Author: Irina Nikolaevna Aleshina

PhD in Psychology

Associate Professor at the Department of Pedagogical and Developmental Psychology. Tambov State University

Drug addiction is a severe, progressive disease caused by the use of drugs. It is important to understand that everyone can be at the mercy of drugs, regardless of social status, age and gender.


drug addiction has a detrimental effect on all areas of human life. Mental and physical health suffers, mental and social degradation progresses, the system of life values ​​is disrupted. That is why, drug addiction is much more dangerous than other diseases, and drug addiction treatment is possible only with an integrated and comprehensive approach.

Unfortunately, society is not sufficiently informed about the problem of drug addiction, which makes our citizens vulnerable to this disease. The insidiousness of this disease becomes obvious only after “acquaintance” with it personally, or on the example of someone from the family. Then we see with our own eyes how drugs can change the character and personality of a person, making him irresponsible and completely uncontrollable. But even realizing the seriousness and severity of the consequences, many continue to make the main mistake – to wait!

Usually it happens in the following way – the addict builds the illusion that he has everything under control, that he will get a job on Monday, leave for another city, that he uses today, but no longer tomorrow. Many people simply do not acknowledge the existence of the problem, even after losing their health, financial wealth and close friends. Relatives, in turn, can continue for a long time to follow the empty promises of a dependent (sick) person who simply does not control his life. Surprising as it may seem, a well-meaning family can help a drug addict destroy himself. There are many cases when parents give their children money for a substance, just not seeing any other way out.

Important! At the first sign of drug use, it is necessary to urgently consult a specialist. Our center’s anonymous hotline works around the clock. The call does not oblige you to anything, but it will help you better understand the current situation and find a way out of it.

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