Changes occur in all spheres of life, and as a rule, simultaneously and in a short period of time. Within six months, drug addicts lose their jobs, morale, health. Someone needs more time, someone less, but the result will always be the same. Of course, such changes are always noticed in the family, but love for our loved ones often prevents us from seeing the true reason for what is happening.

Let’s try to understand in detail how a person’s life changes after getting acquainted with drugs.

  • Problems at school or at work. Children begin to skip school, interest in learning disappears, and academic performance falls. The situation is similar for adults, first skipping work and low productivity, and then firing. Drug addiction and any productive activity that requires mental or physical labor are incompatible;
  • Appearance. Drug addiction makes a person unkempt, drug addicts stop taking care of themselves. With prolonged use of drugs, the skin color may change, the appearance is always tired;
  • The daily routine is violated. A person confuses day and night, may not sleep for several days, and then pass sleepy for several days and fall asleep during the day;
  • Increased aggression towards others, nervousness. Drug addiction is necessarily accompanied by unreasonable aggression. As a rule, most of all goes to relatives and friends;
  • Mood swings. Depression can be replaced by high spirits for no apparent reason, and vice versa. Without a dose, addicts spend most of their time depressed;
  • Financial difficulties. Adolescents have an increased need for money. Adults start borrowing, taking out loans and getting into debt. It comes to the point that some take things out of the house or commit more serious crimes.

The above signs are manifested in one way or another in the long term with the use of any type of drug. To understand what specific narcotic substance we are talking about, it is necessary to dwell on each of them in more detail.

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