Pelvic fractures

Pelvic fractures present very severe injuries. According to various authors, they make up from 0.3 to 6% in relation to all fractures.

Classification of pelvic fractures

The various types of pelvic bone fractures can be combined into two main groups: 

1) fractures that do not violate the integrity of the pelvic ring,

2) fractures that violate the integrity of the pelvic ring.

The first group is divided into the following subgroups: 

1) transverse fracture of the sacrum;

2) tailbone fracture;

3) acetabular fracture;

4) transverse fracture of the ilium wing;

5) a fracture of one of the branches of the pubic or ischium;

6) fracture of the iliac crest;

7) fracture of the awns;

8) fracture of the tubercle of the ischium.

Fractures of the second group are divided into five subgroups: 

1) a vertical fracture of the anterior half ring:

a) a fracture of both branches of the pubic bone,

b) the pubic and ischial bones (single and bilateral);

2) vertical fracture of the posterior semicircle:

a) fracture of the iliac wing,

b) oblique and vertical fracture of the sacrum;

3) a double vertical fracture of the posterior and anterior half rings of the Malgen type ;

4) multiple fractures of the pelvic ring;

5) fracture -dislocation and dislocation of the pelvic bones.

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