Effects of PCP

Effects of PCP

The effects of PCP are rather peculiar. A moderate dose (1-10 mg) causes euphoria and numbness, resembling alcoholic intoxication. Speech becomes slurred and usually a lack of coordination of movements. The object can become inhibited and numb, with a blank look, or become aggressive and overly active. Observed sweating, increased heartbeat, increased blood pressure, rapid, involuntary movements of the eyeballs, called nystagmus. Blurred vision is often tested, the recipient of a drug begins to double in the eyes, but visual hallucinations are rare. Tactile sensations are much more common.

The most frequently experienced hallucination is that parts of the body appear to be either very small or very large. You can imagine yourself small enough to go through a keyhole, or suddenly it seems that the arm is twice as long as the whole body. The following fragment gives a brief description of the condition of a person who has taken ketamine:

“In Donna’s ketamine eyes, the corridor leading to the toilet looked like a tunnel stretching for miles. The matter was complicated by the fact that Donna felt no more than two feet tall …”
These effects usually last from two to eight hours, but they are quite diverse and, especially after high doses, can last for several days or weeks. Overdose (more than 20 mg) can cause an attack, prolonged coma, and sometimes death from suffocation. PCP often causes bad trips, which occur in 50% – 80% of cases of use. Toxic psychosis caused by PCP is most often characterized by paranoia, a flash of rage, and can last for several days. In addition, PCP often exacerbates long-term attacks of psychosis and depression, which last from seven to thirty days or more. In these cases, physical limitations and intensive medical treatment are often necessary. More often than all the other hallucinogens, PCP causes medical and psychiatric complications. Often, psychosis caused by PCP numerically exceeds the number of psychosis caused by schizophrenia or alcoholism.

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