The involvement of governments in drug trafficking and their direct responsibility for this will decrease under the cover of fraudulent enterprises, replacing direct profits, while retail prices will rise astronomically. The new pricing structure has made the pie of cash from the sale of drugs large enough so that both parties — the government and the crime syndicates — could take advantage of it to the fullest extent.

Indeed, a modern solution to the problem of drug cartels would be to act as trustees of national governments in the supply of addictive drugs. Governments can no longer participate openly in the world drug trade and claim legitimacy. Only outcast governments act without a cover. Legitimate governments prefer their intelligence agencies to deal in secret deals with the bosses of the drug business, pretending at this time that the obvious machine of diplomacy is busy with the drug problem, which is always presented in such a way that any reasonable person can believe that it is completely undecidable. It is significant that the main zones of strong drug production are tribal settlement zones. Modern imperialists would like us to believe that, no matter how hard they try,they never managed to “crush” and control these zones, for example, in Pakistan or Burma, where opium is produced on a large scale. Therefore, faceless tribal leaders, constantly replacing each other, and, moreover, with completely impenetrable names, can be considered responsible for all this.

From 1914 to 1939, the distribution of drugs was mainly in the hands of the same gangsters who also ran other areas characteristic of the gangster subculture — prostitution, usury and various kinds of racketeering. The prohibition of alcohol in the United States created a surprisingly large market for hard drugs, and also made it possible to make easy profits from illegally produced and sold without taxation of alcohol.

Government drug market manipulation took place in other countries. During World War II, the Japanese invaders of Manchuria seemed to have used a page from a book of British colonial rule a century earlier and produced huge amounts of opium and heroin in China for distribution inside the country. This was done not with views on profits, like the British, but with the intention to generate so many cases of addiction that the Chinese people’s will to resist the occupation was broken. Later, in the 60s, the CIA uses the same technique to crush political divisions in the American ghettos for blacks with an avalanche of super-pure heroin under “porcelain-white.”

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