If you refuse sandwiches with white bread and smoked sausage, after a year you will find that your weight has decreased. And this is without any effort.

If you give up sandwiches with white bread and smoked sausage, after a year you will find that your weight has decreased. And this is without any effort. But for many, a sandwich is a favorite “dish” for breakfast or a snack. What to do? Do not be discouraged, it can be made “safe” for the figure. The memo is in front of you.

Bread. Instead of fluffy wheat bread, choose rye, multigrain, or sourdough bread. These types have more fiber, which is necessary for normal digestion and vitamins.

Greens and vegetables. Lettuce, arugula , lettuce, crispy thin slices of fresh cucumber, avocado, tomatoes are an excellent filler for a healthy sandwich. They contain a large amount of folic acid, vitamin C, rutin, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Meat. Replace smoked sausage with lean meat (turkey, beef, pork tenderloin, lamb fillet, rabbit). It is a source of complete protein, iron, vitamin B12 and calcium. They are necessary for blood formation, prevention of anemia and strengthening of bone tissue.

It is better to boil the meat, grill or fry in a “dry” frying pan without oil.

Sauce. Do not overuse commercial sauces, they are too high in preservatives, sugar and extra calories. Make homemade sauce. Take low-fat yogurt without additives, drip olive oil and lemon juice into it, you can add your favorite spices or fresh herbs.

Proper nutrition is an important part of a weight loss program, so the diet should be balanced. But sometimes it happens that the weight “does not go away” even when a person eats rationally. In this case, it is important to exclude various diseases that interfere with weight loss. Especially for this, CITILAB doctors have developed a complex “Slim figure”

It includes 13 different indicators, including hormones, the imbalance of which can affect weight fluctuations.

Top 3 healthy options for a snack or breakfast

1. Sandwich “Green”
 Ingredients: avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, mozzarella , sourdough bread.

For the sauce, mix yogurt with lemon juice and freshly chopped basil and tarragon. Spread the sauce on the bread, put the filling on top and cover with the other half of the bread.

2. Classic Greek Pita Gyros Ingredients: grilled chicken breast, red bell pepper, purple onion, lettuce.

For the sauce, combine Greek yogurt, chopped dill and black pepper. Make a cut in the pita , brush the inside of the pita with sauce, and then gently place lettuce, bell peppers, onions and chicken breast inside the cut.

3. Sandwich with hummus Ingredients: red pepper grill, hummus , avocado, ricotta cheese , rye bread.

Spread hummus on the bread, top with a layer of ripe avocado mashed with a fork, ricotta , fresh basil leaves and thin slices of grilled pepper.

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