Pain in the eyes

Pain in the eyes

With osteochondrosis in the neck, eye pains are quite common. They are of a pulsating nature, accompanied by a decrease in visual acuity, double vision, the appearance of “flies” and circles before the eyes.

Ophthalmoscopy reveals the narrowing of the vessels of the retina, their sclerosis, and sometimes the swelling of the optic nerve discs. In 50% of cases the increase in intraocular pressure is fixed to 29-35 mm Hg. post. There is a suggestion that the cause of increased ophthalmotonus and the appearance of pain in osteochondrosis is hypothalamic insufficiency. Unlike glaucoma, there is no excavation in the optic nerve disc, and there is no significant drop in visual acuity.

Hydrodynamic parameters of the eye are observed with a vascular crisis. With cervical osteochondrosis, the onset of eye pain is often associated with increased pressure in the central artery of the retina – mainly on the side of the lesion.

Painful sensations in the eye can be a consequence of the vertebral artery syndrome: compression of a large vessel with strained muscles or deformed cartilage tissue leads to blood circulation disorders, increased pressure, including intracranial, and the appearance of pain in the head, often radiating into the eyes, forehead, ears.

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