Running: a good sport for the IT pros or how to start running

Everyone knows that IT specialists, for the most part, lead a sedentary lifestyle. They spend almost all their working time at their 5th point. This is clearly not beneficial to health. And if we take into account the fact that the diet of an average IT specialist is quite harmful to the body, then as a result everyone is expected: overweight, muscle atrophy, and all sorts of “minor troubles” (like hemorrhoids and impotence). In this article I will tell you about the benefits of regular physical activity, about jogging, what it is good for, and most importantly – how to start doing it. Regular physical activity is necessary and beneficial.

The average IT specialist does not receive enough physical activity at work, this is a fact. He does not carry refrigerators to the 9th floor without an elevator, does not carry bags of cement at a construction site, does not run after a mammoth in the hope of a delicious dinner. So over time, he only “heals” and “deflates”. I think this is felt by everyone who is not yet involved in sports for any reason, be it a lack of time, laziness, or confusion. If the desire nevertheless arises, then along with it the question arises – which sport to choose? P.S. Regular jogging can help you lose weight effectively.

Why is running good? Many IT people are loners. They are thoughtful, thoughtful, and never prone to excessive communication. In general, “in themselves”, such recluse. Excellent! Running will suit them perfectly in spirit! In the process of running, you can get distracted from pressing problems, dream, listen to your favorite music, think over some plans, or simply turn off your brain. You don’t have to think “how many approaches to do and with what weight”, make a serious face or try to look “cool”.

Note: – You can go jogging at any convenient time: morning, evening or afternoon. – It doesn’t need a specific “section”, fitness club, or gym. – You can run alone, and with someone, this will not affect the result. Learn more about running. Jogging is not a fast run at 7-9 kilometers per hour. This is not a sprint, in the process you will not get very tired and think “damn why did I start this”, the whole process will be pleasant and unobtrusive. At the same time, this is a great way to keep yourself in good shape (almost all muscles of the human body work when running).

Running can also help refresh your brain and help you get distracted. In the distant 80s, running was extremely popular. However, over time, its shortcomings also came to light. It is not harmless. Running on a hard surface (if you do not follow the technique), the runner receives a microshake for all internal organs with every step, which can be very dangerous and even fatal. It turned out in those days when one of the runners died while running (by the way, the action was held under the slogan “Running from a heart attack”). Since then, this slogan has been curtailed, and they began to preach the correct approach to this sport. But more on that later.

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