Despite the fact that the luminaries of science left Europe, there was a fundamental breakthrough. In 1938, Albert Hofman was engaged, as usual, in his familiar pharmaceutical research at the Basel laboratory of Sandoz in Switzerland. He hoped to create new tools to alleviate the attempts (labor battles) and childbirth. Working with vasoconstrictor substances extracted from ergot, Hofman was the first to synthesize d-lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate — LSD-25. Being a modest man, he recorded the completion of the synthesis, and the previously unknown compound was cataloged and placed in the repository. There it remained in Nazi Europe five more of the most turbulent years of human history. It is terrible to imagine the possible consequences, become the discovery of Hoffman known at least a little earlier.

Alfred Jerry may have expressed his premonition of this momentous event and allegorically portrayed him in his book Passion, which was considered a hobby for high-altitude bicycle races, written in 1894. In fact, the Dadaists and Surrealists and their predecessors, grouped around Jerry and his “School of Patatysical”, did a great deal to study the use of hashish and mescalin as amplifiers of creative expression. They created a cultural platform for truly surrealistic dissemination of LSD information to the public. Any enthusiast

LSD knows the story of April 16, 1943, feeling the approach of a pre-existent bustle and not knowing that he received a dose of LSD when he came into contact with a substance without gloves, the chemist and almost the counterculture hero Albert Hoffman finished his work early and went on a bicycle through Basel.

I had to stop work in the laboratory after lunch and go home, prompted by a noticeable feeling of anxiety combined with a slight dizziness. At home, I lay down and plunged into a dream-like state of some kind of intolerance intoxicated, characterized by extremely stimulated imagination. In this state with my eyes closed (daylight seemed unpleasantly blinding), I watched a continuous stream of fantastic paintings, extraordinary images with intense kaleidoscopic color play. Somewhere in two hours this state has passed.

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